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When hiring, employers are most likely influenced by an applicant’s
oral communication skills (speaking and listening)
In the speech communication process, anything that blocks or hinders the communication of a message is called
A speech, says management consultant David W. Richardson, takes place in
the minds of the listeners
The part of a speech that links one section to another is known as a
Bizarre clothing worn by the speaker is an example of
In the speech communication process, the message is sent in the form of
\”Information overload\” is caused by a speaker who
covers too much material
Television is an example of a channel of communication.
Which of the following can cause a speech to be dull?
unenthusiastic delivery
If, while giving a speech, you observe that some of your listeners seem confused by your last remark, you should wait until the end of the speech to explain yourself better.
The text says that worrying about yourself and your image in a speech is a kind of
Which of the following does the text recommend as a way to release tension?
inhale and exhale slowly
If you flub a sentence or mangle an idea during a speech, you should
pause and correct yourself without apologizing
When practicing your speech, devote extra time to
the introduction
In filling your mind with images before a speech, you should picture yourself speaking with confidence, poise, and completely without nervousness.
According to the text, shyness
is a characteristic of some successful people in show business
In preparation for a speech, a person should read over his or her notes rather than actually rehearse the speech.
If you feel yourself approaching panic (your heart is beating furiously and so on), you should leave the room or ask to be excused from speaking.
Acting as if you are poised and confident
sometimes leads to actually being poised and confident
The greatest amount of anxiety in a speech is usually experienced in the
To confront listeners who are immersed in their electronic devices, speakers are advised by the text to try using _________ to capture audience interest.
an attention getting introduction
Listeners who multitask (perform a variety of activities) usually retain
less information than listeners who just focus on the speaker
In what country do listeners sometimes close their eyes to show respect for the speaker’s ideas?
A headache causes which type of distraction?
If you whisper, it is okay to talk on a cell phone while attending a presentation.
Listening occurs when your ears pick up sound waves being transmitted by a speaker
The Golden Rule of Listening is \”Listen wisely and well.\”
A speaker who asks listeners to turn off electronic devices is
wisely improving the odds that the audience will listen to the message
Reading background material on a speaker’s topic is something the listener should do
before the speech
Which one of the following options does the text consider acceptable during a presentation?
using the vibrate option of a phone or pager
An open-ended question on a questionnaire involves
writing out a sentence or paragraph
The most understood form of nonverbal communication in the world is the smile.
If listeners are already favorable toward your ideas, your task is to
reinforce your listeners positive views
Tailoring your speech to fit audience needs and interests is described in the text as
For a presentation, which approach do most international audiences prefer?
For blind or visually impaired listeners with a seeing-eye dog, it is a good idea for a speaker to be friendly with the dog before the speech by talking to it in a soft voice.
It is acceptable to tell a joke about a certain ethnic group if no one from that ethnic group is present in the audience.
Which question is the major concern of the audience-centered speaker?
Am i getting the message across to the listeners?
In working with an interpreter, which of the following is NOT recommended by the text?
talking directly to the interpreter rather than the audience
If a blind listener brings a guide dog into the room where a speech will be delivered, what should the speaker do?
do nothing unless the listener needs assistance
\”Food-borne illnesses\” is an example of
a topic
\”To explain how the pyramids in Egypt were constructed.\” According to the text, this item is
incorrectly written
\”A parent who reneges on child-support payments should be forced to pay or be sent to prison.\” This is an example of
a central idea
\”To explain to my listeners the chemical composition of vegetable oils.\” According to the text, this item is
too technical for a classroom speech
The three most popular types of speeches are informative, persuasive, and entertaining.
The three most popular types of speeches are informative, entertaining, and ____________
Ed’s objective for his speech is to get listeners to stop a certain behavior. What is his general purpose?
to persuade
Brainstorming means doing thorough research in the library.
The most important task in a speech is to communicate the
central idea
The textbook says that a central idea should be phrased as
an assertion
With so much information available on the Internet, traditional library resources are typically not needed.
