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Launched in 1999, this perfect ‘namkeen’ bite, to the full developed in India, has become the torch carrier of merriment and loveable human oddities. It developed an even stronger individuality through famous person associations with Juhi Chawla [ 2003 ] and Kareena Kapoor [ 2008 ] Named after the Hindi word for “crunchy” , Kurkure is a cheeto-like bite and is the flagship of Frito Lay’s Indian division. It is marketed by Hirani Industries Corp. ( USA incorporated company ) in Kenya. It is one of the most popular nutrient merchandises in India today.

Different spirits

They are

  • Masala Munch ( orange battalion ) ,
  • Green Chutney Rajasthani Style ( light green battalion ) ,
  • ChilliChatka ( dark green battalion ) and
  • Tamatar Hydrabadi Style ( brown battalion )



re was Frito Lay’s foremost large hit in India and succeeded by doing a host of Indian spirits possible and popular in a finger bite. Kurkure is a crunchy new age namkeen bite trade name whichsymbolizes light hearted merriment. Incarnating the spirit of India, Kurkure has found a place in the Black Marias & A ; heads of all and enjoys the place of a strong Lovemark trade name in India Over the old ages, Kurkure has journeyed effortlessly from being a bite with a turn to being anintegral portion of the tea clip bill of fare to being an incarnation of loveable human ‘imperfections’ or ‘tedhapan’

Merchandise scheme

Building trust and connexion by informing the consumers of the reliable ingredients that go intothe merchandise. Kurkure is a new age Namkeen and made of comestible ingredients including rice repast, maize repast, gram repast, comestible oil, flavorers, salt

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spices and condiments and spirits. Its Snack Smart enterprise to cut out trans-fat from its merchandises by utilizing rice bran oil which cuts saturated fat by 40 per cent. Kurkure has 40 % less Saturated Fat, Zero Trans Fats and No Added MSG Pricing

Competitive pricing Strategy was adopted by the company in order to set up the trade name inIndian markets. Introduction of smaller battalions targeted towards little measure consumers andmiddle/ low income clients.

Price Range

  • Small Rs 5/-
  • Medium Rs 10/-
  • Large Rs 20/
  • Rs.3 packs encourage consumers in rural countries.
  • Gross saless Positioning
  • Kurkure is besides positioning itself on the footing of its use. Its promotional runs urgeconsumers to utilize it on. Daily footing
  • At tiffin
  • Dinner
  • Anytime, anyplace


  • With Chaat
  • With tea
  • With Raita
  • With drinks
  • Occasionss
  • Parties and jubilations
  • Unique Selling Preposition

Desi trade name nam: Easy to place with Kurkure is a equivalent word of a crunchy nutrient material.

Infact a trade name by the name TakaTak: tried to copy it but failed miserably.

Establishing its merchandise in Indian spirit, which differentiated it from their rival itsunique advertizements which features the bubbly Juhi Chawla. Innovative spirit, low-cost monetary value and uninterrupted communicating to consumers Kurkure’s success in the Indian market is mainlyfor three grounds viz. advanced spirit, low-cost monetary value and uninterrupted communicating toconsumer. To run into the regional demands Kurkure is launched in assorted spirits like Masala, chili, green Indian relish etc. Special ( Limited ) Edition

  • Pujo Special: Jhajhalo Hit – Released in West Bengal for Durga Puja, 2007
  • Ganeshotsav Special: Usal Pao – Relesed in Maharashtera for Ganesh Utsav


Style and design affair a batch on the result and response of the

merchandise. ‘Kurkure’ as the merchandise ( inside the battalion and outside negligee ) has much attractive and tricky colourss manner and design whichattracts the clients alot.Kurkure is available in the market in 3 different wadding. Kurkure comes in the air tight packingand packing stuff of Kurkure is of high quality so that merchandise will stay fresh and its tastekeeps procure up to more than four months.

Kurkure has different spirits in the market so the eachflavor has its ain alone packaging colour combination harmonizing to its gustatory sensation. Basic colour combinations are in green and ruddy colourss which all are oculus catching.Kurkure is available to the consumer merely in primary wadding. No secondary wadding is using.However they are delivered in container wadding from production works to tradesmans or retail merchants, which carries 48 battalions. Kurkure is available in three different sizes

  1. 19 gram
  2. 38 gram
  3. 75 gram
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Kurkure –
  • Tedha Hai Par Mera Hai

“Chai clip masti time”
Named after the Hindiword for “crunchy” ,
Kurkure is acheeto-like bite and is the flagship of Frito Lay’sIndian division. It is marketed by Hirani Industries Corp. ( USA incorporatedcompany ) inKenya. It is one of the most popular nutrient merchandises in Indiatoday.In November 2006, Frito Lay announced programs to let go of Kurkure to American markets sometimein 2007. This determination was made after analysts showed increasing involvement in Indian spices in theUSA. Besides the debut in other markets with a non-resident Indian population such as the UK was planned. In India, actor-celebrity Juhi Chawlaadvertises

