Quiz 14

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Most politicians avoid social media out of concern that it is an undignified and inappropriate way to connect with citizens
In 1983, 90 percent of Americans media were owned by fifty companies. In 2012, how many companies controlled 90 percent of American media?
How do some analysts explain media inattention to stories critical of government and big business?
The typical journalist has a relatively elite background.
The U.S. Supreme Court receives less media coverage than Does Congress or the President.
When covering Congress, reporters typically focus on which of the following?
Party leaders
Information provided to a journalist on the condition that it will not be attribute to any source is considered to be _____________.
On deep background
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 increased regulations on large segments of the electronic media
In the White House Press Room, which organization would you find closet to the podium?
Associated Press
Which news medium has had the hardest time competing with newer news sources,
Consumption of which of the following new sources is most slanted in favor of the Republicans?
Fox News
President Franklin D. Roosevelt was effective as using the radio to connect with the American public.
The equal time rule profits television stations from doing which of the following?
Refusing to sell advertising time to gifted candidates if it sells advertising time to non-bigoted candidates
What political faction demanded that freedom of the press be amended to the U.S. Constitution?
The media are also known as the _____________.
Fourth estate
The president addresses the nation directly during a __________.
Press conference
What was one result of nineteenth-century muckraking?
Anti-trust regulations
The first penny press paper was the ____________.
New York Sun
Which of the following is a media effect?
Agenda setting
A _____________ is a live engagement between a press secretary and the press in which the range of questions is limited.
Press briefing
Television and radio are regulated by the federal government because ____________.
The airwaves are public property
AIM and FAIR are ___________.
Partisan watchdogs of the media
Over the last thirty years, media ownership has ___________.
Become more consolidated
The Supreme Court has found that the president has ” inherent power” to halt the publication of news.
A form of journalism that was popular in the late nineteenth century and featured pictures, comics, color, and sensationalized, oversimplified coverage was called ___________.
Yellow journalism
What is the term of change in public opinion and voting preferences caused by media coverage?
Media effects

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