Quiz Lesson 21

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
What is a collection of files stored in the SYSVOL (%SystemRoot%SYSVOLPolicies) of each domain controller?
Group Policy Template (GPT)
What is an Active Directory object stored in the Group Policy Objects container with the domain naming content of the directory that defines basic attributes of the GPO but does not contain any of the settings?
Group Policy Container (GPC)
When you’re about to reset domain policy and domain controllers policy back to default with the dcgpofix.exe command, what final warning are you given before you accept the change?
that all User Rights Assignments will be replaced
Which domain users are automatically granted permissions to perform Group Policy Management tasks?
domain administrators
If you don’t want a GPO to apply, which group policy permission do you apply to a user or group?
Disallow Apply

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