An Internet catalog that starts off with broad categories, which are then subdivided into smaller categories, is known as
subject directory
Before starting your research, you should decide on your
specific purpose
For researchers, one of the most valuable resources in blogs is
links to other sites
If you are looking for a book that is not available in your library, the text recommends that you
use interlibrary loan
In most libraries, the person who is best able to help you with your research is called
a reference librarian
The formats of MLA and APA are designed to help you to
cite sources
The text says that interviewing an expert via e-mail is
an acceptable method
The three major research options are libraries, the Internet, and ________________
field research
The ____________ for an article gives the title, author’s name, magazine, date, and page numbers.
The _____________ loophole in copyright laws lets scholars, writers, and public speakers disseminate information without having to get permission for small amounts.
fair use
Testimonials should be handled with care because
they do not constitute proof
A spoken acknowledgment of the source of one’s material is known as
an oral footnote
Researchers can trust claims that are based on testimonials.
Plagiarism in public speaking can cause public humiliation and loss of a job.
In a survey of American attitudes, the American Jewish Committee found that a large number of respondents had a low opinion of
The Internet domain suffix \”.com\” is the least objective of all domains
Anything published before 1923 is no longer protected by copyright law.
Which one of the following can be reprinted without getting permission?
a U.S. Department of Agriculture booklet on how to raise bees
Paraphrasing a quotation is
A speaker who says, \”France is 212,000 square miles—roughly the size of Texas,\” is using
If we show that two sets of data are correlated, we prove a cause-and-effect relationship.
\”A feast is a meal that is rich and abundant and includes many guests.\” This sentence is
\”Sleet is harsh and icy, whereas snow is soft and fluffy\” is an example of
\”Punctuation marks are like traffic signs.\” This sentence is
an analogy
The statistical device that identifies a portion of 100 is called the
Abbreviations such as FTC should be explained in a speech.
To paraphrase means to quote someone’s words exactly.
The more statistics used in a persuasive speech, the better the speech will be.
Even the simplest, most easily understood visual aid should be discussed with the audience.
Most international audiences prefer
visuals prepared in advance
It is legal to download multimedia files from the Internet if they are to be used in
classroom speeches
The textbook says that good models for visual aids in public speaking are
outdoor signs
The more visual aids used, the stronger your speech.
Regarding a speaker’s credibility with an audience, which one of the following statements is true?
a speaker is better off using no visual aids than poor ones
How many PowerPoint slides should you use in a speech?
as many as needed to make key points
Labels on visual aids should be
Research shows that speakers are better off using no visual aids than using poor ones.
Research shows that people who are taught orally and visually can recall far more information after a presentation than those who are taught only orally.
Which part of the speech does the text recommend that you create first?
Which organizational pattern is especially popular in persuasive speeches?
problem solution
A speaker says, \”Now we come to the most important thing I have to tell you.\” Which device is the speaker using?
Telling what happened before, during, and after an event is an example of the chronological pattern.
A speaker says, \”What I am going to explain now will help you understand the rest of the speech.\” Which device is the speaker using?
Organizing material from north to south is an example of the spatial pattern.
In a speech on redwood trees, a speaker begins by discussing the roots, proceeds to the trunk, then the branches, and finally the leaves. Which organizational pattern is being used?
In the cause-effect pattern of organization, it is permissible to discuss effects first and then causes.
A speaker says, \”So far, we have seen that carelessness is the main cause for industrial accidents.\” Which device is the speaker using?
internal summary
Which of the following shows a parallel grammatical form?
If you are trapped outdoors in a thunderstorm, avoid being the tallest object in a field, stay away from poles and fences, and do not touch any metal.
In the conclusion, the speaker should never repeat ideas or information contained in the introduction.
Issuing an appeal or a challenge at the end of a speech is an example of
For the first few sentences in a speech, which one of the following options would be a mistake?
an announcement of the topic
Rhetorical questions should be avoided in introductions.
The text says, \”Quotations usually work best when they are ______________.\”
In career speeches, a few words spoken before your attention material is called
an icebreaker
In the introduction, it is acceptable to tell a hypothetical narrative (a story that did not actually happen).
