Range Of Image Types Available Technology Essay Example
Range Of Image Types Available Technology Essay Example

Range Of Image Types Available Technology Essay Example

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  • Published: October 11, 2017
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When it comes to picking an image type there are tonss to take from, these image types can be broken down into classs, from raster artworks, vector artworks and stereo artworks. In each class there are a scope of formats, raster artworks has the most formats followed by vector.

Raster Artworks are normally referred to as electronic image, ground for this harmonizing to ( Gumster 2010 ) `` Each pel in the image has its ain coloring material and that coloring material is mapped to a grid that forms the full size of the image. '' Raster artworks are best used for extremely elaborate images, like images of people or landscapes when you need the image to look realistic, there is a cost for good quality images as you increase the pels you have in a electronic


image are stored as one or more spots in your computing machine 's memory. So if your image has tonss of colorss and pels it will take up much more memory than an image that low in colors and pels.

The most popular and common raster file formats used are labeled image file formats ( TIFF ) , Joint Photographic Experts Group ( JPEG ) , Graphics Interchange Format ( GIF ) and Bitmap Image File ( BMP ) . Below are elaborate descriptions of the popular formats and brief descriptions of the less popular formats:

TIFF - The ground for this format being popular is due to it being the most widely supported format on all operating systems. Tiff is good for exposing coloring material, grayscale and black and white images.TIFF was release in 1986 and is held by Adobe

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and prior to that was Aldus Corporation, harmonizing to ( Savage 2008 ) `` TIFF was originally designed for usage with scanners. It is the format multimedia developers normally use both for scanned images and for files to be used in authoring applications '' .

JPEG - Is one of the chief image formats that is support on the universe broad web. JPEG is normally used for compacting informations by acquiring rid of some informations from the image ; it is difficult to detect the alteration in image quality if the compaction is little as 15 % but if you were to compact the image to state 85 % there would be noticeable degrading of the image, 60 % compaction is good for acquiring an optimal balance between quality and size. Below is an illustration of image compaction for 15 % and 85 %

JPEG compaction illustration

JPEG 2000 - This format was created to replace the old format of JPEG with the newer version JPEG 2000, this newer version was created in 2000 and that 's how it got its name. Like JPEG it was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. The file extensions used for JPEG 2000 are.jp2 and.j2k.

BMP - Bitmap Image File is used for windows runing systems as it was created by Microsoft. BMP files are frequently really big compered to JPEG 's, this is down to them non utilizing lossy compaction. A `` electronic image file is a raster- ( or pixel- ) based format that merely supports the RGB coloring material infinite and spot deepnesss of 1, 4, 8, or 24 spots per channel '' ( from an article by The

Sheridan Group, 2001 )

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format was developed by CompuServe in 1987 and is the most popular file format on the cyberspace and this is due to its little size, as its lone 8- spot and is used for icons. GIF files can utilize lifes like streamers or short amusing cartridge holders. GIF uses loss-less, so it can cut down the file size without impacting the quality of the file.

Exif - Exchangeable Image File that is used by digital cameras, scanners and smart phones like the humanoid.

RAW - Natural image file is a file that is non to the full processed and that 's how it got its name. It is similar to a negative in picture taking, as it 's an image that is non to the full processed.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics file format was created as there were a few large restrictions with another format that was the GIF format, so it was created to seek and better upon GIF and to supply a format without the demand for a patent licence, and intern replace the GIF format.

WEBP - This is a new image format that was created by Google to seek and cut down the burden clip on web pages by holding a file format that was little in size ; this would let the web pages to open quicker. So WEBP is smaller images that look good and better your web surfboarding.

Vector Artworks

Vector artworks are different to raster artworks, as vector artworks use instructions to re-create an image, non like raster artworks that are created by spliting the image into a grid of pels. Storage advantages for vector

artworks harmonizing to ( June Parsons 2008 ) '' Each direction requires storage infinite, so the more lines, forms and fill forms in the graphic, the more storage infinite it requires. Even so, vector artworks normally require less storage infinite so a electronic image artworks and resize better than a electronic image artwork '' .

