Squirt Product Strategies Essay Example
Squirt Product Strategies Essay Example

Squirt Product Strategies Essay Example

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  • Published: December 8, 2017
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Product Strategies Product Classification Nondurable good – A tangible good that is normally consumed in one or a few uses. The strategy would be to make it available locations and charge only a small amount to try to build preference. Product Differentiation Squirt is the most refreshing grapefruit soft drink because it contains less sugar and has a sharp grapefruit taste, which differs from simple tasting lemon-line sodas.

Positioning Squirt is targeted towards the multicultural young adult age 18-26. At this age individuals are on-the-go and need a refreshing soft drink. With Squirt’s bold flavor it gives off an intense image.There is also a new Squirt energy drink that enhances that image even more. Packaging Logo Slogans “Squirt your thirst” (you can’t beat the original) “Squirt, a more intense way to quench your thirst” “L


et the grapefruit take hold of you” “Sour and Sweet? It can’t be beat” Line Strategies •Release Ruby Red Squirt to all areas of the US.

It is currently only released in certain parts of the country. Ruby Red has a one of a kind taste with berry AND grapefruit flavors. It is a soft drink that most individuals would become loyal to. •Push Squirt Citrus Power into the energy drink market.It is an actual energy drink containing caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins. It has the same great taste of original Squirt but a little sweeter and sharper grapefruit taste.

It competes with Mountain Dew’s Amp and Coca Cola’s Vault. •Market Diet Squirt to the Hispanic population ages 30-50. Brand Strategies •Squirt is known for its citrusy refreshing taste. Our strategy should be to create advertisements that show that.

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advertisements that encourage an active lifestyle. This will create a need for a refreshing soft drink. This will lead individuals to think of our product. Make Squirt a more hip brand that appeals to younger adults.

Product Life Cycle and Strategies Squirt is basically in the maturity stage. It has been in the market for quite some time and profits have probably stabilized due to the range of soft drinks. Squirt does have a limited product line but we are trying to change that. Squirt has broken into the energy drink market with their new Squirt Citrus Power. However, they must add Ruby Red Squirt all over the country so that they may compete with Fanta and the other fruit flavored soft drinks. This could help their product life cycle in the long-run and help them grow a little more.

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