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The modern Olympic games in 1896 where held in which city?
Sport Management originated in thoroughbred racing in the form of
Jockey Clubs
What university had the first sport management program?
Ohio U
The organizations which approve sport management academic programs are
What was the first sport to use sport management principles in the US?
Harness Racing
Which of the following is NOT a sport management structure?
League, Tournament, Club
Sport management structures evolve in response to
Broad social change
Why did thoroughbred racing fail to gain popularity in the US?
Lack of tradition
The practice of binding a professional baseball player to his ballclub was called
Reserve system, reservation
The first olympics were held in Paris, France
Before a sport manager is held liable for negligence, the plaintiff must show that the sport manager owed the plaintiff a DUTY OF CARE. A legal duty of care arises from the following origins:
Duty mandated by law, relationship inherent to situation, voluntary assumption of duty of care
To successfully show a defendant was negligent, a plaintiff must prove
Defendent breached duty of care. Duty of care was owned, plaintiff caused damage, evidence of damage.
Under the law of agency, the agent owes the principle fiduciary duties. Which of the following is NOT a fiduciary duty owed to the principle by the agent?
Loyalty, exercise reasonable care, obey
under the law of agency, the principal owes the agent certain duties. Which of the following is NOT a duty owed to the agent by the principle?
Comply with contract, compensate agent for services, reimburse for expenses
Vicarious liability is
A tort that allows plaintiff to sue a superior for negligent acts of a subordinate.
A valid contract contains which of the following elements
Offer and acceptance, capacity to sign, consideration, legality
A waiver violates public policy if
Parties are not of equal bargaining power
Equal protection applies to discrimination on the basis of:
gender, race, religion, origin, disability
an athlete challenging a drug test on the grounds that it is unreasonable search and seizure would attempt to prove to a court that:
Taking an athletes urine or blood might violate rights to privacy
A collective bargaining agreement is
A contract between players and owners in pro sports
The initial collegiate athletic contests were
student run events
The intercolligiate football association was formed to regulate
Playing ineligibility rules
What was the prevailing reason for the push for reform in college football in the late 1800s?
Number of injuries and deaths occurring
The Knight Commisson was formed in 1989 to propose a reform an agenda for intercollegiate athletics. All of the following were rules passed EXCEPT
recruting, academic and financial practices
Which of the following is NOT one of the three main components in the basic purposes of the NCAA?
Athlete is part of the student body, distinction between college and pro, athletics is a part of education program/mission statement
Which of the following best describes the difference between a major and secondary violation
Major, school with extensive recruiting or competitive advantage
Athletic directors place more emphasis on
Educational Background
Which position/area of responsibility oversees adhereance to NCAA and conference rules and regulations?
compliance director
What is the most prevailing issue affecting athletic departments?
title 9
NCCA doesnt pay athletes
because of amatureism concerns, level playing field
Strikes are more disruptive in pro sports
because players cant be replaced, unique skill set
League revenues include the following
national broadcasting revenues
The result to the impasse in labor negotiations is usually
Strike or lock out
A collective bargaining agent covers
wages, hours, terms of employment
Although the NFL bans public ownership, it has made an exception for the
Green Bay Packers
League think is the concept of
Introduced by Pete Rosel, doing what’s best for the league, not the team
What is NOT a revenue that is shared under league revenue sharing
National TV, Gate receipts, expansion fees
The privileges granted to owners that come with team ownership are called
Franchise rights
____ has emerged as a methor for leagues to establish themselves in a manner that avoids antitrust liability and creats centralized control
Single entity structure
Professional leagues have organized themselves in a manner consistent with a corporate model

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