Shakespeare Macbeth Essay Example
Shakespeare Macbeth Essay Example

Shakespeare Macbeth Essay Example

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In any Shakespeare play we can almost always point out foreshadowing. It's a crucial element to tragedies and suspenseful stories, and very crucial to be able to understand when reading Macbeth by Shakespeare because the story of Macbeth is mainly composed of events that have been hinted one after another. Macbeth is about a soldier (Macbeth) who is told by three witches, prophecies. One that Macbeth will become Thane of Castor and two, that Macbeth will be king of Scotland and three, that Banquet's children will inherit the Scottish throne.

The only way that Macbeth can think of a way to become king is to kill the current king, King Duncan.

An example of foreshadowing in Macbeth is "There's one did laugh inn's sleep, and one cried 'Murder! "(2. 2). After Macbet


h murders the king, he hears this, which foreshadows Macbeth problem with sleep that are to be coming up in the play. That night that Macbeth kills the King, he also hallucinates, and he sees a bloody dagger which already shows that Macbeth is becoming hysterical.

Macbeth knows what he has done is wrong and we can already start to see his mental state deteriorate. This quote shows how the murder of the King ultimately lead to Machete's slip into insanity and his problems with insomnia throughout the play.

Looking at the same excerpt, you can see that it is also an example of foreshadowing because Macbeth also mentions to Lady Macbeth that he though he "heard a voice cry 'Sleep no which shows that he is going to have problems sleeping and it also is a sing of insanity. This also shows

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that he is going to continue hearing voices and how his mental state is seriously, going to get a lot worse throughout the play. We can see that Macbeth is already unstable as he is going to kill Duncan because of the discourse that he has with himself and then being forced to kill Duncan by

Lady Macbeth are all causes for Machete's poor mental state which we see worsen throughout the play. Macbeth is filled with different examples of foreshadowing because the play is this one large play that focuses around one person and his slip into insanity.

Right after Macbeth kills Duncan we can see the change in his thinking. Machete's guilt immediately affected him and quickly made him lose his mind. Macbeth believed the three witches and their prophecies so he had to make some way for them to come true. Although Macbeth gained the throne of Scotland, he lost his mind and ability to become a normal person.

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