PUB Chapter 5 Using Business Info Sets

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When inserting a field, PUB places a text box in your publication but does not supply the text. t/f
Saving the business information set also saves the publication. t/f
The Measurement toolbar not only sets the location and size of an object but also sets the angle of rotation. t/f
The default style in PUB is called the Standard style, which includes the body font from the current font scheme in a black font color with left-justified alignment. t/f
Visual Basic for Applications allows designers to write code in PUB to customize the user experience further. t/f
With a read-only file, you can open and access the file normally, but you cannot make permanent changes to it. t/f
PUB templates prevent users from saving over the template with the same name, which keeps the file unchanged and the same for every user. t/f
Microsoft has many envelope templates for occasions such as holidays, weddings, parties, and graduations stored in their online templates. t/f
Business cards can be saved as files to send to commercial printers or printed by desktop color printers on special perforated paper. t/f
Embedded fonts make a file size smaller, but you cannot make sure they are completely available. t/f
A _______is a specific component in the set, such as an individual’s name, job position, or address.
You can advance from one field to the next in the Create New Business Information Set dialog box by using the _____key.
You can choose the exact size and location of any object using the _____toolbar.
When you sample a color, the mouse pointer changes to a(n)___________.
Update automatically
When inserting a Date, checking the ________ check box causes PUB to access your computer’s system date.
A_________ is a copy of a document sent or received via electronic communication.
The default value for page settings is to place the publication on an 8X11 inch piece of paper. An envelope will not fit, so PUB _______it until you change the setting.
When printing business cards, _________options allow you to set specific margins to match specialized business card paper.
_______ is a portable format that can be read by anyone using a free reader available on the Internet.
You can embed a __________ of a font, which means that it will embed only the specific characters you used in the publication.
business information set
A______is a group of customized information fields about an individual or an organization that can be used to generate information text boxes across publications.
A(n) _________is preprinted paper with important facts about the company and blank space to contain the text of a correspondence.
A____is a recognizable symbol that identifies a person, business, or organization.
Portable Document Format
The term PDF stands for____________.
pack and go
PUB automatically embeds True Type fonts by default when you use the _________Wizard.

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