Quiz 3 Questions and Answers Essay Example
Quiz 3 Questions and Answers Essay Example

Quiz 3 Questions and Answers Essay Example

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  • Published: July 28, 2017
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1. If you have a web card that supports IRQs 3 through 5 and 9 through 11, which of the following IRQs could you set it for in a computer with a printer on LPT 1, a mouse on COM 1, a modem on COM 2, and a SCSI host adapter occupying IRQ 10, and a sound card using IRQ 5?
- IRQ7
- IRQ3
- IRQ10
- None of these
- IRQ4
- IRQ5

2. A 100BaseVG network is built on a ______ topology with all computers attached to a hub.
- ring
- mesh
- all of these
- star
- bus

3. Your network is experiencing heavy traffic and signal fading due to long cable distances between computers.
Required Consequence: Correct the signal fading problem.
Optional Desired Consequences: Reduce broadcast traffic, filter network traffic to reduce the number of frames transferred across the network.
Proposed Solution: Install repeaters between distan


t sections, install routers and configure them to filter broadcast traffic.
Which consequences does the proposed solution produce?
- The proposed solution produces the required consequence and none of the optional desired consequences.
- The proposed solution produces the required consequence and only one of the optional desired consequences.
- The proposed solution does not produce the required consequence.The proposed solution yields the necessary outcome and also achieves both of the optional desired outcomes. The Access Control, error checking, precedence, and media type fields in a Token Ring frame indicate if it is a nominal or information frame. Cables connect individual clients to the MSAU, which functions like other switch, active, passive, or span hubs. An item is a specific type of data transmission that circulates around a cabl

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ring. Managing data on a network depends on traffic control, and the set of rules governing this is referred to as Access Methods. If you are starting a training company that provides onsite classroom instruction to various businesses, including a temporary networked classroom environment, with 10 or fewer computers and no pre-installed wiring, the topology that requires the least equipment and is easiest to set up and break down is Star. The demand-priority access method is used.The management of web entry is done by the use of round-robin searches for requests to direct from all nodes. Users, routers, gateways, and hubs are not exempted. 10.CSMA/CD is recognized as a contentional entry method because computers on the network compete for an opportunity to send data. Ethernet has the option of using different communication protocols which include Transmission control protocol/internet protocol. The hub of a 10BaseT network typically serves as a multi-port channel. The 100BaseTX topology operates on UTP Category 5 data-grade cable. The thinnet 5-4-3 regulation (5 sections, 4 repeaters, and 3 populated sections) can be used to join Ethernet sections and extend the network up to 925 meters (around 3035 feet) because single-segment 10Base2 Ethernet limits would be too limiting for a large business. Wi-Fi wireless networks use CSMA/CA access method. Access methods serve to prevent coincident access to the media and are not preemptive, slow, or random.A standard ethernet network can connect as many as six cable sections using four repeaters, but only three sections can have attached stations. A 10Base5 topology is also known as Thicknet and is part of standard ethernet and 802.3. Token passing is a deterministic method, meaning computers cannot

force their way onto the network, unlike in a CSMA/CD environment. IBM LANs with Multistation Access Units use the CSMA/CA media-access method. The destination address is located in the header of a package and not in the trailer. In the IBM Token Ring implementation, a physical ring of cable is present in the MSAU. When using the CSMA/CA method, a computer waits for the network to be quiet before transmitting data to avoid collisions. If two packets collide, both get destroyed. False.Ethernet uses various access methods, such as CSMA/CA, CSMA/CD, Token Ringing, Demand Priority, and all of these can be used to modulate traffic on the main cable section. To detect a failing hub, cable, NIC, network, or computer CPU, 25.MSAUs were designed to unplug from it. When each computer communicates only with a hub, the hub controls the flow of data and the access method used can be CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, Token Bus, Token Ring, or Demand Priority. Data is divided into frames or packages and single transmissions occur more often to allow every computer on the network to transmit and receive data. The header of a package usually contains an error-checking component called CRC. When a computer must wait to have an item before sending data and only one computer can use the item at a time, the access method used is both CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA.The Token Ring web is an implementation of IEEE standard 802.5, which utilizes a token-passing access method. One computer at a time can use the item, thus there are no contentions or hits. When the IBM Token Ring web is full, adding another MSAU, repeater, or hub can expand

the network. If utilizing the CSMA/CD access method, no other computer may transmit until the information has reached its destination and the cable is clear again. As traffic on a CSMA/CD network increases, collisions tend to increase as well. Package components, such as CRC, heading, and data, are grouped into sections. To configure a network for three mission-critical servers and provide a highly fault-tolerant cabling strategy, the best topology to implement would be a ring. The web access method that sends a signal indicating its intent to transmit data on the wire is token passing.The transmission of data on the web can be slow due to various factors, including the use of a broadcast medium and unicasting. One type of topology that can help with this is 38. Fast Ethernet, which includes 100BaseX, 100BaseFX, 100BaseT4, and 100BaseT. Another type is the 10BaseT topology, which uses Coaxial, UTP and STP, S.t.p., UTP, or Fiber cables to link stations. 40. Packages or frames sent over the web may contain session-control codes for error correction and other purposes, such as indicating the need for a unicast, callback, halt transmission, retransmission, or broadcast. If heavy traffic or signal fading occur due to long cable distances between computers on the network, the proposed solution is to install repeaters between distant sections. This will produce the required consequence of correcting the signal fading problem, as well as both optional desired consequences of reducing broadcast traffic and filtering web traffic to decrease the number of frames transferred across the network.The proposed solution provides the desired outcome and only one of the potential desired outcomes. Please consult Prof 42. Which of the following

is the most likely issue if the operating system cannot detect the network card? Choose the best answer. Incorrect frame type is set on the network card
Incorrect IRQ is set on the network card
Incorrect IRQ is set on the IDE controller card
Incorrect protocol is bound to the network adapter. 43. Wireless networks use _______ topology: mesh
all of these
ring. 44. In demand-priority access method, transmissions are not ____________ to all other computers on the network: multicast
all of these
broadcast. 45. When a frame returns to its sending computer, that computer ____________ the frame and puts a new item back on the ring: copies
none of these. 46. Every network interface card sees all packages sent on its segment, but it interrupts the computer only if the package address matches its unique address: True
False. 47. Typically, Ethernet is a baseband architecture that uses a _________ topology: mesh
all of these
ring. 48. The maximum length of a 10BaseT segment is ____________ meters: 138

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