Telling a story, asking a question, and using a visual aid are examples of
attention material
According to most attorneys, courtroom battles are usually won on the effectiveness of
both the opening statement and the closing argument
In an outline, one of the places where you should put a transition is between the body of the speech and the conclusion.
In an outline, it is incorrect to have _________________________ under a heading.
only one subheading
Concerning a complete-sentence outline and the speech itself, which one of the following statements is true?
the speech itself should have more words that the outline
Donald Macleod of Princeton Theological Seminary tells his seminarians that the maximum time for an effective sermon is
18 minutes
For an outline, which one of the following is unnecessary?
speaker’s notes
The textbook recommends that you make a fresh set of speaking notes on the eve of your speech.
In an outline, transitions should be placed between each main point.
When you deliver your speech, you should use
your speaking notes
For your speaking notes on a piece of paper or note card, you should
write on only one side
A disadvantage of using a full sheet of paper for speaking notes is
a sheet can cause the speaker’s eyes to glide over key notes
\”The sad sister sat on a silver seat\” is an example of
\”The Indonesians have a tough row to hoe to keep their economic heads above water.\” This is an example of a
mixed metaphor
When politicians raise taxes, but call their action \”revenue enhancement,\” they are using
a euphemism
Oral language requires more amplification and elaboration than written language.
Abstract words are more likely to be remembered by an audience than concrete words.
Which one of the following is incorrect grammatically?
the news is just between you and I
A dictionary definition of a word is its
\”Blind as a bat\” is an example of
\”They don’t care about people, but they do care about possessions.\” This sentence illustrates
\”The deafening din of dynamite\” is an example of antithesis.
When speaking to a small audience, you should establish eye contact with every listener.
If you are not feeling enthusiastic about giving a speech, you should pretend to be enthusiastic.
If you practice your speech and find that you are two minutes over the time limit, you should
cut out material using your outline and speaking notes
If you fear that you will cry while telling a painful personal story in a speech, you should
tell the story after alerting the audience that you might cry
A speech should be practiced point by point, not word for word.
It is a good idea to speak fast at the beginning of your speech so that the audience doesn’t get bored.
If you are asked to speak impromptu in five minutes, the first thing you should do is decide
your conclusion
Which method of delivery involves speaking on the spur of the moment with no chance to prepare?
Some speeches call for few or no gestures.
The text recommends that you look at the audience what percentage of the time?
A definition speech focuses on giving a dictionary definition of a concept.
A speech recounting the history of the attack on Pearl Harbor would be which type of speech?
Explaining Adolf Hitler’s identity to a college audience
be carried out indirectly without insulting anyone’s intelligence
\”To explain to my listeners the meaning of feminism in modern America\” is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
An ancient Chinese proverb says, \”I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I ____________________.\”
The text says that for a long presentation that lasts all afternoon, it is best to give a coffee or stretch break after every ___-minute period.
A speaker explains why most car thieves steal 10-year-old cars rather than new cars. The speaker is likely to use the __________________ pattern of organization.
statement of reasons
\”To inform my audience of the reasons for the near extinction of mountain gorillas\” is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
Calling on people at random is a technique that the text recommends for long presentations.
\”To tell my audience about the life of Florence Nightingale\” is a specific purpose statement for which type of speech?
According to the text, whether you succeed in persuasion often comes down to one key question:
Are you trustworthy?
Which of the following would be a mistake if offered as take-home material?
a transcript of the speech
Speakers should ask for a show of hands only when they are sure that most listeners will be eager and unembarrassed to make a public commitment.
In a speech of refutation, you are more likely to demolish opposing arguments if
the opposing arguments are based on a set of erroneous facts
Convincing your audience that democracy is expanding in China is an example of a
speech to influence thinking
If you explain the three factors that contribute to the rise in asthma cases, you are using which organizational pattern?
statement of reasons
According to the text, petition drives are almost never successful in persuading lawmakers to change their positions.
