Roles Of Political Organizations And Religious Organizations

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In many ways, religious organizations and political organizations vary with their approach to society and their distinctiveness provides their definitions that segregates them from each other. Though many factors differentiate religion from politics, they both serve the society in ways that can bring forth order. Both political and regional organizations have capabilities to undertake means that can produce positive order for society. Determining which is better between the two is the main concern of this paper.

Political organizations control society in a more collective way while Religious organizations affect society in a less clustered effect due to the fact that not every part of society accepts one similar religion. Political Organizations is comprised of parts and pieces of social organization that relate in a more specific way with regards to groups or individuals that handle the concerns of public policy.

To put it plain and simple, leaders of nations, also called politicians manage public policy, lead the place, create and implement decisions with regards to the concerns of the community being specifically led by the specified political leader. Though today, politics have mainly ruled over most of the countries in the world, the past civilizations, especially the ancient ones, never really had a specific law where in they could abide. But despite this, most of the societies back then had means of social control.

Tribes, bands, chiefdom and state are the usual terms for communities. Within these communities, a collective society has been formed and formal and informal political leaders have managed them. By using a form of law and justice in their own communities, political organizations of the said groups control and bring order to a society. Though many tribes or groups of communities were formed from different places, still, a governing political leader rules over and leads everyone. Thus political organizations provide social control more effectively and in a more collective manner.

The territories of political organizations reach vast places making them more reliable to control and provide order for the society. All in all, a governing law conforms with the rules that a society follows and this law is the governing factor that provides social control and order. Religious organizations, though less collective than political organizations, provides order in a community or a society that shares a common belief and a common faith.

Religion functions in many ways, though it may seem weak in nature, religion is sometimes the one that provides security and comfort during times of crisis and uncertainty. The control provided by religion in a society is in the form of ethical and moral beliefs. Though it is not more physically witnessed unlike the governing of politics, religion’s role serves more control and order in terms of personal, spiritual and moral aspects of people in a society.

During the course of time, many old groups of communities have passed through the centuries by relying on religious beliefs. Most especially the ancient communities, religion has served huge for the whole of their society. This religion serves as their governing principles that keep them on their feet and helps them decide what is right and what is wrong. All in all, the roles of both religious and political organizations have become key roles with regards to the maintenance and prevalence of order and control in a society.

Both have their own means of keeping social control and social order. Political organizations provide control in a more felt or physical way while Religious organizations maintain order through the implementation of moral and ethical beliefs that have spanned the course of time. With regards to their collective governance, political organizations edge out religious organizations due to the fact that there are many religious organizations that exist in a single society while in most places, there is only a single governing political organization.

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