Sports Event Management CH 8-14

Media outlets most often organize themselves into what two separate, semi-autonomous halves
Editorial and sales and marketing
Newspaper editors and publishers share the same view of the value of sports events. True or False
Among potential media partners, the medium that is frequently the most agreeable to considering promotional partnerships with sports events is
Sports Websites
Perhaps the greatest advantage of web-based media for sports events is
It enables direct interaction between the event’s organizer and target audience.
Like sports event organizers, editor and reporters, producers and correspondents must operate with
A and B only
Identifying the newsworthy opportunities that exist for media coverage of a sports event is the responsibility of
An event organizer
In-depth personal features are identified as an example of what kind of publicity stories
Human Interest
Social media are extremely influential and this is always a good thing for sports events and organizers. True or False
As evens day approaches an organizers need for media attention
Typically grows exponentially
Media representatives who cover a sports event expect
A and B only
A media Accreditation plan
All of the above
A mult box, a riser, and pipe and drape are among the items that can be found in a
Press Conference room
Controlling the message delivered to the media requires
Full understanding and cooperation from every member of the event staff
It is a standaard and necessary business practice for an event to serve a media partner preferentially to demonstrate loyalty and extend privileges to an appreciated marketing ally. True or False
The goal of creating a web presence for an event is two fold
To drive excitement among potential attendees and to start building a relationship with customers.
Like companies that sell goods to consumers, sports event organizers must
Be marketers and promoters
The core attributes of the news media industry have little impact on the essential truth that a media outlet is also
A business
The sports event marketing plan wheel includes which of the following tools
All of the above
The greater a media company’s financial involvement with an event
The more promotional exclusivities an organizer can offer
A formal marketing partnership with a sports event can offer a media outlet many of the same featured benefits that other sponsors enjoy. True or False
Typically, the message a media partner wishes to convey as part of its relationship with a sports event is
A call to action
Members of the editorial and marketing sides of a media outlet both can be excellent sources of intelligence and information about the pas successes and failures of other sports events held in the marketplace. True or False
Organizers should concentrate on their quest for information, insights and their event’s marketing campaigns on media outlets
With demographics and lifestyles that most closely match the target audience
In exchange for enjoying the benefits usually afforded a sponsor, a media partner may also provide an event with
All of the above
The strategy of pursuing nonexclusive media partners for an event is most common in the highly segmented industry of
The internet can offer many mutually advantageous media opportunities for the same event, both on an exclusive and nonexclusive basis. True or False
From a sports organizer’s perspective, the most effective promotions should be designed as
Tools to sell tickets or build an audience
S.A.T. objectives for a sports promotion are
Sales, Awareness, Tune-in
The only way to be absolutely certain an event organizer’s message gets through to the greatest possible audience is
Place advertising in targeted media.
The editorial and commercial sides of the publishing business can delicately converge through
The creation of special sections and advertorials.
The larger the event and the greater its impact on local infrastructure and municipal services, the more likely that some sectors of the community will come to view it as less desirable, both bothersome and even intrusive. True or False
Gatekeepers are
The influencers whose opinion and leadership help build consensus in a community
To expect the involvement of top elected officials, an event’s benefits to a community
Must be genuine and measurable
City officials are first and foremost responsible to
Their voting constituents, both residents and business owners
A and B only
An event’s advisory board should consist of a body of experts
All of the above
To use each to their best advantage of all concerned, organizing and host committees
Should function as fully integrated extensions of the event team
Which of the following is typically not function of an event’s organizing and host committees
Event operations
Well connected promoters can be most helpful to an event organizer with
All of the Above
Although some inconveniences can result from an event coming to a community, it is generally recognized that an event always contributes a positive impact on a community’s physical environment. True or False
Sports event organizers should view tickets as
Monetary Instruments
An anti counterfeiting measures that has streamlined the ticketing process and can be canceled or activated efficiently is
Bar Codes
Because events using a GA policy are generally easier to manage, organizers have fewer risks of injury to fans and lower insurance premiums. True or False
A key to generating advance ticket sales is creating a sense of
Distributing complimentary tickets to fill unsold seats is commonly called
Papering the House
Often, the largest percentage of guest requiring tickets to an event are
Sponsors and broadasters
Seat Kills are also known as conflict seats. True or False
The requirement to retain seats for guests with mobility, visual, auditory, and other impairments resulted from
The Americans with Disabilities Act.
The larger the guest list for an event, the more imperative it is to organize the guest management process.
