Seachange technology plan
Seachange technology plan

Seachange technology plan

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  • Published: October 12, 2017
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Executive Summary

Seachange Technology program to let go of an eco-friendly shark repellant device which will be known as the Scuba Shark Shield, a promotional image can be seen on the study rubric page.

Our end is to accomplish 100 % client satisfaction so our focal point will be on merchandise quality ; the Shark Shield will ne’er neglect ( excepting battery life ) . We will be the first company to come in this specific industry so to take advantage of our first mover advantage we will make significant publicity to derive maximal market portion before any rivals arise.

Our demographic is chiefly middle-aged with above mean income and they spend on mean $ 1300 per twelvemonth in aqualung diving and they prefer quality over value. After carry oning a study it was found that 50 % of scuba frogmans would either decidedly bargain or perchance purchase the Shark Shield. We will be publicizing the quality of our merchandise and our mark market portion is 30 % of aqualung frogmans after 5 old ages.

The sale monetary value of the Shark Shield is $ 750 including $ 600 in disbursals and a $ 150 ( 25 % ) markup. Underwater camera, submerged propulsion devices and some drysuits cost $ 2000+ and holding the mark audience prefer quality over value we expect the audience wo n’t comprehend the monetary value as excessively high.

The capital we require to get down the undertaking is $ 840,000 which covers all initial development disbursals, ongoing disbursals will be covered by gross revenues. The loan will be paid off over a 5 twelvemonth period.

Our expected market portion will turn most quickly in the first 5 old ages so stabilise after 8 to 10 old ages. Our publicity scheme includes: direct mail, magazine advertizements, website advertizements, sponsorship and association.

Quality is our primary concern so we will be implementing quality control systems including: audits, certification and meeting Australian regulative criterions.

1. Introduction

1.1. Organization and merchandise

Seachange Technology is presently bring forthing a big scope of shark hindrance merchandises, specific to several marine athleticss and activities. The Scuba Shark Shield dive unit is a new merchandise which has been developed to better accommodate the demands of aqualung frogmans. The unit is an advanced development, which has been produced in line with antecedently tested engineering. Seachange Technology

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has succeeded in taking the construct of electronic shark hindrances to a new degree. Our merchandise is compact, less cumbrous to scuba frogmans, visible radiation weighted and 100 % successful in forestalling onslaughts from the most unsafe shark species.

The Shark Shield produces a alone conductive field which sharks are highly sensitive to. When sharks attack excessively closely to the wearer of the merchandise, the field produces impermanent uncomfortableness to the shark, which eliminates the potency for onslaughts. ( Natal Sharks Board, 2007 )

1.2. History

A moving ridge signifier which deters sharks was discovered in the early 1990 ‘s which was so subsequently developed into a merchandise, the Shark Shield. The following selling program outlines the jutting ends established by Seachange Technologies to be implemented within a 10 twelvemonth period, or until impregnation of the domestic market occurs.

2. Strategic Plan and Focus

To achieve the administration ‘s strategic way, the company ‘s mission, ends, aims and competitory advantage have been established to supply a vision and foreground for the company ‘s success. In add-on, a step of the range of the merchandise which the administration offers, and the implicit in environmental committednesss held in relation to both the marine equipment industry and the Marine environment itself, are besides cardinal participants in the company ‘s strategic way and focal point.

2.1. Mission Statement

Seachange Technologies endeavour to go the figure one leader in electronic safety devices for marine escapade ; supplying the highest protection at no cost to the environment.

The assurance you need to spread out your submerged resort area.

2.2. Goals and Aims

Non- Financial

Seachange Technologies endeavour to accomplish the highest degree of client satisfaction in relation to both the merchandise and service provided by the company. This is farther achieved by guaranting that the highest quality criterions are adopted on all degrees of fabrication and production, for guaranteed 100 % client protection when utilizing the merchandise. This warrant extends to the protection of all marine life.

Furthermore the company is committed to keeping good employment chances and working conditions for all employees, to construct a reputable administration civilization. This concerns promotional and gross revenues staff, direction and the similar.

The company is committed to further heightening an already bing corporate societal duty in relation to marine wildlife and its protection in Australia.


The primary fiscal end of this merchandise is to derive maximal market portion over the first 5 old ages, and reach market impregnation within the undermentioned 5 old ages ( see subdivision 6.5 ) . As we reach market impregnation, gross revenues will bit by bit diminish as the merchandise lifetime is 20 old ages long ; as gross revenues slow in Australia we will diminish production and disbursals in Australia and get down to globalise the merchandise, the capital will come from the gross made in the Australian market. On the initial $ 840,000 capital we expect to do $ 5.4m net income each twelvemonth for the first 5 old ages so diminishing one-year net income for the following 5 old ages and onwards, the loan will be paid back over the first 5 old ages ( see subdivision 6.2

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