Public Opinion

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campaigns where candidates meet citizens face-to-face to discuss politics.
“Retail politics” refers to
poorly worded questions
A frequent cause of measurement error in polls is due to ________.
an expansion in governmental services
A liberal would most likely support
the fact that group memberships never fully explain all of an individual’s political views.
A wealthy businessperson who is very liberal is an example of
must be representative in that the views of those in the sample must accurately and proportionately reflect the views of the whole population.
In public opinion surveys, a sample of the total population
reduced the number of conservative Democrats and all but eliminated liberal Republicans from the Congress.
In recent years, partisan realignment in the South and congressional redistricting have
their families
People’s political party preferences are primarily acquired through the influence of
there is not a complete list of all Americans that can be used to identify the population.
Pollsters use random digit dialing to gather national samples for surveys because
partisans in the public tend to rely on party leaders for cues on the appropriate positions to take on major political issues.
The fact that Democratic Party leaders have become more liberal and Republican Party leaders more conservative is important because
the social desirability effect
The fact that survey respondents overreport voting in elections and the frequency of their church attendance is an example of ________.

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