Public and Private Solutions Unit Test Review

Flashcard maker : Lily Taylor
Which group does the Fed serve?
financial institutions
US federal income tax is progressive by law, but which best explains why is it sometimes regressive in practice?
High-income earners use tax laws to their advantage to reduce their tax rates.
The EPA tries to balance protecting business interests with protecting
Which of these are goals of an expansionary policy? Check all that apply.
Which federal regulatory agency would most likely bring a civil suit against a business that broke securities laws?
the SEC
Which describes an example of the economic system known as free enterprise?
People are free to shop for the best price on products because there is open competition.
On which of these are individuals required to pay income taxes in the United States? Check all that apply.
What happens when a bank is required to hold more money in reserve?
It has less money for loans.
To reduce pollution, the legislates and enforces regulations that protect the air, water, and land.
Environmental Protection Agency
Which body manages the Fed?
the Federal Reserve Board
Before creating a business plan, an entrepreneur must research businesses in the past.
Weighing advantages and disadvantages can help a student to
make a decision.
What circumstances during the early days of industrialization led to a need for reform? Check all that apply.
What part does interest play in deficit spending?
Governments must pay interest on money they borrow when they take on debt.
Which statement explains a way how the Securities and Exchange Commission upholds fair business practices?
The SEC generally oversees financial advisers.

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