Something Wicked This Way Come Essay Example
Something Wicked This Way Come Essay Example

Something Wicked This Way Come Essay Example

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  • Published: October 1, 2017
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The road extended into the distance like a snake disappearing beyond the horizon. The building's walls were shrouded in darkness cast by the shadows. A delicate sign, painted in pastel colors and bearing the name 'Candy Box,' creaked as it swayed on its deteriorated hinges. Though the name seemed innocent, the sun was rapidly setting.

As darkness approaches, Carl Gunstone becomes even more disoriented on the road. His balance is almost lost as a creature unexpectedly emerges from a corner under the roof, causing him to fall backward. The fluttering sound of wings that had initially disrupted the eerie silence now fades away into the distance. Despite the disturbance, Carl may be grateful for the interruption. However, not being able to identify the creature that touched his face during the chaos of flapping is causing more anxiety than


the silence. He assumes it was probably a bird or bat.

In an effort to rationalize his anxiety, he chuckled to himself. However, the chuckle swiftly transformed into a cough of shame as he surveyed the surroundings for potential eavesdroppers. He recognized that there was nobody nearby, but it was an automatic response. As the breeze grazed his toes, he trembled and eagerly anticipated entering indoors where it was cozy. With a quivering hand, he grasped the doorknob while banishing unsettling recollections from his thoughts. Upon pulling the door toward him, the little bell rang.

As the sound of the ringing filled the air, the previously silent shop seemed even more tranquil, with the echoes lingering in the protagonist's mind. Though small, the shop was occupied solely by the protagonist. It appeared to shrink gradually as shelves

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upon shelves of dusty containers filled with multi-coloured sweets were stacked against its walls. The contents of these jars remained uncertain - could they be sweets, or were they pickled creatures submerged in formaldehyde?

Despite squeezing his eyes shut and reopening them, Carl Gunstone still couldn't ignore the resemblance between the liquorice snakes and writhing worms, and the rainbow gobstoppers' similarity to tightly-packed bloodshot eyeballs in the candy jar. It was then that he heard a deep, husky voice of an elderly woman at the doorway asking if she could assist him, revealing that she had been observing him for an unknown amount of time.

Her inquiry was not impolite yet lacked friendliness. Evidently, she observed his eyes scanning the sweets with suspicion, examining the once-vibrant wrappers now fading into muted forms. Dust particles twirled in the air before sadly settling back to the ground from their years of stillness. The woman advanced slowly towards the counter located beyond him.

As she made her way from the doorway, her feet stayed close to the ground, with a painstakingly slow journey. The brown apron covering her plain black dress swayed gently in response to a light breeze that managed to slip through the building's cracks. Despite being inside, the rusted sign outside could still be heard, emitting soft squeaks that were now slightly muted. The overwhelming scent of stale sweets filled the air, suffocating and choking those present. Finally, the woman found herself standing behind the counter, leaning heavily against it as she rested her arm on the antiquated till.

As she emerged from the shadows, he politely and curiously gazed upon her appearance. The small and shrunken face of

the woman was adorned with gray hair that was tied in the back while lifeless wisps fell around it. Her loose, wrinkled skin clung to her bones, almost as if fighting to stay intact. Though not thin, he could tell from under her apron that she had indulged in sweets, as was expected of someone residing in a sweet shop miles away from civilization. Presuming that she lived there, he observed her eyes scrutinizing something intently on the counter.

As Carl Gunstone glanced downwards to see what had captured the woman's interest, he was unable to detect anything and raised his head once again. At that moment, he met her gaze, which caused his body to freeze and his breath to hitch. Her piercing blue eyes were bright and transparent, resembling the eyes of a curious young child that had been transplanted into an older woman's aged sockets.

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