  • Kurkure. Scope
  • “Kurkure Flavors”
  • Masala Munch
  • Naughty Tomato
  • Chilli Chatka
  • Green Chutney Rajasthani Style
  • Hyderabadi Hungama
  • “Kurkure Desi Beats”
  • Deewana Tamatar
  • Dildaar Masala

To tag 10

old ages of its being, Kurkure, FritoLay’s Indian invention in the salt-cured bite market, is altering paths, says Sayantani Kar.It came out in December with a print run which told readers how Kurkure is made from whatcan be found in any Indian kitchen, underscoring that the ingredients are every bit wholesome as what goesinto home-made nutrient FritoLay Marketing Director Deepika Warrier says:

“We wanted to demystify Kurkure for the consumers. That meant edifice trust and connexion by informing them of the authenticingredients that go into the merchandise. We will hold more surprising and unseasoned ingredients in our merchandise this year.” She says the print ad has already generated a positive response, and expects gross revenues to travel up 20 per cent. The”Kurkure Chai Time Achievers” run:

This was the first of its sort run in India, launched in May 2007 taking at advancing various use of Kurkure. Powered by an exciting commercial showcasing brainsick consumers seeking to catch the ‘Kurkure frame’ – their ticket to famedom, this run genuinely gives consumers a gustatory sensation of Kurkure in the most advanced manner! ! Leading to replacing of Juhi on the Kurkure packs with images of their ain and their close and beloved 1s, it gave the consumers opportunity to go famous person nightlong by publishing their exposure and formulas on a million Kurkure battalions.

The company claims to hold received an overpowering response, with over 100,000 formulas pouring in, within merely 6 hebdomads. For a trade name keeping out the wages of instant celebrity to its consumers, Kurkure has so delivered on its promise. Volumes shot by 20 % in merely one month. Gross saless have increased by 19

% over last twelvemonth.


In 2004 it launched the “Kahani mein Kurkure” ( “Crispiness in the Story” ) run, which was atake on Indian popular civilization. The advertisement run spoofed popular Indian Television shows likeJassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and Kyu ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, to appeal to Indian homemakers, thelargest mark audience to watch these programs.In add-on to aiming homemakers, who play a important function in doing purchase determinations, the trade name entreaties to the Indian household as a whole. The “Kurkure Chai Time Achiever’s Award” was acontest launched by the trade name where households were invited to subject interesting formulas made withKurkure.

The winning household would hold the chance to be celebrated and have their photographfeatured on one million Kurkure packs.This direct selling run was supported through telecasting advertisement, where Indiancelebrity Juhi Chawla, Kurkure’s trade name embassador, announced the victors of the competition. Thecontest was besides publicized through the website hypertext transfer protocol: //kurkure.co.in, specifically designed to advance the competition. Using the web site as a strategic tool for publicity helped the trade name entreaty to ayoung audience that spends a considerable sum of clip surfing the web Kurkure express

Another fresh stigmatization enterprise was a tie-up with South Western Railways in India to hold trainscalled the “Kurkure Express.” These were particular trains that operated merely during the holidayseason. The trade name was featured on reserve charts, manager indicant faux pass, and during anyannouncements about the train. This out-of-door media was a alone manner to aim households who travel by train during the vacations.

Distribution Channel Adopted by Kurkure

Distribution is besides one of the cardinal parametric quantities for spread outing market portion. Frito-Lays hasthe

advantage of entree to Pepsi’s a formidable distribution web.Generally Companies arehaving their gross revenues vehicles that are loaded on day-to-day footing and are distributed to local retail merchants. Somecompanies appoint Distributors. Distributors have to give a proposal with a market research likestorage installations, substructure, and retail mercantile establishments in country, market leader, types of merchandises availablein the market etc. The Kurkure merchandises are delivered to the retail merchant twice a hebdomad.

The merchandises aregenerally sent in Boxes on an mean each box contains 80 battalions of 30 gram or 30 battalions of 150 gm.Distributors are entirely responsible for the gross revenues in the peculiar country he is runing in.Every Distributor should hold a specified figure of minimal stores in his country. Distributorsgenerally have little new waves ( jinrikisha ) and employ salesmen on committee footing who loads the merchandises from the distributor’s storage and distributes it amongst the retail merchants. It services one-lakhretail counters across the state by using a entire strength of 300 gross revenues forces anddistributors nationally.


The company can busy a immense figure of clients by maintaining in head about the penchants and demands of clients sing gustatory sensations and spirits, By presenting new gustatory sensations, spirits and retaining the quality criterions can pull consumers of other trade names and draw them towards itself by go forthing other rivals far behind and getadvantage over them. By presenting valued trade publicities to jobbers and retail merchants, company can capture this immense section.

This will let Kurkure to remain in market efficaciously and people will order more measure due to its increased demand by clients The company should seek to spread out its

wings to cover towns, small towns, metropoliss ; doing it available to everybody The full unorganised Farsan sector, Dhokla, Khaman, Kachoris, all the comestibles thatcould be had as bites in Parties, while watching Movies, Cricket lucifers are substitutes to KURKURE SO kurkure can convey up spirits which can fit the gustatory sensation of all these points to hike up the gross revenues.

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