Sociology Quiz 7

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structural mobility
Typically one moves up or down (vertically) the social ladder. If factories are moving from the United States to Mexico and jobs are drying up here in the United States, one would say downward mobility is due to:
Which kind of inequality did Rousseau believe would always exist?
What term refers to everything you own minus debts such as a mortgage on your home and credit card debt?
private property
Rousseau believed that the source of all social ills was:
Professionals, small business owners, and craftsmen are referred to as:
estate system
Which social stratification system was favored in feudal Europe and the antebellum American South?
elite mass dichotomy system
A stratification system with a governing elite, that is, few leaders who broadly hold the power in society, is called:
economy, military, politics
Which three major institutions does C. Wright Mills argue about in the United States today that have the power to make decisions for the masses?
military order, political order, economic institutions
Mills argues that there are three major institutional forces in modern American society in which the power of decision making has become centralized, what are they?
equality of outcome
What standard of equality is most concerned with the distribution of resources?

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