quiz 22: federalist paper origins

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who were the 3 authors of the federalist papers?
– James Madison
– Alexander Hamilton
– John Jay
how many papers were written in total?
who wrote federalists paper #1?
Alexander Hamilton
who wrote federalists papers #2 #3 #4 and #5?
John Jay
who wrote 29 papers in total?
James Madison
who wrote 51 papers in total?
Alexander Hamilton
who wrote 5 in total?
John Jay
what became of Hamilton?
– treasurer of state
– died in a dual with Burr
what became of Madison?
president of the unites states
what became of Jay?
first chief justice
what is the name of all the papers were signed under?
what was the goal of the papers?
to convince New York to ratify the constitution
when were the papers written?
after Delaware said yes to ratifying the constitution
*the following questions deal with paper #10*
what is the main idea of paper #10?
democracy vs. republic
who is the author of #10?
what is a faction?
– a group that shares interests, beliefs
– today we call them civil societies or interest groups
– the more factions, the better
– the worst faction group is the majority
what makes up most factions?
people that share common interests
what must the government be to allow factions?
why do we allow factions?
they are allowed to prevent one group from dominating
society shouldn’t be controlled by what?
– society not controlled by a fixed majority
– pure democracy is a threat to the minority
government must be able to do what?
– government needs to be able to control itself
– separations of powers, divided legislature, checks and balances
*the following questions deal with paper #51*
who is the author of #51
James Madison
what is the main idea of #51
separation of powers
on what does separation of powers depend?
money, checks and balances
did the articles have separation of powers?
each branch has to have what?
each branch has to have it’s own money
what does this paper assure the people?
this assures the people that this is not a monarchy
examples: separation of powers, checks and balances
members of each department should be ___________?
– as little dependent as possible on the other departments
– states have some power and central government has some power
what is the idea of double security?
– state vs. national
– states should have their own security
– national government should have it’s own security as well
– competition/ambition
what are we considered today?
– *democratic republic:* people vote for the legislature and the legislature balances that interest the people
*the following questions deal with paper #78*
who is the author of #78
Alexander Hamilton
what is the main idea of the paper?
judicial review
what power does the legislative branch have?
\”power of the purse\”
what power does the executive branch have?
\”power of the sword\”
what power does the judicial branch have?
– \”only power is the power of judgement\”
– seen as the weakest branch because it has no way to enforce its power
on what does judicial review rest?
fundamental law (people) is higher that statutory law (congress)
why should judges serve for life?
– keeps the experience (judicial activism)
– have an independent spirit (judicial restraint)

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