Social Work Practice III 2

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Which of the following political activities is (are) appropriate for social workers
All of the above
Social workers must live within the boundaries posed by:
Professional values
In the community asset mapping method to community change, all of the following were listed as categories except:
Which of the following are potential risks of tackling a community problem:
Those with power will fight to hold on to what they have
According to Homan, which of the following is not an important criterion for people involved in working on a community problem:
Personal wealth
During the implementation phase of a community change plan all of the following are true except:
Process-oriented helpers prefer to get right to the point and get things done
In which of the following problem-solving steps would you see answers to questions such as “How serious is the problem?” and “What efforts have already been made to deal with the problem?”
Researching the problem
The actual activities needed to achieve an objective are called:
Action steps
Ideally, a goal should have all of the following characteristics except:
Be easily solved
Civic clubs, property owner organizations, and neighborhood associations are typical mechanisms used in the _____ orientation to community problems.
Neighborhood maintenance
Considering costs of acting and not acting, assessing potential opposition and support, and reviewing available resources are all part of:
Force field analysis
_____ competency for empowerment involves the social worker’s genuine affinity for the individual or community with whom he or she is working.
_____ assets in a community are the physical structures such as a community center or public areas such as a community swimming pool.
According to the text, which of the following is not a way in which social workers may view the community:
The community is the solution to most major problems
People, time, energy, and facilities are examples of:
Community capacity building involves all of the following except:
It is similar to the PREPARE process in that it involves identifying problems and thereby solving those problems
The first step in the planned change model is:
____ assets of a community include the environment and quality of life features that make the community an attractive place to live.
Identifying people who can help you with your proposed change normally occurs in which of the stages of the IMAGINE process:
Mustering support stage
All of the following would be considered an objective (as opposed to an action step) for the primary goal of reducing gang and drug activity in the fourth ward except:
Mrs. Opium will lead the meeting on September 5th
During the _____ step of the planned change model, you will begin using the social work principle entitled “professional use of self.”
Identification of community problems may come through which of the following:
All of the above
In order to know whether gang violence is decreasing in a community (a goal of a multi-agency task force), we need a:
____ outcomes focus on changes in the client’s quality of life.
If a new test can determine how good a social worker you will be three years from now, we say it has:
Predictive validity
All of the following are reasons why social workers use program evaluations to inform practice except that they:
Assure our programs will be funded by interested financial resources
The _____ suicide rate is highest of all U.S. ethnic groups.
First Nations Peoples
_____ refers to groups that experience serious limitations because others in power exploit them.
Oppressed populations
Regarding using Alinsky’s principles of social action today, all of the following were cited in the text except:
Social workers agree with governmental institutions’ assertion that what is good for the wealthy is also good for the poor
Being prepared to always propose an alternative is one of the recommendations of:
Saul Alinsky
Which of the following roles are social workers portraying when involved in participatory action research:
All of the above
Working on behalf of groups of people who lack the ability to defend or help themselves is:
Cause advocacy
____ involves work on behalf of individuals and families.
Case advocacy
___ refers to a coordinated effort to achieve institutional change to meet a need, solve a social problem, correct an injustice, or enhance the quality of human life.
Social action
The institution which most discriminates against gay and lesbian people is:
The military
Which of the following is not a principle of macro-level advocacy:
Provide services at no cost to clients
Equal opportunity, rights, and responsibilities for all members of society are inherent in:
Social and economic justice
Which of the following is not consistent with Alinsky’s social action approach:
Power is not needed to bring about change, only the appearance of power
A formal administrative procedure to ensure that clients’ rights have not been ignored in which an outside person is appointed to hear both sides of the argument is know as:
Fair hearing
When working with populations-at-risk, all of the following are true except:
Clients do not have the right to self-determination if the choice made places them at risk
All of the following are general guidelines to macro-level advocacy except:
Work alone whenever possible
Which of the following is not a general guideline for advocacy implementation
Flexibility is a weakness, not a strength
Political pressure is not likely to be effective in which of the following situations:
When the target is a family company
Legal challenges on behalf of groups of people are often called:
Class action suits
Worldwide, _____ percent of children with disabilities are not attending school.