The most popular vector file formats used are Computer Graphics Metafile ( CGM ) , Portable Document Format ( PDF ) and Scalable Vector Graphics ( SVG ) Below are elaborate descriptions of the popular formats and brief descriptions of some of the less popular formats:

CGM - Computer Graphics Metafile is a really of import as it was designed to back up artworks applications and is used alto in computing machine aided design ( CAD ) . CGM is one of a little smattering of in writing formats that is an International Standard ( ISO ) and is non a de facto criterion.

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics was and is still being developed by the World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ) , W3C does non have any royalties for SVG as it 's a royalty free seller. Harmonizing to ( W3C 2004 ) '' SVG is a platform for planar artworks. It has two parts: an XML-based file format and a scheduling API for graphical applications. Key features include forms, text and embedded raster artworks, with many different picture manners '' .

PDF - Portable Document Format was created by adobe and is really popular file format that is used for exposing points like revenue enhancement paperss, bill of fare 's, brochures, instructions and any other paperss you need to expose

online. The great thing with PDF files is how they look in the original paper signifier, is precisely how they will look online. The PDF file format can incorporate things such as images, signifiers, lineations and other informations, to see these files you can utilize adobe free package, adobe reader.

Below is an illustration of a PDF file viewed utilizing the free adobe reader circuit board.

CDR - Corel DRAW is a vector file format that that was created by Corel and used in Corel Draw artworks suite, it was designed to merely be able to open and entree this file utilizing a Corel plan.

ODG - Open Document Graphics are used and created with unfastened office merchandises that are free to utilize, .ODG is merely a diagrammatically papers for things like logo 's.

Image Enhancements Part Two

Image one

The first image was a landscape image of an country on Preston campus. I noticed that there were a figure of things that could hold been done to heighten the original image that included cleaning the image, repairing scenery, taking unneeded parts of the scenery and animating the image to a quality far better than its original. I besides added in optical maser effects to look like there was a rainbow coming out of the street lamp.

When making the image I tried to non over fill beds, alternatively use more beds and as a consequence I could explicate what I had done on each bed more expeditiously.

Layer Stairss: -

Layer one. This was my original image of the landscape before any changes had taken topographic point.

Layer two. I removed any litter and gum that was present on the way around the station

box and cleaned up the image to do the way and route country look much cleansing agent.

Layer Three. This bed I restored the station box and bitts to a far superior status, as in the original image the station box was to a great extent marked and one of the bitts had a really big dent. The path country was once more cleaned up utilizing the healing coppice and I replaced the old looking tarmac on the way to look new.

Layer Four. The route taging on this bed where recreated and repaired as most had faded, the route was besides to the full restored and any dust that was present on the route where removed. I decided to take a individual and a lamppost from the image as they seemed out of topographic point as the image was taking form and recreated the country where they one time stood. Last I repainted and removed a window from the white edifice as it looked soiled and did n't suit my vision of the image.

Layer Five. I used this bed to change the curves of the image by altering the RGB input/output and as a consequence it gave the image a warm and full expression.

Layer Six to Thirteen. Across seven beds I made a rainbow consequence come out of the lamppost nowadays on the image to give the feeling of happy and cheery image. The ground for utilizing seven bed was simple, there are seven colorss in the rainbow, so by utilizing one bed for each meant I could tweak shadows, freshnesss, opacity and other effects from the blend option on each single bed.

Layer Fourteen. The last

bed I merely adjusted the overall brightness and contract of the image to give it the concluding touches and now it is complete.

Image Justification

The justification for making this image was simple ; I wanted to do an country around the university expression clean and fresh. The best manner I believed I could accomplish my end for the image was to heighten, clean up, replace, restore and repair the image to what it would look like if with the edifice had merely been built and the route merely tarmacked etc.

Now that the image is created I believe that I have achieved my end for the image to do it look enhanced, clean and fresh. I surely believe it to be a huge betterment on the original image.

Image Two

The 2nd image was still life of a nomadic phone. I cut the phone out of the image I had taken and placed it onto a different background that I created, as I was seeking to do an image that would work good as a screen rescuer and incorporated a manus held device that is in kernel a mini portable computing machine.

The effects I used in doing the image was smoke backgrounds, threading optical masers, fuzz, chromaticity alterations, usage air current designed text and the phone image besides added to the chief image. Seven beds in entire where used to make the finished image, and below is an account of what I did to each layer measure by measure.

