Which company has recently been facing challenges to its brand due to alleged violence against one of its customers?
Domino’s Pizza had its reputation damaged by a prank YouTube video posted by two employees.
A press conference is a tool primarily to communicate with which of the following?
the media
In public relations terms, a “crisis” is which of the following?
an event that is perceived by the public as damaging to the client’s image
A basic rule for being an effective political spokesperson is to “Tell the truth, tell it all, tell it early, tell it yourself.”
According Edward Bernays, public relations campaigns should be designed to do which of the following?
establish mutually beneficial relationships for the company and various publics
Today, the central notion of public relations is the model of two-way interaction between an institution and its publics.
Telephone companies and electric utilities were among the last businesses to start actively using public relations.
The term focus group means which of the following?
a group of people brought together to talk about how they perceive an organization, product, or issue
Public relations works only for the rich and powerful. It is ineffective in helping the poor and working classes.
Companies should view social media as a way of interacting with their publics rather than just as a channel for transmitting marketing messages.
Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense could be seen as a very early example of public relations.
Edward L. Bernays is remembered for which of the following reasons?
He wrote the first book about public relations and taught early public relations courses.
Public relations is mostly about talking and meeting with people.
Which newspaper recently agreed to pay $3 million to settle a libel lawsuit by First Lady Melania Trump?
daily mail
Ivy Lee suggested that the best way for the railroads to deal with accidents, in terms of the company’s image, was to do which of the following?
deal with the press openly
The oil company BP had a clear public relations plan in place on what to do when the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded and sank.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked at making sure that when civil rights protestors were arrested for civil disobedience, the arrests would be covered by the press.
Bernays used the term opinion leadership to refer to which of the following?
using respected individuals to influence members of the community
Which TV news star recently took a vacation amidst a growing scandal?
Bill O’Reilly
When Ladies Home Journal ceased publication in 2014, it still had plenty of advertisers interested in buying space in the magazine.
In radio, the term drive time means which of the following?
morning and afternoon commute times
The first major mass medium to be supported primarily by advertising in the United States was which of the following?
The term “economy of abundance” means which of the following?
There are as many or more goods available as people want to buy
American television viewers see an average of ______ commercials per week.
The primary purpose of the Super Bowl television broadcast is to deliver 45 percent of the television audience to advertisers.
Because television ads work so well, few companies want to pay for product placement in movies and television shows.
The advertising agency department responsible for deciding where to place the advertising is which of the following?
media planning
An advocacy ad is designed to advocate the purchase of a new, unknown product.
One advantage of advertising on radio is that you can purchase time for your ads at the last minute.
Most American consumers can easily identify native advertising as paid marketing messages.
The “big idea” is an advertising concept that will grab people’s attention, make them remember the product, and make them take action.
According to the text, the gay market is seen as desirable to advertisers for which of the following reasons?
perceived as relatively upscale
An example of a direct action message would be which of the following?
a local grocery store ad for fresh produce
Who is the president of CNN?
Jeff Zucher
Integrated marketing communication (IMC) campaigns typically involve ______.
all above are correct
The advertising agency department responsible for deciding on the target market for the advertising is which of the following?
research and planning
The biggest change in outdoor advertising over the last ten years has been the growth of digital billboards.
Brand names first became popular for consumer products following the Vietnam War.
Donald Trump will attend the White House Correspondents Dinner for the first time as president on April 29.

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