Science: Natural Resources

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Natural Resource
part of the environment that are useful or necessary for the survival of living things
renewable resource
any natural resource that is constantly recycled or replaced by nature
nonrenewable resource
natural resources that are used faster than they can be replaced
fossil fuel
most of the energy you use comes from these. They are NONRENEWABLE. Can cause major pollution. 3 main types
coal, oil, natural gas
list the 3 fossil fuels in order from our notes
hydroelectric power
using water to turn the the turbines to generate electric power
wind power
wind turns the turbines that generate the power
nuclear power
getting energy to turn the turbines by splitting the nucleus of uranium
a radioactive, nonrenewable resource; the element used in nuclear power
geothermal energy
using the heat energy from the Earth’s crust
solar energy
using solar panels and heat absorbing materials to capture the sun’s heat and energy
created when sunlight reacts with pollutants; produced by burning fuels
greenhouse effect
atmospheric gases trap some of the sun’s rays… and this is good because without it we probably wouldn’t be warm enough to sustain life!
carbon dioxide
____ _____ is one of the main gases that helps trap sunlight.
Global Warming
a rise in the Earth’s temperature, possibly caused by an increase in global gases
3 atoms of oxygen; absorbs sun’s dangerous UV rays
used in cooling systems of fridges, A/Cs, freezers, and aerosols. Depletes the ozone layer (ABBREVIATION REQUIRED)
causes cancer
cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, radon
4 causes of indoor air pollution in ORDER from our notes
solid waste
______ _____ often goes to landfill.
air, water
Landfills are often made ___ and ___ tight.
hazardous waste
harmful to human health or poisonous to living organisms
___ your use of natural resources (use less fossil fuels, buy products that use less packaging)
take a _______ bag to the grocery store, cut back on disposable paper items
a form of reusing that requires changing or reprocessing an item
have to be recycled according to their \”type\”
steel, aluminum, iron, and copper
most ___ bottles contain at least 25 percent recycled
this is used to make __ towels, insulation, newsprint, cardboard, and stationary
grass clipping, leaves, fruit, and veggie scrabs can be broken down into great garden soil

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