PSY 105 Ch. 13: Part 1 (Id, Ego, Superego, ect.)

What do the id and the superego have in common?
They are both unrealistic.

According to Freud, the _____ stage is the period from puberty until death, marked by mature sexual behavior (that is, sexual intercourse).

The study of defense mechanisms is associated not only with Sigmund Freud but also with:
Anna Freud

Which component of the personality uses defense mechanisms, and why?
The ego uses defense mechanisms to prevent excessive anxiety.

Which of the following alternatives best expresses the relationship between the preconscious and the unconscious in Freud’s theory?
The preconscious is a small portion of the unconscious mind.

To Freud, much of our personality is determined by our _____.

_____ refers to the pattern of enduring characteristics that produce consistency and individuality in a given person.

The _____ is the part of the personality that provides a buffer between the id and the outside world.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment widely used in business, industry, and education. Ultimately, it stems from _____ theory.

Why do dreams, fantasies, and slips of the tongue offer important data, in the view of psychoanalytic psychologists?
Dreams, fantasies, and slips of the tongue offer clues to the contents of the unconscious mind.

Which of the following components of personality is related to the reality principle?

Which of the following is NOT one of the neo-Freudian psychoanalysts?

Read the following: (1) Liz has become more responsive to her partner’s advances since a real “hottie” moved in next door; (2) unable to accept his desire for other young men, 15-year-old Juan pours himself into his studies; (3) Shauntel tells people that her coworker Mary dislikes her; if she were honest, though, Shauntel would realize that it is actually she who dislikes Mary; (4) “Ben’s nasty; he’s disgusting,” says Renee; really, Renee secretly finds Ben sexy. Which individual is CORRECTLY matched with the defense mechanism he or she is using?

Developmental periods that children pass through during which they encounter conflicts between the demands of society and their own sexual urges are known as _____ stages.

_____ is the process of wanting to be like another person as much as possible, imitating that person’s behavior and adopting similar beliefs and values.

Oberon has always been fascinated by fire, but he knows that it can be dangerous and sometimes lethal. When he finished high school, he decided to become a firefighter. The job is extremely fulfilling for him. Freud would probably say that Oberon’s fascination with fire
has been sublimated into a socially desirable behavior.

Michelle was reared in a home where high moral principles dominated. She has attended Sunday school and church since early childhood. In high school, her boyfriend tried to talk her into “sleeping” with him, but something from inside her told her not to. She felt very proud of herself afterward for holding her ground. According to Freud, which personality structure made Michelle feel proud of her response?

Every time Antony, a 30-year-old architect, experiences hardship, he goes home to his parents to find comfort in his childhood bedroom. What defense mechanism is in play here?

Psychologists who study personality focus on the
enduring traits and qualities we demonstrate over time.

According to Freud, the ego is referred to as a mediator because it
must balance the needs of the id, superego, and reality.

Which of the following sequences best reflects the order in which Freud’s personality structures develop during infancy and childhood, from first to last?
Id → ego → superego

Which defense mechanism is CORRECTLY matched with a definition?
Displacement – an unwanted feeling is redirected from a threatening individual to a less threatening one

When regression is used as a defense mechanism people:
behave as if they were at an earlier stage of development.

According to Freud, a period beginning around age 3 during which a child’s pleasure focuses on the genitals is known as the _____ stage.

According to Freud, the _____ stage is a stage from birth to age 12 to 18 months, in which an infant’s center of pleasure is the mouth.

Which of the following stages of psychosexual development is CORRECTLY matched with an age range?
Anal – 1-3 years

If Freddie’s id was in charge when his boss told him that he was an incompetent fool, Freddie might
punch his boss in the face

According to Jung, the collective unconscious is expressed through

Jamar is 4-foot-8 and drives a very large car. How would Adler explain Jamar’s choice in cars?

Kira finds an abandoned wallet with $300 in it and no identification. The decision to keep the money or turn it in will cause the greatest conflict between the
id and the superego

The _____ provides a “safe haven” for our recollections of threatening events.

Which of Freud’s personality structures is CORRECTLY described?
Id—consists of primitive, instinctual urges

The id operates according to the _____ principle in which the goal is the immediate reduction of tension and the maximization of satisfaction.

Dr. Chase believes that one’s personality largely reflects inner forces over which one has no control. Dr. Chase appears to take a(n) _____ approach to personality.

Adler focused on ________ psychology.

According to Alfred Adler, people are primarily motivated by
their desire to overcome perceived shortcomings.

Every time Antony, a 30-year-old architect, experiences hardship, he goes home to his parents to find comfort in his childhood bedroom. What defense mechanism is in play here?

According to Jung, the deepest, impersonal layer of the conscious mind that is shared by all humans is called the
collective unconscious

How do neo-Freudians’ thought differ from Freud’s original theory?
The neo-Freudians tended to emphasize the importance of the ego rather than that of the id.

The _____ is the final personality structure to develop in childhood, represents the rights and wrongs of society as taught and modeled by a person’s parents, teachers, and other significant individuals.

According to _____, parents can facilitate their children’s development by:
Adler; helping them overcome feelings of personal inferiority.

_____ is often considered the first feminist psychologist.
Karen Horney

With regard to the question of whether personality is innate or learned, which of the following personality theory orientations places the most emphasis on biology?

Jeff experiences a lot of aggressive feelings toward his overprotective stepfather. Because he is powerless to aggress openly against his stepfather, Jeff becomes a very aggressive forward on his basketball team. This is an example of

Which of the following sequences indicates the order of the first three stages in Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, from first to last?
Oral → anal → phallic

Probably the most primary of the defense mechanisms is that of:

Adler believed that birth order
was important to personality development.

Cartoons sometimes depict personal conflict by showing an individual with an angel speaking into one ear and a devil speaking into the other ear. The angel represents Freud’s idea of the ________, and the devil represents Freud’s idea of the ________.
superego; id

According to Freud, much of our behavior is motivated by:
the unconscious

What defense mechanism is being used when the ego transforms the unacceptable (e.g., looking at pornography) into the acceptable (e.g., becoming a vocal advocate against pornography)?
reaction formation

According to Jung, _____ are universal symbolic representations of a particular person, object, or experience (such as good and evil).

According to Freud’s theory, _____ is only a small part of our psychological makeup and experience.
conscious experience

Which of the following is a defense mechanism?
reaction formation

Emotionally laden ideas and images that have rich and symbolic meaning for all people are

George’s cubicle at work is spotless. Everything on his desk is arranged according to a specific purpose. He gets very agitated if something is moved or rearranged. Freud might argue that George is fixated at the ________ stage.

If Marcy is feeling guilty about lying to her mother, Freud would argue that her ________ is making her feel this way.

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