____ is the term used to describe the efforts of one group to eradicate opposing groups by such activities as murder, rape, destruction of homes and buildings, and elimination of public documents, such as birth records.
Ethnic cleansing
Which of the following might be a potential risk of engaging in advocacy:
All of the above
The population group with the highest risk of males becoming a homicide victim is:
African Americans
The focus of _____ is on social action to bring about societal change.
Participatory action research
_____ requires that organizations and agencies abide by policies, procedures, regulations, and other rules before they deprive someone of liberty, property, or life.
Due process
A lawsuit alleging that the adversary has refused to live up to an agreement might seek which of the following:
Specific performance
When faced with an ethical dilemma, the step after recognizing the problem is:
Investigate the variables involved
All of the following are core values in the NASW Code of Ethics except
Economic justice
A social worker placed an anti-abortion bumper sticker on her car and then made home visits to pregnant teenagers struggling with what to do about their pregnancy. This is a violation of the _____ section of the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.
Private conduct
All of the following are true regarding supervision and consultation except:
Consultation always involves designated authority over the workers
Within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDR), political and civil rights are often referred to as:
Negative freedoms
Regarding personal values, which of the following is true:
We all have a right to our personal values
Which of the following areas is (are) included in the NASW Code of Ethics standard of the “Social workers’ ethical responsibilities to the broader society”:
Social and political action
According to Reamer’s Guide to Ethical Decision-Making:
Rules about basic survival supersede rules governing lesser acts
Which of the following areas of behavior are listed in the NASW Code of Ethics standard of the “Social workers’ ethical responsibilities as professionals”:
According to NASW Code of Ethics:
Sexual activities between supervisors and supervisees is prohibited
According to Reamer’s Guide to Ethical Decision-Making, if a client tells his social worker that he committed an armed robbery for which another person has been incarcerated, the social worker, according to _______ principle, should report the confession despite breaking confidentiality with her client.
One person’s right to well-being supersedes another person’s right to self-determination
NASW’s _____ is devoted to raising funds and providing support for political candidates who are sympathetic to social work issues.
___ falls under both the “Social workers’ ethical responsibilities to clients” standard as well as the “Social workers’ ethical responsibilities as professionals” standard of the NASW Code of Ethics.
In a study of NASW members, _____ percent stated that workers do not have the skill to assist clients in religious and spiritual matters.
According to Reamer, all of the following variables are often considered when trying to make the right distribution of scarce resources except:
Least harm
According to the NASW Code of Ethics’ standards, all of the following are accurate regarding termination of services except:
Clients can never be terminated for failing to pay an overdue balance
______ recognizes the rights and needs of clients to be free to make their own choices and decisions.
The game that supervisors and supervisees play when either the supervisor or the worker consistently reveals how he knows much more than the other is called:
Of course, I know much more than you do
Workers’ general expectations of supervisors include the idea(s) that supervisors should:
All of the above
Some supervisors have problems with delegation.
One expectation workers have of supervisors is to facilitate the workers’ development of new skills.
The following is (are) suggestions for using supervision effectively:
b and c only
When your supervisor uses a word you don’t understand or one that does not make sense, act as if you do understand because you don’t want him or her to think you are incompetent.
The following is (are) problems that you may have with supervisors:
All of the above
The game that supervisors and supervisees play where both parties are afraid to give any negative or constructive feedback is called:
I’ll be nice to you if you’re nice to me
The game that supervisors and supervisees play when one person in the supervisory relationship withholds information from the other is called:
Information is power
The game that supervisors and supervisees play when a supervisor feels uncomfortable holding a “superior” position over workers is called:
Good buddies don’t evaluate
_____ means assigning responsibility or authority to others
The game that supervisors and supervisees play when the employee dependently leans on the supervisor for almost everything is called:
Poor, helpless little old me
Administrative functions of supervisors include assigning cases to workers and reviewing case plans.