To improve their odds of success with an event, hotels routinely investigate
The event’s marketing plan
An event organizer’s consideration of a hotel’s geographic desirability should include
All of the Above
A room block is
The total inventory of rooms reserved
When the number of guest rooms falls below an agreed upon percentage of the contracted number of hotel rooms, which clause is invoked
Attrition penalty
If some number of hotel rooms are released by the organizer and are subsequently resold by the hotel, the organizer should be able to have the value of these rooms deducted from any penalty imposed by the hotel. True or False
It is advisable that hotel master account charges should include
A and B only
The most entertaining sports event are those that embrace the same production values and attention to detail as a well planned television broadcast. True or False
To fully capture the active involvement of fans attending a sports event, the support of which of the following may be required
All of the above
There is nothing more important to the presentation of a sports event than
The quality of the surface on which it is played
Colorful, large format entertainment with an emphasis on music and mass movement is called
Event organizers can expect costs for celebrity entertainers can be reduced if an act’s performance is a brief appearance rather than a long show. True or False
A rider
All of the above
A key event presentation tool that provides the precise details of how an event will unfold is called
The rundown
A nationally televised NBA playoff game is being played in a major arena. The official event time is set by
The broadcaster
The process of determining entrances, movement, positions and exiting during sports event ceremonies is called
Technical rehearsals can only be conducted in the actual location where an event will take place. True or False
At sports events, distributed sound reaches spectators in what fashion
Line of sight
Wireless microphones, broadcast cameras, and walkie-talkies are among the equipment utilized during sports events that all use
Lighting needs for sports events can be divided into three major required categories
Competitive, television, and theatrical
Akey similarity for using lasers and pyrotechnics
Both should be operated only by experienced personnel
The distances between a video screen and projector is known as
The throw
The motivation for a broadcaster to desire televising a sports event is generally
The potential to make a profit
In the United States, Nielsen rating points and market share are used to measure
The quantity of television viewers
One national Nielsen ratings point is equivalent to approximately
1.16 million households
The term used to describe the successful and lucrative online offerings of live broadcast content created by some large-scale sports events is called
Second-screen programming
From the broadcaster’s perspective, the profit potential of covering a sports event is almost always dependent on the ratings it can be expected to generate. True or False
Broadcasters want which of the following from sports events
All of the above
Sports organizers want which of the following from broadcasters
A and B only
Which of the following is not one of the four basic relationships between a broadcaster and a sports event
Rent-free rights holder
Which of the following is not an example of RSN
The value and attractiveness of broadcast airtime have an effect on the rates than can be set for advertising and the cost of production. True for False
Probably the least understood of a broadcaster’s basic needs for producing a sports event is/are
A and C only
Whether considering how to enhance the television coverage of a sports event or ensuring the integrity of an event is not compromised, the common goal for a television producer and an organizer is for the event to be great. True or False
The only way to ensure an event is staged with the precision of a television production, the only way to ensure that both parties are in lockstep is to
Integrate their timings
Unless there is an accident or unforeseen issue, it is best that there is limited-to-no communication between an event and television production while they are underway to keep distractions and interference to a minimum. True or False
Sports event organizers and television producers can create a seamless production by embracing which concept
“One Event- One Audience”
Which of the following should be part of a formalized risk management process for sports events
All of the above
“Act of God,” acts of terrorism, and toxic waste spills are examples of what sports event risk factor area
Cancellation scenarios
In case of fire and other extreme conditions, most permanent venues maintain
A written evacuation plan
In 2004, the Indian Pacers and the Detroit Pistons were ingolged in one of the ugliest incidents involving athlete and spectator safety in NBA history at what venue
The Palace at Auburn Hills
Sine it is impossible to predict how outside events beyond the control of an organizer might affect the safe conduct of an event, insurance was invented to address these concerns. True or False
Event organizers should procure what type of insurance to protect themselves from direct expenses and legs actions that may result from injuries to spectators, athletes, and volunteers
It is possible to obtain coat check insurance to protect against theft or loss of expensive personal property. True or False
In considering insurance for athletes, coverage should be in place
A and B only
Proof of coverage is commonly found in the form of
Certificates of insurance
Simple, single-page documents designed to provide sports even organizers with limited, burt specific, protections from legal actions are called
If an accident occurs on an event site, the affected parties should be referred to first aid personnel and
An incident form should be filled out
The accreditation process for an event begins by
Defining wharf areas of the event facility require restricted access
The most important document in managing the operations of an event is
A contact list
A crisis communications plan should include3
All of the above
An event organizer is simply not in control of an event if there is not in place
A reliable system of communication

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