Quiz #11: Interest Groups in Texas

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Which kind of group exists to promote policies that would increase wages, adequate health and unemployment insurance, and promote safe working conditions?
Labor groups
Which Texas House Speaker was not the subject of an inquiry about potentially improper practices with regard to interest groups?
Pete Laney
The Christian Coalition would be most likely to promote which of the following?
Banning same-sex marriage
Which of the following is not a reason for the growth and diversity of interest groups in the United States?
A legal system that requires citizen membership in interest groups
Which of the following goals would a business organization be least likely to pursue?
Increased safety and environmental standards
Interest groups try to influence public policy by
lobbying government officials regardless of party affiliation.
The system of politics in Texas can be described as one with
weak parties and strong interest groups.
Which of the following is not one of the main goals of racial and ethnic groups in Texas?
Reduce government interference in the economy
Which of the following is the most commonly employed strategy of influencing legislation?
Providing the legislator with relevant information
Which of the following is true of interest groups and parties in Texas?
Texas has weak political parties and influential interest groups.
Which of the following would a government employee interest group be least likely to pursue?
Decreased levels of government spending
Which of the following is among the oldest and most ?effective racial and ethnic interest groups in Texas?
All of these choices are among the oldest and most effective racial and ethnic groups in Texas.
A lobbyist is an individual who
attempts to influence the decision making of lawmakers.
The principal purpose of political party activity is to
gain control of government by winning elections and thus achieve party goals
Which of the following is not a function that interest groups perform in Texas?
writing party platforms
Actively campaigning in support of candidates for office by an interest group is called
Most political interest groups represent
professional and managerial occupations.
Which of the following is common in the last days of an election campaign?
Interest groups make last minute contributions to campaigns.
Texas doctors successfully used their professional organizations in lobbying the 76th Legislature to make Texas the first state that allows
doctors to collectively bargain with health maintenance organizations.
Interest groups organized to promote policies that maximize profits and wages for their members are known as ?
economic interest groups.

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