Security Final

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Holistic Security
Merges information security, building systems, and physical security
Protect, Detect and Reaction
Internet Protocol
Boss can monitor what you do at work
Parents can monitor children at home
Fax, phones, passwords if lost-report it, computers and laptops
virus, worm, Trojan Horse (emails)
Monitor what you’re doing
Proprietary Information
A property right or other valid economic interest in data resulting from private investment
Intellectual property
Intangible rights protecting commercially valuable products of the human intellect (trade mark signs – brand names)
Potential Threats
employees can give away trade secrets
1. sign a nondisclosure agreement
2. noncompete agreement – can not quit and go to other competitors
3. secrecy agreements – who comes in contact with secrets
4. discard info (shred) or keep what is needed
Security Measures for IT
1. logical controls – putting in a password
2. physical restraints, alarms, printing
3. administration – lock computers when you walk away
most used at work
most widely used illegal drug
Typical Offender
25 year old white male
Employee Assistance Program (EAPs)
Help for depression, paranoia, erratic behavior, fixation, threats, violent thoughts
Prevent Workplace Violence
1. zero tolerance policy
2. training
3. peer review
4. termination process (end of day, “terminated, forced to leave/escorted)
5. domestic abuse (spouse kills other at work)
School Security
locked doors, appointments needed, list to pick up children
Terrorism Defined
systematic use of physical violence use of physical violence either actual or threatened against noncombats to create a climate of fear to cause religious, political or social change
1. criminal in nature
2. targets are symbolic
3. actors are aggressive and violent
Homeland Security
created Sept. 11 to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy from terrorist threats or attacks
lead agency in investigating and responding to acts of terrorism
lead agency for consequence management (after attack)
US Patriot Act
Oct. 2001 gave police authority to search, seize, detain or evesdrop in persuit of terrorist
Preventing Terrorism
1. increasing the ability to keep tabs on terrorism
2. keep bad things out of the country
3. protect infrastructure
4. continue to build a response capability with modern computer tools
5. prevent intelligence sharing
intentional destruction or stop production of machinery or goods
theft/trade secrets/confidential info.
Food Supply
contamination concerns
Chemical Plants
maintain standards for safe work environment
Oil Companies
domestic – regulations, economically friendly
Basic Losses
tools, scrap, products, anything of value
TSA was founded after 9/11 – Air Marshals and Bag Inspections
highways, railroads, airports, sea ports, subways, busses
Anything that is moved by a transportation system
high seas – water beyond any 12 nautical miles of marine boarder
Airport and Air Security
bomb threats, air jacking, air cargo/baggage, theft, traffic issues
1. screen bags and people
2. law enforcement needs to be 3-5 min. away from any situation
3. Security plan for FAA approval
4. Disaster plan
Fires, throwing books out windows, staff presence, magnetic security
copies of art, damages, expensive, transportation
registers works of art using computer photogamitry
International police organization – artcentral is kept
Finical Institutions (banks)
Counterfeit, robberies, embezzlement
security for health information
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
High Risk Areas
Emergency Room (between parties, waiting)
Maternity (kidnapping)
Psych (violence)
theft or retail merchansise by a person lawfully on the premises
Alert Sales Force
best deterant to shoplifting along with security tags
Concealment of items
most states consider this shoplifting
Hotels and Motels
Internal and external theft
items from rooms
Restaurant & Bars
Cash and alcohol theft
Dram Shop
makes bartenders liable for over serving
Casinos/Rack Track/Sporting event
hidden cameras, very close up cameras, crowd control, prevent admission to those w/o tickets, internal/external theft
Public Housing
Theft, vandalism, assaults, drugs

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