See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Essay

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See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. A man is about to get killed in this little town in South America, everyone knows but no one is advising him. He got blamed for something he did not do and he is paying unfair consequences. The social institution is not helping him either; everyone seems to be occupied doing something better then save someone’s life. Someone that every one knows, actually everyone knows every one in this village, the killers are described as the nicest people in town.

Who is most to be blame for Santiago’s murder? The village and his social institution are. “Many of those who were on the docks knew that they were going to kill Santiago Nasar”(p. 19). Could this be a new reality show, a comedy event with humor and a pour outcome? Most of the people know what is happening, what is going on in the Vicario’s mind. They want to take Santiago’s life because he got accused of taking Angela Vicario’s virginity.

Not every one is ignoring the situation, some actually tried to state their opinion “For the love of God…Leave him for later, if only out of respect for his grace the bishop”(p. 16) murmured Clotilde Armenta, the proprietress of the milk shop. So she is not saying do not kill him, she is asking to wait, because the bishop is coming in town. Then there are some other people which think this is a joke “Don’t be silly, those two aren’t about to kill anybody, much less someone rich” Clotilde’s husband states.

The social institution seems to keep everyone busy for some reason, the bishop is coming in town and no one can distract them self from what they are suppose to do for this event, even the murder of someone, does not effect them. What is going on in peoples mind? The outcome of this story could be easily changed by anyone in the village, but no one did, they are the one to be blamed.

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