Process Server

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If you did a substitute service or a nail and mail service on March 5th when do you have to do the mailings?
March 25th
If you are serving a business which type of service would be best to serve?
president and board of directors
If you attempt to serve Susan Jones + you set upstairs to her apartment + a women confirms that she is Susan Jones, but slams the door on your face, how can you effect service?
Tell Ms. Jones through the door you are leaving papers and place papers on the floor and leave.
When serving a nail and mail service what description is appropriate?
color of the hallway and walls adjacent to door including hallway floors and doorsteps and distance from elevator.
If you are serving 3 different apartments, in 1 apartment building. [Apartment 1a,2b, and 3c] How do you maintain the record?
Take 3 separate pictures enter them each separately and then enter them separately in your log book.
A process server must maintain there affidavit for?
7 years
A process sever must maintain there electronic digital gps record for?
7 years
Your are doing a tenant landlord preceding, you do a substitute service, what is a proper procedure after service?
You do a first-class and a certified mailing within 24 hours
How long must you notify the DCA, when a process sever is bonded by the process server agency and decided to leave and go to another company?
5 days
If a process server wants to participate in the fund trust by the DCA, to qualify you must?
be denied by 2 sureties and pay 1000 dollars to the DCA.
A portal media device is?
Keeping an electronic data storing device to store data with gps unit.
If you are serving Michael and Ellen Ballato, a summary + complaint + you serve Michael for himself and his wife, what must yo do to next?
Do a mailing just for Ellen Ballato.
If you can’t get a gps signal when you are at a house what do you do?
Wait until you have a gps signal
Which one of these are good service for a nail and mail?
tape to door and put it under the door.
If you are serving a STC and an 8 year old child comes to the door what must you do?
come back another time to try and serve
If you go into a building with a concierge and you are serving Mike Smith and the concierge said he just left, what do you do?
Come back and try again.
If you have 2 addresses to serve a Mike Smith in assumers, complaints, and you have a home address and a business address and you serve him at his business, what must you do?
Mail to both houses and business.
If you have a service from out of state (Florida) do you still have to log it in and use gps records?
do you have to put down eye color as a description?
You are notified of a traverse hearing, how long do you have to tell the DCA?
10 days
In a traverse hearing what must you give to the DCA
Title, index number, date of hearing, court, and judge before hearing is scheduled
If you are a employee of ABC process and you decide to leave them and work for DEF process, what must you do?
Notify the DCA in writing within 5 days
If you worked for protest and decide to leave, what must you do?
Notify the DCA within 5 days by writing
You have been assigned to serve a petition in proceeding in landlord/tenant court. The landlord is seeking to regain the entire apartment building from squatters. you can?
Serve either bypassing one notice and one petition on the common entrance to the building or by serving the occupants of the three apartments separately.

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