Which of the following is an example of a CTA?
Ending a post with “Sign up here!”
What are some places that search engines get recommendations from in regards to social media?
facebook Likes
Pinterest Repins
Twitter Retweets
Google+ Shares
Which gets a higher percentage of search traffic?
Organic traffic
What is the best example of a goal for SMO?
To generate traffic to a website or blog.
What does SMO stand for?
Social Media Optimization
When writing a press release announcing company news and you want to get found in Google search results by reporters or customers, ideally it should include?
What does SERP stand for?
search engine results page
When writing a blog post title, how long should it be for best results in SERP? Which is the best answer?
55-70 characters
Which is an example of SMO?
Social Plugins
Make content easy to subscribe and follow.
Share buttons
In the video interview with Bruce Clay Inc.’s content team, Virginia Nussey referred to Google’s latest quality ranking guidelines when it comes to writing called E-A-T. What does E-A-T stand for?
Expertise Authority Trust
Using hashtags is an example of __________.
Using keywords is important to __________.
Search Engines and Social Media Networks
Always use the maximum amount of characters when writing a Tweet or Facebook Post.
A visual with a __________ and appropriate links is a great example of social media content for Pinterest and can ideally drive traffic to your website or blog.
What does CTA stand for?
Call to Action
Your ________ now show up in Google desktop search results.
Which is an example of how to improve SEO with social media management (SMM)
Earn inbound links
For your brand, which social media profile would you pick to optimize if you wanted to be sure to rank the highest in SERP?
____________ is one of the best social media platforms for SEO. You may not realize it, but those laser targeted niche boards you create on this platform are a great way to show up in Google for ____________.
Pinterest/long tail keywords
The best example of a long tail keyword phrase would be
5 year old birthday gift ideas
Whether it’s a national tragedy or something your brand has done that’s brought attention, you have to have a plan of action in place and make sure everyone on your social team is aware of it. A community manager should know the answers to which question?
Do you cease all planned content?
Do you have a plan to stop promoted posts from still showing up?
Do you have an outreach list of who needs to know when a blinder happens on social media?
Facebook is increasing organic reach so that it can show users more relevant posts.
It doesn’t matter how many people are in your community if they are not engaged.
One way to keep your community members engaged and committed is by rewarding them with random acts of kindness. The best example of this would be __________.
to write a personalized, handwritten, ‘thank you for being our customer’ card
How do you know which social networks are the best for building community as a business?
Do audience research.
Which of the following is NOT an objective when managing a social media community?
when conflict arises; issue a “no comment” with your community to avoid conflict
Want to be a social media community manager? Which is the least likely qualification?
Be able to take a sales oriented approach.
In the 18-minute Social PR day, it says every hour you should do what?
check all your social network status
take one minute to see where you are on your daily list
When looking for a social media management job, what would be the least likely tactic in getting hired?
Use your LinkedIn headline to let prospects know your job status.
Jennifer Lopez shared her “Don’t List” when it comes to social media community management. Which was not on list?
Don’t reply to complainers and whiners.
It is a best practice to get every Tweet approved before it is published to avoid community management issues.
If someone has a complaint about your brand specifically, Jennifer’s community management tip is to __________.
address it empathetically
If you are a social media manager; chances are your job is 24/7 and you will need to manage your social media via a mobile device. Jennifer Lopez recommends to have all your personal and business social media accounts managed from one app for ultimate speed and accuracy.
The more time you spend on haters, trolls, and spammers, the more time you’re spending on quality community engagement and content.
Social media managers should ideally have some background in calculus, statistics and/or managerial accounting.
Social Media Managers should look at content creation skills including copywriting, design, creativity, positioning and
Photography and videography
It’s important for a social media community manager to be experimental with new strategies, new content, and new campaigns.
Social media community managers should be skilled at “tactful ________”, meaning to capitalize on a new story, trend or hashtag. David Meerman Scott discussed this strategy in one of our guest lectures.
When social media community managers get questions about products and services or get complaints via social media the best thing to do is refer the questions or comments to the customer service department.
If you wanted to make a comment to Canva on Twitter or Facebook about a new feature, the best way to do it is so they see it is to use
During a tragedy, what is a question you need to know the answer to?
Do we cease all planned content?
Is there a plan to stop promoted posts?
Do we comment during a tragedy?
Who will enact this plan?
During a tragedy, which of the following is NOT your social responsibility as a brand?
Share news and developments as soon as possible.
When Buffer was hacked, what was a good thing they did to handle the situation?
Respond immediately and communicate to users.
You should always check your past content to make sure that it is still relevant and appropriate.
Which was NOT a result of how Buffer handled the hacking crisis?
Tweet volume decreased.
According to the 2013 Edelman Trust barometer, who ranks highest in public trust?
When a social media crisis or conflict is under way, it is best to __________ everything in a timely manner.
