Smgt 3111 Ch. 11 Flashcards

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what does the customer need
During each sales call you make, focus on this questio
listen in order to know what the customer needs
The most important thing to do during is a sales call is ________.
one minutes
You will do best if your keep your sales call under ________.
you stay calm, ask the customer to explain the situation, not interrupting the customer as they speak
Using technology to sell ________.
acknowledged and responded to politely
Customer complaints should be ________.
sales call
An appointment with a potential customer to explain or demonstrate your product or service is called a ________.
none of the above
Brian Tracy believes all objections fall into one of six categories. Which of the following is NOT one of the six
all of the above
Losing a customer can hurt by ________.
Information such as customers’ e-mail addresses and purchasing history can be stored in a simple computer ________.
When you build your website, make sure that you register it with at least ________ search engines
a percentage of each sale
If you decide to pay yourself a commission from your business, you will be earning
People you think might be receptive to your sales presentation are called ________.
keeping a customer on hold indefinetly
Which of the following is not an example of customer service?
all of the above
Entrepreneurs sell constantly to ________.
When you are starting out and cannot afford to pay sales representatives full-time salaries, you can offer ________ instead.
four times
Here’s a rule of thumb that salespeople use: If a customer says “No” during a sales call ________ , he or she probably means it
improve your selling skills
Every sales call is an opportunity to ________.
When is an entrepreneur done collecting market research for his/her business?
they provide invaluable information about how to improve the product or service
When you sell, you should always listen carefully to customer complaints because ________.
Joe Girard’s Law of ________ states that just a few unhappy customers can keep a great many other customers away from your business
Acknowledge objections as they arise and respond to them.
What should you do when a customer raises objections during a sales call?
repeat business
Successful businesses are built on ________.
gains your customer’s trust
Telling the truth about any negative aspect of a product or service usually ________.
all of the above
Objectives during a sales call are to make the customer ________.
can be useful in helping you communicate your product to the customer and to stay in touch with the customer
Using technology to sell ________.
customer recepit
Once you make a sale do forget to fill out a ________.

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