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Week 9 Quiz Chapters 14 & 15

question The degree of _____ relates directly to the source of power and control within an organization. answer Centralization question While _____ leaders make final decisions, they share power with their followers, encouraging the free exchange of ideas. answer Democratic question _____ is the management function that monitors the performance of the firm and makes […]

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question Expenses on the income statement may be grouped by: nature, but not by function. function, but not by nature. either function or nature. answer C is correct. IAS No. 1 states that expenses may be categorized by either nature or function. question Fairplay had the following information related to the sale of its products […]

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Business Law & Ethics Chapter 3 Test

question Judge answer Chief Officer of the court room question Marshal answer Federal Bailiff question Sheriff answer State Bailiff question Clerk answer enters court cases on calendar, keeps records of proceedings, computes court costs question negotiation answer settlement made among two parties without third party help question mediation answer settlement that is not legally bounding […]

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Wildlife bio test 1

question Aldo Leopold answer 1st Professor of wildlife management. Known as the father of modern wildlife management. question Ding Darling answer Pushed migratory Bird hunting stamp act through congress. He was an Iowa political cartoonist & avid conservationist. Drew the first duck stamp. Appointed by FDR as Director of Bureau of Biological survey. Implenmented cooperative […]

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Unit Test Review Environmental Science by LegitSwag69

question D answer Which of the following statements about forestry education is true? a. All educational facilities cover forestry to the same depth. b. Individuals can pursue doctorates in forestry in any state. c. Program focus will remain the same from state to state. d. Some states have greater access to forestry programs than others. […]

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True False 4-6

question True answer Transactions are entered in the journal in chronological order. 4 question False answer Transactions are recorded in either a journal or a ledger, but not in both. 4 question False answer An amount debited to Cash in a journal entry should be posted as a credit to the Cash account in the […]

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Test 3 chapter 8

question systems analyst answer A ____ is a professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business systems. question programmer answer In systems development, the ____ is responsible for modifying or developing programs to satisfy user requirements. question systems investigation answer In the ____ phase of the SDLC, potential problems and opportunities are identified and considered […]

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question genetic makeup answer the health determinant that we have least control over is: question the nine dimensions answer emotional wellness career wellness social wellness spiritual wellness financial intellectual creative environmental question to chronic diseases answer during the past 100 years, the major causes of death have shifted from infectious diseases question heart disease answer […]

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SOC-210: Chapter 4 Questions

question A answer Mead would probably argue that if your four-year-old daughter picks her nose and keeps pulling up her dress while you are out at a fancy restaurant, it is because: a. she has not internalized the generalized other. b. she does not have good manners. c. she has not developed an I. d. […]

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RMI final

question Which category probably faces the largest financial impact from premature death? answer single wage earning adult with dependents question Which of the following is an example of a hazard risk? answer flood question The financial consequences of property risks include: I. reduction in property value II. increases in expenses III. lost salary answer reduction […]

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US History: Reconstruction

question Lincoln’s Plan answer Also known as 10% plan, it was the most lenient of all reconstruction plans, with the objective of getting the Southern states back in as quickly as possible question 13th Amendment answer Amendment that abolishes slavery question Freedmen’s Bureau answer Welfare agency set up to help newly freed blacks with aid […]

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Public Relations: Chapters 1-4

question The majority of public relations professionals are employed in answer corporations question Which best describes the relationship between public relations and marketing? * Marketing professionals are seen as subservient to more seasoned public relations practitioners. * Marketing professionals generally speak of customers and consumers, while public relations practitioners tend to focus on publics, audiences, […]

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practice q

question What is the primary objective of most businesses?a. a) To maximize profits b) To pay dividends to stockholders c) To provide a benefit to society d) To manufacture a quality product answer a) to maximize profits question Which of the following would NOT be an example of a merchandising business? a) Ford Motor Company […]

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PE 131

question Bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles is called answer physical activity question The 2008 Federal Guidelines for Physical Activity state that adults between 18 and 64 years of age should answer -do 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity -do 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) a […]

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question the situation answer Jim is a student who cannot work at writing a paper for more than 30 minutes, yet he can spend many hours writing comments on blogs. What accounts for the change in motivation in this case? question accounts for an individual’s efforts toward attaining a goal answer Motivation is best defined […]

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Mod 37

question Greg was trying to pass Bill a note, but Bill kept his eyes on his own work and thought, “Why does Greg do this to me? Mrs. Pepper will spot him for sure. She never misses anything. You’d think she could read minds.” Mrs. Pepper could be described as exhibiting what characteristic? answer withitness […]

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MIS Quiz Questions Chapter Two

question How does a DSS typically differ from an EIS? answer An EIS requires data from external sources to support unstructured decisions, where a DSS typically uses internal sources to support semi-structured decisions. question What offers a disadvantage for working virtually? answer Increases in feelings of seclusion question The accounting and finance department performs processes […]

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MIS 290 Final Flashcards

question true answer A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack involves hundreds of computers working together to bombard a Web site with thousands of requests for information in a short period. question true answer Fiber-optic cables have a higher capacity, smaller size, lighter weight, lower attenuation, and higher security than other cable types. question true answer Data […]

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MGT 461 Exam 2
20 Aug 2020 Database

question “Unknown unknowns” is a term used to describe events which occur that are totally unexpecteD) All of the following accurately describe an implication associated with unknown unknowns EXCEPT: answer They are usually discovered during risk identification question There is often terrific pressure to complete a project as quickly as possible. To confront this pressure, […]

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mgmt 495 Chapter 1

question Which of the following is NOT one of the managerial considerations in determining how to compete successfully? answer How can the company modify its entire product line to emphasize their internal service attributes? question A company’s strategy concerns: answer management’s action plan for outperforming competitors and achieving superior profitability question A company’s strategy consists […]

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MGC1 Principles of Management WGU

question Strategy Map answer tool managers use to communicate their strategic goals and enable members at every level of the organization to understand the role they play question Strategic Map shows answer the relationship between firms and practices and its long term success question Conglomerate diversification answer add a new business unrelated products/markets question vertical […]

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Flashcards on Marketing 301

question What is a product? answer Includes physical, service, and symbolic attributes designed to satisfy a customer’s wants and needs question Which of the following explains the layers of product concept, using air travel as an example? answer Core services: travel from point A to point B; actual services: check-in, boarding, and seating; augmented services: […]

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