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Spirit Airlines: Home of the Bare Fare
Which of the four Ps does Spirit Airlines rely on most to create value for its customers?
First-time Spirit Airlines customers sometimes don’t understand its “bare fare” strategy, leading to unpleasant surprises when they check in at the airport. In terms of a SWOT analysis, this is an example of a(n)
When Spirit Airlines identifies itself as an ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC), it is ______ itself compared to other airlines.
When Spirit Airlines expands into additional cities, which growth strategy is it using?
Market development
Which of the sources of sustainable competitive advantage discussed in the text is Spirit Airlines most likely pursuing with its ultra-low cost carrier strategy?
Operational excellence
Home Shopping Network
Moving from television broadcast into e-commerce has allowed HSN to achieve _______ excellence.
HSN focuses its marketing efforts on busy women older than 35 years old who own their homes. This customer group is HSN’s ________
target market
One way HSN promoted its products was to use _____.
lifestyle programming
When HSN added event programming to its mix, which two elements of the marketing mix did it affect?
Product and promotion
HSN created product value by having ________.
exclusive designer agreements
By offering new products developed by well-known designers to its existing customers, HSN used which growth strategy?
Product development
In 2006, Walmart announced that it would begin selling organic food products. In doing so, Walmart was most likely trying to
attract a different market segment
In BCG portfolio analysis, products in low-growth markets that have received heavy investment and now have excess funds available to support other products are called
cash cows.
3M involves its customers in the process of developing new products. In this way, it can benefit from current customers’ insights and develop new products that will meet these customers’ needs. 3M is pursuing a __________ growth strategy.
product development
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