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Which category probably faces the largest financial impact from premature death?
single wage earning adult with dependents
Which of the following is an example of a hazard risk?
The financial consequences of property risks include:
I. reduction in property value
II. increases in expenses
III. lost salary
reduction in property value and increases in expenses
Which of the following do I not consider to be its own category of organizational risk?
According to the reading on behavioral analytics, what percentage of business loss can be attributed to operational risk?
Which of the following is NOT one of the five main catogories of risk faced by individuals?
The reading on behavioral analytics discussed the possibility of fraud can be within which of the following categories?
In which age category do you face the highest risk of premature death?
your 40’s
Sally desperately wants to open her own nail salon. She decides to open on the north side of town, which she did not realize receives relatively little traffic. Which category would this error fit under?
Which of the following are elements of a loss exposure:
I. asset exposed to loss
II. cause of loss
III. financial consequences of loss
All of the above are elements of a loss exposure
Business risk can encompass which of the following?
all of the above
Critics of BP’s approach to rebrand asked how an oil company could be which of the following?
In efforts to rebrand BP, growth was attained through which of the following methods?
mergers and acquisitions
In the BP case discussed in class, we identified some overriding themes. Which of the following was NOT one of the overriding themes?
managerial efficiency
OSHA focuses on personnel safety while process safety focuses on the prevention of which of the following?
both a and b
Rather than developing a strategy, firms should strive to develop which of the following?
an adaptive strategy
Strategy must incorporate which of the following?
all of the above
The people, processes, and systems in place to produce the company’s product/service describes which of the following risk categories?
Which of the following terms best describes a rare, unexpected event (e.g., the discovery of alien life on Mars)?
black swan
Which of the following was NOT included in the 10 recommendations from the Baker Report?
additional expertise within workforce
Which of the following was not identified as a primary cause of BP’s March 2005 accident?
overworking employees
Another name for “great” natural disasters is?
Because risk isn’t evenly distributed, which types of countries have the largest exposure (as a percentage of GDP) to natural disasters?
If women only have two children, what will our population do by 2050?
grow to 10.8 billion
In many of the articles you will read regarding an aging population, what color is associated with the aging population?
People tend to step up to the plate (are altruistic) in times of emergency.
The U.S. can expect to become more influential because of the aging population.
The number of people 80+ will double in 12 years (by 2025).
What is the fourth step in the Hyogo framework?
reducing underlying risk factors
What is the number one killer of elderly?
noncommunicable diseases
What type of relationship is typical between worker productivity and age?
Which of the following is a challenge with the aging population?
all of these are challenges
Which of the following isn’t a reason that poorer nations are worse off with regard to natural disasters?
military inefficiency
Which of the following is NOT a difference between a natural disaster and a great natural disaster?
Friendly press
Which of the following states would not be included in the NEW tornado alley?
Which phase of demographic transition is characterized by high birth and death rates?
For a total societal response, the WHO outlines five different principles. Which of the following is not one of those principles?
none of the above
Harf proposes that the WHO should contain or delay the spread of the source of disease in regard to antiviral drugs. Which of the following are not discussed?
reduce cost of antiviral drugs
Kelly writes that boarder screening may have led to delays of how many days in the establishment of local transmission?
7-12 (one to two weeks)
What requirements must be met for the World Health Organization (WHO) to label a disease outbreak a pandemic?
communinty-level outbreaks of a disease are occuring in more than one country in a WHO region and one additional country in a different WHO region
Which of the following are objectives for opportunities to intervene?
all of the above

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