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Typical methods of classroom scientific communication include
lectures, lab reports, term papers, and poster presentations.

A filmmaker wants to depict a realistic dramatization of a scientist making and communicating an important scientific discovery. Which plot description would best depict the methods of discovery and communication that a modern professional scientist uses?
The scientist collaborates with others to plan and carry out an experiment and then writes a paper that has a clear conclusion. He submits it to a professional journal for peer review, after which the results are presented publicly.

A medical researcher experimented with the effects of calcium intake on the healing time of broken bones. People who had similarly broken bone injuries were divided randomly into two groups, one of which received a calcium supplement and one of which received a placebo. The data showed that there was no significant difference in healing times between the two groups, so the researcher concluded that calcium intake has no effect on bone healing time. Why is the conclusion of the researcher not justified?
The researcher did not use a control group.

Which example illustrates public scientific communication?
A scientist collaborates with other scientists to plan an experiment.

Two scientists are cutting samples of leaves for analysis. One scientist always clips a sample from the base of the leaf near the stem, and the other scientist always clips a sample from the tip of the leaf. This illustrates a
procedural error.

Which statement describes the most common ways in which students and professional scientists communicate the results of their scientific research?
Students communicate results in laboratory reports, and professional scientists communicate results in scientific journals.

A scientist wants to study the effects of morning temperatures on flower width. Which is most likely a source of error in this scientific experiment?
The control group flowers were a day older than the experimental group flowers.

Which source is considered a primary source of scientific information?
an original research article in a scientific journal

Which best describes the role of communication in scientific investigations?
Communication can help identify good scientific questions to further investigate.

What is the first way in which biology researchers present the results of their latest research?
through an article published in a scientific journal

When analyzing the results of a scientific experiment, Kevin should base his conclusion on
the empirical evidence that is collected during the experiment.

Which best describes Internet wikis as a source of scientific information?
Wikis are written or edited by anyone.

Juan is planning an investigation about natural reserves. Which of these is most likely to be a reliable source of scientific information on the Internet?

Which example illustrates public scientific communication?
A scientist sends a preview copy of a journal article to some colleagues.

Two scientists wrote a paper detailing their research and conclusions and submitted it to a scientific journal. Several months later, they received the paperback from the publisher with many comments attached from several fellow scientists. What is most likely the next step taken by the authors of the paper?
They will incorporate the suggestions from their peers and resubmit the paper.

The process through which professional scientists evaluate the quality of each others’ research is called
peer review.

A scientist told his student assistants that he had sorted groups of mice by their intelligence and asked the assistants to assess the groups’ maze-solving abilities. The scientist had not actually sorted the mice by intelligence. The students rated the “highest intelligence” group of mice as the best maze solvers and the “lowest intelligence” group as the worst maze solvers. What was the scientist trying to demonstrate by doing this experiment?
People can introduce their own biases into an experiment.

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