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Which term first appeared in a 1984 New York times about the activities of President Reagan’s reelection campaign
What has given the field of public relations a boost in recent years?
the rise of the internet and social media
The following is one of the key words used in most definitions of public relations
Editors who determine the material in a press release will be used or simply thrown way are called
Which of the following is a fact that has fueled the trend toward IMC?
the recognition that the marketing of products and services can be affected by public and social policy issue the fact that marketing now deals with a much broader array of audiences, or publics, than in the past the realization that advertising deals with the policies and performance of the entire organization
The commission of public relations education has specified that one course that should be required for all of college PR majors is
introduction to public relations networking skills
Richard Mintz, managing director of the Harbour group in Washington DC, is of the opinion that journalists, by their nature, don’t make great public relations people because
They’re trained to be objective rather than to take sides they are as a group, too politically liberal
Increased salaries and promotions go to PR professionals who show top management how to
solve problems creatively
in government, a public relations specialist may be called a
press secretary
Financial relations is also known as
investor relations
What does the public relations society of america have to say about misrepresenting the nature of editorial content or intentionally failing to clearly reveal the source of message contents in internet communications
it is unethical
what percentage of undergraduate hours in public relations coursework does the Commission on PR Education require for a college major in public relations?
25-40%In recent years, many so called “grass roots” or “citizens” organizations in America are
In recent years, many so called “grass roots” or “citizens” organizations in America are
disguising or hiding the true identity of their members and/or sponsors
What do most professional groups believe is the primary purpose of establishing codes of ethics?
education and information
Which PR professional organization of the worlds largest professional public relations organization, which has 300 college campus chapters?
Public relations society of America
what is one problem with the video news release that your text identifies
tv stations air VNRs without disclosing their sources. They usually look like they were made by amateurs
which of the following is something that an ethical PR professional would not do?
lie on the behalf of clients
What is the chief measure of a public relations person?
adherence to professional standards of conduct
Which of the following is an example of ethical conduct on the internet
clearly revealing the source of any information you post
why did Marissa Shorenstein, press secretary of New York’s governor David Paterson, walk away from her 154,000 job?
because the governorr duped her into playing a role in covering up the explosive domestic case against another top aide because she was convicted of bribing journalists to write stories favorable to the governor
which employment category represents the highest membership in both the Public relations Society of America and the international association of Business communicators?
Which PR professional organization bases its code of ethics on the charter of the united nations
international public relations association
What is a major barrier to the professionalism of public relations
the mindset that many PR practitioners have toward their own work
Mark Knapp makes the case that ethics is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated
how do journalists, for the most part, view gifts from PR practitioners?
as bribery to get favorable coverings
What has TV guide, as well as activist groups, called video news release
fake news
what is one reason why the field of public relations does not qualify as a profession in the same sense that medicine and law do at present time?
it does not state laws that govern admission to the profession. It is, in essence, a media endeavor
Professional organization is an umbrella group of more than 70 national organizations representing more than 160,000 professionals around the world?
global alliance for public relations and communication management
what can professional organizations offer PR practitioners?
professional development programs
which corporation does your text for asking its staff to evaluate ethically compromising situations in case studies to promote ethical professional conduct?
CarryOn Communications
a person who indirectly influences the work of others through recommendations is performing this type of function
To public practitioners, human resources, advertising, and marketing are often seen as sources of
Small-scale Organizations of low complexity usually have public relations persons working in roles that are primarily
public relations by most accounts is primarily considered a “staff” function
Which is the most frequently outsourced public relations activity
writing and communications
this term best describes the notion of high authority and power associated with the dominant coalition
mixed organic/mechanical
The standard industry practice is to bill clients
at least 3x a persons salary
the business leader reported to have created the first corporate public relations department is
George westinghouse
an outside firm does not need a prolonged briefing period regarding the client because of their expertise in diverse areas
A retainer fee in public relations firm essentially means that the firm is
on call
if an informational brochure about autism is prepared by the medical division, and it must have approval from the public relations department before production, the pR department is described as having
concurring authority
Grunig’s IABC foundation research study on “excellence” notes all of the following about public relations EXCEPT
it should replace marketing and advertising as financial liaisons for the company
Todays full-fledged public relations firms offer all of the following EXCEPT
symmetrical management
The practice of purchasing expert communication services from outside the organization
The standard “markup” in public relations firms is 40-50%
The “domination coalition” refers to a situation where public relations practitioners are subservient to marketing and related functions
According to your text, public relations and _____ departments often collide because they compete for funds to communication with external audiences
Clients often criticize public relations firms for all of the following EXCEPT
objectivity concerns
The tylenol study is a prime example of a business where public relations was in a technical or an advisory function
The most widely used billing method by pr firms is “pay for replacement”
Public relations has a generally lukewarm return on investment (ROI) of about 210%, but the rate is considered acceptable because pr is not considered a “bottom line” function
“turf battles” between pr personnel and human resources managers are relatively non-existent because the 2 areas rarely overlap
Which is not a key attribute in becoming a communication “head” or “leader”
working independently
most revenues from public relations firms come from implementing tactical aspects
One study of a medium sized Us corporations by the conference board found that the # of professionals in a typical public relations department is
Reinforcement refers to the notion of
ongoing effort to preserve reputation
Which is not considered an out of pocket budget expense
Which is not one of the 3 kinds of situations that dictate the conduct of a pr program
need-based with regard to company expectations and ideals
The acronym MBO stands for management by
which is not a likely example of “nonverbal support” in the MBO perspective
Systematic planning cannot prevent haphazard, ineffective communication
Objectives aren’t the end result of a campaign, but the means to achieve a result
which is not a significant aspect for establishing a calendar and timetable for a program?
financial considerations
Informational objectives are bottom line oriented, and based on clearly measurable results
A gantt chart is essentially a
2 sided calendar matrix
Approximately how much of a pr budget should be allocated toward contingencies or unexpected costs?
Objectives are usually stated in terms of
program outcomes
the first major component of the planning process in public relations is a
situation analysis
The Tyson”fight against hunger” primarily targeted media outlets
A gantt chart is often is used in compiling for campaigns
Motivational objectives are often measured and evaluated by increases in sales or market share
The specific, sequential activities that put strategies into operation and help to achieve stated objectives are known as
The most effective medium in terms of overall popularity and its ability to elicit emotions is
What are the 8elements of Program Planning

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