When Melissa Fach refers to TAGFEE, the T stands for __________.
When negative reviews of a poor brand experience show up in a social media feed, it is best to remove or delete them.
When Melissa Fach refers to TAGFEE, the G stands for __________.
When dealing with difficult people in social media; it is not what’s best for you, what matters is what’s best for them.
When a community member gets angry, the best thing to do is __________.
take them offline via email or DM
respond quickly
reach out to your team for support
Which one of the following would not be an example of a recommendation in a social media employee guideline?
Post content on behalf of the company anonymously
Social media is very powerful, but not powerful enough to destroy a business.
One of the greatest challenges in a social media crisis is:
keeping focused on solving the core catalyst
By having __________ in place, a social media manager will know what constitutes a social media crisis and how to respond to consumers who communicate with your brand via social media.
social media policy
In the case of death or tragedy, Jay Baer recommends the only appropriate time to do a tribute is when
There is a relationship between the brand and the person
A public relations agency news jacked David Bowie’s death and wrote a post called: “10 things you can learn about branding from David Bowie.” Is this a smart social media strategy based on the required readings?
Live video, often referred to as ____ streaming, has taken the social media world by storm.
Live video allows users to broadcast videos directly from their ___________ to a variety of major social media platforms.
Mobile Phones
Live video can influence the decisions of your target audiences at a rate that you may not have seen with previous tactics.
Edelman’s 2014 Brandshare report states that 87 percent of people want ____________ brands
Meaningful relationships with
Consumers now value authenticity, transparency and a __________ that they have not valued in the past.
As Mark Zuckerberg said during his time onstage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: “Virtual reality is the next platform. Video is already some of the most engaging content that you will see online. Every day, there are more than 100 million hours of video watched on Facebook, but ____ videos are even more immersive.”
Users can stream GoPro videos live via ____________
On this platform, videos don’t disappear after 24 hours, comments scroll and users can embed them.
Facebook Live
Which platform allows up to four people can be in the chat windows on the platform?
The common theme between all of the live streaming platforms is that brands can now take advantage of ________ more than ever.
Which platform is used most by America’s Got Talent and Huffington Post
Which platforms social media managers should use? Nick Cicero says that they should always start with Snapchat and expand from there.
Nick Cicero tells brands one formula to create brand stories is to share your Snapchat story all at once, to make sure that people see it in the way you want them to. This can be done by
Turning your phone’s airplane mode
Snapchat can drive searches on Google
Snapchat can drive traffic to a website or blog by adding unique url links.
Nick Cicero said that with Snapchat, it is important to share stories every day to stay relevant.
Which is not a mobile marketing trend for 2016
Jay-Z’s Tidal App
“Snapchat relies on Internet everywhere” to provide a totally different experience. Snapchat says that we are not the sum of everything we have said or done or experienced or published – we are the result. We are who we are today, right now,”
Evan Spiegel
For brands just starting out and trying to gain reach quickly, a smart Snapchat strategy is tapping into a Snapchat celebrity to do a “takeover”. This is an example of
Influence Marketing
The beauty of mobile and social media platforms is that all images look the same on all networks.
According to the lecture video, which of the following is NOT a step in the measuring checklist?
Count the number of fans on a social media page.
__________ was one of the oldest traditional ways to measure and track earned media coverage in public relations before the internet?
A clipping book
What is an example of what could be measured to find the conversation rate?
Comments you receive per post
The applause rate represents how many favorites, likes or +1s a post receives.
Which brand did Google’s Adam Singer use as an example of a brand doing a mobile app right and finding ways to creatively market via a mobile device.
Which of the following could represent the amplification rate?
Retweets and Shares
When creating a plan to measure analytics, what basic web analytics should you begin with?
Your owned Media
What is the definition of a sentiment KPI?
Tracking the percentage of positive or negative comments across the social and search graphs.
An example of a conversion KPI may be the number of white papers requested from a webinar.
What are the two main points to measure using Google Analytics?
1) Referring Traffic, 2) The full value of traffic coming from social sites and measure how they lead to direct/future conversions.
Which of the following refers to the emotion behind a social media mention?
What is the definition of reach?
The potential audience for a message based on total follower count
Exposure measures not just your followers, but the number of followers your followers have.
What does engagement measure?
How much and how often others interact with you and your content in social media
__________ data is based on observations, and it often takes the form of hypotheses that stem from smaller sample sizes than you’d normally need for a true scientific study.
Follower/fans, engagement, timing, CTR are examples of __________ data.
What does Sway Group’s Danielle Wiley note as an example of what’s trending in Influencer Marketing?
Beauty Bloggers with Curly Hair
Influencer marketing is an example of _______ media that can turn into _______ media.
Paid, earned
If one of your goals is to drive traffic back to your website, you would look at
What does each letter stand for in the SMART framework of objectives?
Specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic and time-oriented.

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