A _____ information system allows agencies to produce maps showing areas where services are nonexistent or where transportation problems prevent clients from using available services.
_____ allows us to maintain extensive records and retrieve that data quickly.
Database software
____ is an example of a foundation grant.
____ proposals are designed to provide a particular service to some size system—individual, family, group, organization, or community.
Which of the following represents a potential way the media can help an agency:
a and b
_____ is a computer-generated slide presentation program.
An example of a government grant is:
National Institute on Aging
_____ proposals provide for specialized help, allowing organizations or individuals to carry out a program.
Technical assistance
Holding a pancake breakfast, a concert, or sporting event to raise money are examples of a:
A grant proposal seeking money to provide agency staff with specialized workshops on drug abuse might best be classified as a _____ proposal.
An example of a business and/or corporate grant is:
National Association of Social Workers
A brief summary found at the beginning of a grant proposal is referred to as a(n):
The example in the text regarding social workers creating their own communities of practice or similar internet networks with colleagues who share specific interests is called:
News releases for the print media should:
All of the above
Short passages or statements that convey memorable ideas or information are often called:
Sound bytes
The ability to send out newsletters and brochures for the agency is enhanced if ______ software is available.
Desktop publishing
Agency systems for gathering, analyzing, and evaluating data are referred to as:
Management information systems
Which of the following is not a general guideline for working with the media:
Single out a specific media representative
All of the following are possible sources of funding for an agency except:
Management systems
The process whereby public agencies contract many or most of their services to nonprofit agencies is called:
Privatization of services
____ proposals involve studying a particular problem or testing a specific intervention approach.
A meeting where grantors provide more information to interested parties is called a:
Bidder’s conference
Agencies wishing to provide grant money for specific projects will usually issue a (an):
Software that allows the user to switch quickly between word processing, spreadsheets, and databases is referred to as:
Software packages that allow us to maintain various kinds of financial or numerical information are called:
____ is the comprehensive process by which external pressures affect individuals emotionally and physically, producing some internal tension.
In the ABCDE theory of irrational thinking, the C stands for:
_____ is a condition characterized by disheartened mood; unhappiness, lack of interest in daily activities, pessimism, and thoughts about suicide.
According to the text, imagery relaxation and deep breathing relaxation are forms of:
A father becomes depressed and possibly suicidal is an example of _____ stress-related problems.
During the _____ phase of Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome, the body recognizes the stressor and responds by preparing for fight or flight.
In the “fight or flight” concept of confronting stress, which of the following activities would be listed in the fight category:
None of the above
What is the first task you need to do to figure out where your time goes:
Figure out how you presently spend your time
During the _____ phase of Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome, the body strives to repair any damage caused by the stressors.
The release of adrenaline and other hormones results in:
Dilation of pupils
In the _____ phase, bodily processes seek to return to homeostasis.
____ is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that results from constant or repeated emotional pressure associated with an intense, long-term involvement with people.
_____ is the last phase in the General Adaptation Syndrome.
Which of the following are considered relaxation approaches to stress management:
a and b only
Step 4 in the time-management approach of “planning your time” is:
Specify tasks for each goal
Step 2 in the time-management approach of “planning your time” is:
Establish goals for yourself
A mother develops skin rashes is an example of _____ stress-related problems
A father hits his 5-year-old daughter after he’s had a hard day at work is an example of _____ stress-related problems.
____ is a mood state wherein the person anticipates future danger or misfortune with apprehension.
The _____ is the section of the brain that regulates a range of physiological functions.
In the text, contradictory expectations for worker performance is cal
Role ambiguity
Which of the following is true:
Persons with rigid, authoritarian attitudes appear to be more prone to stress
Step 3 in the time-management approach of “planning your time” is:
Prioritize your goals
Step 1 in the time-management approach of “planning your time” is:
Figure out where the time goes
____ is defined in the text as a detailed and time-consuming technique for analyzing how you spend your time in which you keep an hourly, half-hour, or 15-minute record of how you spend your time.
Time logging

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