Server 4-12 Chapter 16

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Your organization has six offices spread over three cities in North America. At a minimum, how many Active Directory sites should you plan to have?
Why is it generally not recommended to configure bridgehead servers manually?
You could disrupt the flow of replication traffic between sites
What default value are all site links costs configured with in Active Directory?
What management console is used to manage Active Directory Sites?
Active Directory Sites and Services
It is possible to configure Intersite replication using SMTP transport. When this transport protocol is selected, which partition of the Active Directory database is not replicated?
What is the lowest possible value that can be configured as a replication interval for site links?
15 minutes
What is defined by the replication schedule?
When replication is allowed to occur
__________ define the logical replication path between sites to perform _________ replication, allowing for faster and optimized replication between sites based on configured costs and frequencies.
Site links, Intersite
You have several sites in your Active Directory, some of which have Windows Server 2008 R2 RODCs and others still have Windows Server 2003 DCs. What is the simplest solution to fix the problem of Windows Server 2003 DCs performing automatic site coverage in sites where the Windows Server 2008 R2 RODCs exist?
Download the RODC compatibility pack for the Windows Server 2003 domain controllers.
What will happen to a client that needs to authenticate against Active Directory, but has no site defined for its subnet?
The client will authenticate to a domain controller in another site, over the WAN link
Your organization is arranged in a Hub-and-Spoke topology with the main office as the hub and all branch offices as spokes. What two methods can be used to allow the branch offices (remote sites) to replicate directly with each other, not requiring replication via the main office?
Enable the “Bridge All Site Links” option, with no further actions taken and create Site Link Bridges between the remote sites
Which PowerShell cmdlet is the correct one to use to create a new Active Directory site?
When examining the netlogon.log file, what will be your indicator that you have a problem with your Active Directory sites or subnets configuration?

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