Sports Management CH 1-4

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Who founded the National league of professional baseball players
William Hulbert
Modern Olympic games were held where?
Sports management originated in thoroughbred racing how
Jockey clubs
architect of the professional golf tournament
Fred Corcoran
University with first sports management academic program
Ohio University
First sport to use sport management principles in the US
Harness racing
Year were the first modern Olympic games held?
Baseball industry professional was involved with the initial discussions of developing sport management as an academic field?
Walter O’Malley
Fred Corcoran convinced cities to host golf tournaments by telling them the benefits of
golfers spending money on hotels and restaurants
Well known originator of the modern Olympics
Pierre de Coubertin
Thoroughbred horse racing in the mid-eighteen century …
Existed primarily for the entertainment of wealthy club members
Birthplace of modern sport and sport management
___ is defined as a management theory focusing on the behavior and motivation of people in the workplace
Human relations movement
Current management theory stresses the concepts of employee involvement, employee empowerment, and ___
managers’ concern with the human component of employees
Most important asset in an orginazition
Appropriate title of a manager in a sports origination
Athletic director, health club manager, and coach
Process that involves assigning responsibility and accountability for results to employees is
involves measuring and ensuring progress toward organizational objectives
two types of leaders
formal and informal
Marketers job is to
create demand
group of consumers to whom a product is marketed is
target market
earliest evolutionary change in sports broadcasting from factual to sports entertainment was
ABC’s Monday Night Football
Roone Arledge did not do
significant progressions in the way sport marketers research the demands of the fan.
Mark McCormack’s sports marketing agency, IMG, began through which sport
Nike did not have huge success in 1972 with
league sponsorships
Emphasis on product extensions and the development of team sport promotional strategy can be attributed to who
Bill Veeck
Bill Veeck believed that fans can to the ballpark to
be entertained
In 1992 the San Jose Sharks utilized ___ in heavily traveled areas to gain information about fans reaction to the new unis and logo
“pass-by” interviews
The controllable variables the company puts together to satisfy a target group are referred to as the
marketing mix
Because a sport marketer has very little control over their core product it has led entrepreneurs like Bill Veeck to focus on
product extensions
____ is not a function of promotion
pricing research
NFL’s current TV contract calls for the league to be paid
4.95 billion
total spending on sports industry in 2012
435 billion
The concept of ____ is probably the best single measure of an industry’s impact
value added
In a basic sense, the financial success of an organization is ultimately dependent on
anything an organization can use to generate future revenues
What is not publicly traded sport company
University of North Dame Athletic Department
Major American league sport with no rival league since WWII
Not an example of a financial mechanism for altering competitive balance
“reverse-order” draft.
Leagues such as the NFL NBA and MLB all maintain “credit facilities” because
the leagues can borrow less expensively than can individual teams.
Highest credit rating
Term given to the amount of their own money owners have invested in the firm
Stadium construction projects are often financed with
Under the law of agency, the principal owes the agent certain duties. Which is not a duty owed to the agent by the principal
To negotiate a written contract with the agent
Under the law of agency, the agent owes the principal fiduciary duties, which is not a fiduciary duty owed to the principal by the agent
The duty to compensate or reimburse
Vicarious liability is
A tort that allows a plaintiff to sue a superior for the negligent acts of a subordinate
An athlete challenging a drug test on the grounds that it is unreasonable search and seizure would attempt to prove to a court that
taking the athlete’s urine or blood may constitute a seizure and the testing may constitute a search
Collective bargaining agreement
Contract between players and the owners in professional sport
What area of law has left an indelible mark on the structure and nature of labor relations in professional sport leagues.
Antitrust law
PGA Tour vs Martin (2001)
American with Disabilities Act
What is not a form of discrimination prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Sexual orientation discrimination
What is not a way in which labor relations in professional sports are different from those in other industries
Management in professional sports opposes unions much more strongly than employers in other industries.
What is not a defense available to an employer to justify a disparity in pay?
A difference in gender
____ is concerned with values guiding behavior
Few areas of sport management present managers with more difficulty than
Ethical dilemmas
___ are probably the most visible statements of ethical philosophy and beliefs for a company, business, or organization
Codes of conduct
___ is the systematic study of values guiding our decision making

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