In the motivated sequence, the first step is \”attention\” and the second step is
A DVD about your speech topic, given to listeners at the end of your speech, is an example of what the book calls
a leave behind
The technique of changing one’s behavior by performing scenarios and receiving critiques is called
role play
A speaker says, \”We must change to the metric system or we will fall behind the rest of the world in science and industry.\” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
either or reasoning
In a persuasive speech, your credibility is strengthened if you concede that your ideas sometimes do not work.
A speaker says, \”We must adopt a vegetarian diet, or we will all die of cancer.\” This speaker is guilty of using which fallacy in reasoning?
either or reasoning
In a persuasive speech, your credibility is strengthened if you concede that your ideas sometimes do not work.
In Maslow’s hierarchy, the human need to help others falls into the _______________ category of needs.
self actualization
Which type of logical fallacy diverts listeners from the real issue to an unrelated matter?
red herring
Reasoning that moves from a generalization to a specific conclusion is
deductive reasoning
According to the text, some emotional appeals are inherent in pieces of evidence.
The text recommends using deductive reasoning when your audience is skeptical or hostile to your central idea.
According to research, which is the more persuasive type of evidence?
a clear vivid personal example
A key objective of the ____________________ speech is to get the speaker and audience interested in each other.
A coach giving a pep talk to her team is delivering which type of speech?
Which one of the following is inappropriate for a best man’s speech at a wedding celebration?
telling a joke about the groom’s ex girlfriend
According to the text, a rule of thumb is that a speech of introduction should be
under three minutes
A speech of tribute is defined as a speech that praises
either a dead or living person
To introduce a speech filled with humor, what kind of speech of introduction would be appropriate?
a humorous speech of introduction to set the tone
A speech of introduction should be kept under _______ minutes.
A speech of tribute should
focus on the significance of the person’s life or deeds
A speech designed to formally bestow an award of honor is known as the speech of
In a speech of introduction, you should
use the name the speaker prefers
When you are a participant in a panel discussion, you should
be willing to alter your position
Alterations to an agenda should be made by participants
at the start of the meeting
A team presentation is like a speech given by an individual except that the content is divided among the team members.
A hidden agenda is an effective technique for small group meetings.
Meetings should not begin until all participants have arrived.
If you are part of a team and one of your team members is speaking to an audience, what signal would you send the audience if you review your notes?
\”What’s being said is not very important\”
Meetings should always begin
at the designated time
A participant should not express views in a meeting if they are clearly contrary to the views of the majority.
The secret of a successful team, says Dean Kamen, \”is not to assemble the largest team possible, but rather to assemble a team that can ___________.\”
work well together
A speech that is divided into parts, with each part delivered by a different person, is known as a
team presentation
A speaker who blames doctors for the rise in lung cancer deaths is engaging in
If speakers send nonverbal signals that contradict their verbal message, listeners will typically accept the nonverbal behavior as the true message.
Radio and television are examples of
Which of the following does the text list as a component of the speech communication process?
A speaker can cause interference in the speech communication process.
Switching your thoughts from \”I’m going to fail\” to \”I will give the audience some good information\” is a technique known as changing your
self talk
Gesturing or walking around a bit during your speech helps siphon off excessive nervous energy.
According to the text, a sudden bolt of panic can hit speakers who
initially feel no fear
Two days after listening to a 10-minute oral presentation, the average person comprehends and retains __________% of the information.
In giving a speaker an evaluation of a speech, which should be presented first?
positive comments
Some audience members know a lot about your speech topic; others know nothing. Your best approach is to
begin simply and add complexity throughout the presentation
For listeners who are deaf or hearing-impaired, the text recommends which of the following?
slow your rate of speech slightly
A verb form beginning with \”to\” is called
an infinitive
In brainstorming, you should
produce a flurry of ideas without any initial criticism
Hidden objectives in a speech are always undesirable.
\”To entertain\” is an example of a
general purpose
The specific purpose statement should be limited to one major idea.
According to the text, we should eliminate hidden purposes that
sabotage our true goal
A good research technique is to turn your specific purpose statement into a research question.
\”Do Democrats outnumber Republicans in this state?\” is an example of the _______________ type of question.