Layer Stairss: -

Layer One. I made certain that bed one would be the background and the coloring material I made the background was all black

Layer Two. Now I added four big

faded ruddy circles, to make this I used a big coppice size with a hardness puting at 65 % and opacity and flux both at 100 % , the circles was applied to sit on top of the back background.

Layer Three. The following measure was to add a cloud consequence on top of the old beds. By adding the cloud consequence it made the image expression like a Ne ruddy clouds.

Layer Four. Now the phone image was added to the image as this would be the focal point of the image. The phone image now was now modified by adding bead shadows, inner shadows, outer glow and interior freshness. The ground for modifying the phone image was to do certain It had a neon glow expression and stood out on the background that was created in the old beds.

Layer Five. The neon line was now created utilizing the pen tool and some creativeness to do it look like the phone was wrapped up in a neon line. An outer freshness was consequence was besides added to the neon line and the coloring material changed.

Layer Six. At this point I added the text to the image, to do the text expression cool and fit the expression of image so far. I added a air current consequence to a usage text fount so it looked like air current had swept past the text from all sides. The interior coloring material was red to fit the current subject and the shadow consequence around the text was a crisp white.

Layer Seven. The last bed was created merely to set the brightness of the image and do the crisp colorss

truly seeable.

Image Justification

The ground for making a still life screen saver image was to demo a variable scope of accomplishments that are semi related to calculating simple and besides to demo an point that everyone can associate to. The best manner to do a good screen rescuer image was to do it glistening, full of coloring material and expression unique. To accomplish my end for the screen rescuer image the phone image needed to be enhanced and make a background from abrasion that fitted with my vision for how it should look.

Now that the image has been created, I confident that I have achieved my end to make a new background from abrasion, with a modified phone image and usage made in writing and text.

Image Three

The Third image was an single image of me. I started by canceling the background content of the original image and merely maintaining the image of myself present on a black background. Following I colour burned a 2nd image onto the image of me, as I was seeking to do an image that looked dark and creepy and was really different to my first two images I created.

The effects I used while doing the image was color burn, burn tool, black and white, fuzz and blend. I besides removed some of the facial hair and removed any facial defects of the image. I made the oculus coloring material alteration from brown to red so it would stand out on a black and white image. I used merely four beds for this image as I tried to be much more efficient with the usage of beds when making the finished image,

and below is an account of what I did to each layer measure by measure.

Layer One. I turned the first bed to black and white ; so removed some facial hair, defects and I besides added more head hair to do the hair look much thicker. Now I used the burn tool and shadow tool to do the image expression old and burned.

Layer Two. In this bed I changed the oculus coloring material of the image to red so that it would stand out on the black and white image. I added some ruddy freshness to the background of the image at the underside left and top right of the image.

Layer Three. I needed to take my image of clefts and colour burn it to the chief image, besides I needed to take any unneeded clefts from the image as I merely wanted clefts on the face and cervix.

Layer Four. In the last bed blood was added to the image under the oculus and on the oral cavity with utilizing the pigment tool on low hardness. The blend manner was so set to color burn with the opacity at 100 % , as I tried to do the blood expression every bit existent as possible.

Image Justification

The 3rd and last image was created to demo I could change, adjust and usage creativeness to do a dark and scarey image, by utilizing some different tools than in the old images. I achieve my end I had to do certain I merely used three colorss ruddy, black and white as any other colorss would non hold suited the expression and feel of the image.

I think that this image

had originality and looked dark and cooling, so one am positive that I used my accomplishments to the best of cognition to make the image of an single but with a dark turn.

Evaluation of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Part Three

To make my images I used Adobe Photoshop CS5, this is the latest Photoshop available and it has a whole host of new characteristics available that are rather simple to utilize and do Photoshop better than the old version. I will measure some of the new characteristics Photoshop has to offer and besides briefly discuss three options to Photoshop. I hope after I have evaluated Photoshop it will assist you do a determination on buying Photoshop.

Some of the new characteristics include content cognizant that Lashkar-e-Taiba 's you copy an country around the objected that you are canceling, you can besides make a background fill on the country where there was none. This characteristic can be really easy to larn and simple to utilize, non all images will react good to utilizing content cognizant, but the image type that can bring forth outstanding consequences are abstract images as they have a clear and definite signifier. How content cognizant tool plants is by utilizing information around the object you have selected and fill in the losing information you have removed. I used the content cognizant tool on all three of my images at some point and I would hold to state it was first-class and worked surprisingly good, apart from one time when I tried to take an point that had tonss of people, trees and other scenery around it.

