Science test one

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A graph of world population growth over the past 500 years most closely resembled the letter
According to the IPAT model, which of the following would most likely reduce the environmental impact of a society?
greater use of birth control by most members of a society
Recent research suggests that __________ has/have contributed to the large drop in fertility rates in Brazil over the past several decades.
soap operas
The figure demonstrates that it requires roughly ________ times more feed input to produce 1 kg of eggs than 1 kg of milk.
The comparison shown in the figure is environmentally significant because it shows that
production of beef and pork is resource-intensive
Cows require a high quantity of feed because they
take time to grow and have a low energy conversion efficiency
based on the information in the figure, you might decide to make changes in your diet to diminish your ecological footprint by
shifting your protein intake from beef and pork to eggs and dairy products
agricultural practices increase a crop’s susceptibility to insect pests
Recombinant DNA
is the merging of DNA from unrelated organisms
managing crop competitors and pests has been challenging to agronomists for centuries. One approach, integrated pest management,
combines synthetic chemical pesticide with biocontrol techniques
Raising which of the following requires the most land and water per kg protein produced
beef cattle
Bt crops
have been given a bacterial gene that gives chemical protection against insect pests
Which of the following requires the least land to produce 1 kg of protein
Which of the following is true
more than one in three adults in the United States is obese
Green revolution techniques
have increased crop yields but may not be sustainable
________% of the food we consume come from ______ species
90; 15
Agricultural productivity increased during the Green Revolution as a result of improvements in fertilizers, crop breeding, pest control, and _________
Which of the following best describes integrated pest management (IPM)?
biocontrol measures, crop rotation, and habitat diversification
People around the world have become more dependent on global markets for their food. As a result, recent U.S. government policies encouraging _______ have had a major negative effect on food availability
ethanol production
Plants with showy flowers typically
are pollinated
The European Union nations
do not support the growth or sale of GM crops
can bring economic benefits and food security to many developing regions
Organic farming
has become more challenging because of contamination by GM crop varieties
seed banks are important for
protecting genetic diversity
It is more energetically efficient for us to eat more ________
plant-based foods
Why did the Indonesian government support IPM for agriculture in 1986?
Pesticides were costing money, causing pollution, and decreasing yields
In order for livestock to be considered organic,
animals must be fed 100% organic agricultural feed
During the past half century, global food production has _______ world population growth
grown at a faster rate than
Normal borlaug, who passed away in 2009, pioneered the development of __________
high-yield wheat

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