To find out if patients using a new headache remedy are pleased with the drug, your best approach is to use
discussion forums
A book or magazine published before _____ is no longer protected by copyright and may be reproduced and distributed by anyone without violating the law.
To reassure an audience that his information is accurate, a speaker says, \”I got my information from Google.\” The speaker is
giving a vague reference
Which is the most reliable type of material?
Widespread appearance on the Internet is a strong indication that a report is accurate
Researchers can trust claims that are based on testimonials.
A speaker says, \”Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir said, ‘To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man.’\” This sentence illustrates the use of
Imagine five people of the following ages: 32, 28, 20, 18, and 17. The 20-year-old has the __________ age.
Imagine five people of the following ages: 45, 37, 26, 20, and 18. The 26-year-old has the __________ age.
For a speech, the best time to distribute a five-page handout is
after you finish speaking
The text advises that you \”aim for back-row comprehension.\” This means that you should
make sure a visuals can be clearly seen by people in the back of the room
In considering whether and how to use PowerPoint slides, your first step is to
create the outline for your speech
The best way to indicate that you have finished with a quotation is to
pause as an oral punctuation device
You should never bring new main points into the conclusion.
An outline should include
Main points in outlines are represented by Roman numerals (I, II, III, and so on).
According to the text, the body of a speech should have its own numbering sequence in the outline, independent of the introduction and conclusion.
If your listeners share your specialized vocation, you can use jargon in a speech.
\”The stars are diamonds in the sky.\” This is an example of
\”We want justice for ourselves, for our friends, and for our children.\” This is an example of
parallel structure
The key to effective delivery is
a strong desire to communicate with the audience
Pauses in speeches should be avoided because they make you look indecisive.
\”Cannahepya?\” for \”Can I help you?\” is an example of poor
Which method of delivery is a person most likely to use in delivering a paper at a scientific conference?
The PREP (Position, Reason, Example, Position) template is recommended for __________________ speeches.
\”To tell my audience about the life of Malcolm X\” is an example of a specific purpose statement for a definition speech.
\”To inform my audience how a thunderstorm forms\” is an example of a specific purpose statement for a process speech.
To provide variety during a long presentation, you can ask questions of listeners. The best technique is to
call a listener’s name after you ask the question
In a process speech, the goal is always to teach the listeners how to perform the process themselves.
In a speech to a graduating high school class, you can assume that all the students know basic information, such as the fact that Alaska and Hawaii were the last states admitted to the United States.
Persuading people to stop smoking is an example of a
a speech to motivate action
To encourage listeners to call the Red Cross to volunteer for blood donation, you should try to get them to use their cell phones
at the end of the speech
The final step in the motivated sequence is
The statement-of-reasons pattern is a good method of organization when the audience leans toward your position but needs some justification for that leaning.
A speaker says, \”Because the Japanese make the best stereo sound systems in the world, you should consider buying a Japanese-made sound system.\” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
building on an unproven assumption
A pediatrician sees five children in her office one winter morning. Because all five have symptoms of influenza, the pediatrician concludes that her community is experiencing an influenza epidemic. The pediatrician has used
inductive reasoning
In a persuasive speech, conceding that your ideas do not work in all cases
strengthens your credibility
A speaker says, \”People who favor gun control want to turn our society over to the criminals. Therefore, we must ignore these gun-control advocates.\” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
straw man
A speaker says, \”Jackson says he believes that there is intelligent life on some other planet in the universe, but how can you believe him? He’s not an astronomer; in fact, he is not a scientist at all. The only degree he has is a masters in business administration.\” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?
attack on a person
An inspirational speech is often similar to
a persuasive speech
An important dimension of inspirational speaking is
The safest kind of joke is
self deprecating
The speech of introduction should
give background information about the speaker
What is the first step in the reflective-thinking method?
define the problem
In a meeting, the leader should periodically summarize the group’s work.
Ideally, participants in a meeting should receive the agenda
well before the meeting
At the beginning of a meeting, the leader should review the purpose of the meeting and the scope of the group’s power.
In a meeting, the leader should periodically summarize the group’s work.

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