Edge sensing is another new tool for Photoshop CS5 that

allows you to cover with job country such as hair when cutting an object like a individual from one image to another and this option is found in the refine border duologue box. I think this tool is really good and saves tonss of clip holding to do little edits to objects, I know this as I found out the difficult manner with one of the images I made, as It took me around 20 proceedingss to redact hair on an image when I could hold used border sensing and done it in about two proceedingss. The border sensing is surely a major plus point to Photoshop CS5 and makes the image you have taken and placed on a new background expression like it had ever belonged to that background. Like every tool available it wo n't work good with every image but the characteristic is surely a pro non a con.

The last new large tool for Photoshop CS5 is the puppet wrap bid that allows you to take an image like fume and generate pivot points around the image and you may choose any of them to pull strings. To acquire the best consequences utilizing the marionette wrap tool you should seek maintain any edits you make simple, as over complicated edits depending on the object might look really unrealistic and spoil the whole image.

The biggest downside I could see to acquiring Adobe Photoshop CS5 has to be the monetary value as it costs ?657.60 harmonizing to Adobe web site for the standard edition and I feel this might set a batch of would be insouciant users off the merchandise at that monetary value.

If you was traveling to be utilizing Photoshop for work I would state so it would be worth the money as the merchandise is good established as its been around for a long clip and continues to set out first-class Photoshop package.

Options to Photoshop

GIMP- The first of the three options is GIMP. The first thing that makes GIMP stand out is that its free unlike Photoshop and this makes it popular with armatures users and professionals, is unfastened beginning and has a batch of the maps Photoshop has. One large thing that makes GIMP different to Photoshop is the interface and this is an country that divides users, harmonizing to ( Joao Cardoso 2010 ) '' You have the toolbars outside the chief window. Some like this interface better, while some do n't wish it so much '' . GIMP can besides be used on all the major runing systems and GIMP has become used in many Linux distributions as the default image plan ; nevertheless Ubuntu dropped GIMP as they considered the package to be excessively powerful for a standard desktop user.

Krista- The 2nd package option is Krita that is used in the Koffice suite that is besides free like GIMP. Krita has chiefly become popular with people who want to creative studies, sketchs, and concept art pictures. Krita is besides really user friendly as its simple to utilize. One thing Krita does non hold is most of the chief characteristics of the more popular package bundles like Photoshop. However this wo n't halt you from making and redacting exciting images, besides you will happen some characteristics that Krita has and other free package

does non like pluggable coppice engines.

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2- Lastly and the chief rival to Photoshop is Corel 's Paint Shop Pro, Corel has besides been about for a long clip and so you know that the merchandise you will acquire will be developed to a high criterion. One thing that Paint store Pro beats Photoshop on is the monetary value as you can pick this up for around ?45 and that 's good value for package packed with tools and characteristics. A alone tool to Paint store Pro is photo ageing that allows the user to utilize tools to use an aging filter on your image ; this will do them look like they belong in a movie signifier the early yearss of film. There is besides a characteristic that gives you the opportunity to pick from different periods from the yesteryear to add to the expression of your image, this is called `` Time Machine '' .


I have investigated a whole scope of different image types from raster to vector and discussed some of the chief file formats that are associated with them. The things I covered associating to the file formats where things like size, quality, utilizations and any other information that was of import and relevant to the image format.

The images I created and the stairss I had taken to make them were explained. I besides give a brief justification for each image to why I had created the images and what tools and methods where used in making them. The ground for this was to demo I was capable of redacting and making images utilizing a whole scope of

Photoshop tools that would give the best consequences to my finished three images.

I evaluated the package I used to make my three images and explicate some of the new chief characteristics ; the package that was evaluated was Adobe 's latest release Photoshop CS5. The biggest down side to the Adobe Photoshop CS5 package was the cost and this was coved as I tried to give a full and honorable expression into Photoshop Cs5 and non merely look focal point on the positives of the merchandise. I besides looked at three other image redacting package options to Photoshop, and explained there characteristics and any tools that might hold made them alone, as I hoped this would assist before doing a determination on what person might buy, so they would so cognize what was right for them.

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