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The most visible indication of oversight is the
use of public hearings before congressional committees and subcommittees.
The response to the Department of Homeland Security’s color-coded terror-level warning system reveals
that bureaucratic agencies, like politicians, must pay attention to public opinion.
What is a government corporation?
It is an agency that performs and charges for services usually provided by the private sector.
Before the Civil Service Act of 1883, how were government appointments handled?
Appointments were made to political supporters as part of a spoils system.
What was the chief bureaucratic flaw identified by the 9/11 Commission?
There was a lack of communication between the domestic and foreign security agencies.
When the federal government passes authority to administer a program down to state or local governments, it is called
Which of the following was forced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission to recall several car models after identifying problems with their gas pedal accelerators?
The greatest number of federal government professionals working abroad are under the authority of the Department of
Which of the following is a government corporation?
the U.S. Postal Service
The use of taxing and spending powers to shape the economy is part of ______ policy.
Which of the following is the most constitutionally essential way to make the bureaucracy responsible?
congressional oversight
Bureaucracy, literally translated, means
rule by offices and desks.
Individual members of Congress can discover questions of public responsibility when engaged in
constituent case work.
The first regulatory agency was the ______, created by Congress in ______.
Interstate Commerce Commission; 1887
Which of the following agencies was abolished following the creation of the Department of Homeland Security?
the Immigration and Naturalization Service
The Civil Service Act of 1883 attempted to pattern government hiring after practices found in
Which of the following is not a key strategy used to promote bureaucratic reform?
Which of the following is the best description of an iron triangle?
the stable relationship between a bureaucratic agency, a clientele group, and a legislative committee
The most significant example of devolution in recent decades has been in the area of
welfare policy.
Who has authority to set interest rates and lending activities for the nation’s banks?
the Federal Reserve System
Executive privilege refers to
the claim that confidential communications between a president and close advisers should not be revealed without the consent of the president.
What was the government trying to accomplish when it called for the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act to create an additional database that would record contractors who have legal or contract violations?
provide adequate government oversight for an increasingly expanding force of independent contractors
During the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, how many federal agencies or programs were terminated?
Which of the following agencies’ primary task is not the strengthening of the economy?
What is the origin of most federal bureaus?
Congress passes laws creating and funding most federal bureaus.
The ______ is the center of military policy and management.
Joint Chiefs of Staff
The attempt of bureaucracies to translate laws into specific rules and actions is called

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