Principles of Marketing Chapter 6 Quiz

Business and Organizational Customers
What are any buyers who buy for resale or to produce other goods and services?
Producers of Goods and Services
Government units
Nonprofit organizations
Four different types of organizational customers?
B2B market
The business to business market is know as ?
Purchasing Managers
Buying specialists for their employers
Multiple Buying Influence
This means that several people perhaps even top management play a part in making a purchase decision
What are the five groups that could be possible buying influences? know these
Buying center
This is all people who participate in a purchase
A request to buy something
Purchasing Specifications
Written description of what the firm wants to buy
ISO 9000
This is a way for a supplier to document its quality procedures according to internationally recognized standards
New-Task Buying
This occurs when a customer organization has a new needs and wants a great deal of information
Straight Rebuy
This is a routine purchase that may have been made many times before
Modified Rebuy
This is the in-between process where some review of the buying situation is done
White papers
What are reports designed to help buyers make decisions about a particular topic?
Competitive Bid
The terms of sale offered by the supplier in response to the purchase specifications posted by a buyer
Vendor Analysis
A formal rating of suppliers on all relevant areas of performance
Just-In-Time Delivery
Reliably getting products there just before the customer needs them
Negotiated Contract Buying
This means agreeing to contracts that aloow for changes in the purchase arrangements
Contract with an outside firm to produce goods or services rather than to purchase them internally
North American Industry Classification System codes
What does NAICS stand for?
NAICS codes
What is codes for groups of firms in similar lines of business collected and published by the U.S. government?
Foreign Corrupt Practices ACt
This was passed by Congress in 1977 and it prohibits US firms from paying bribes to foreign officials
ISO 14000/14001
What is a certification for environmental quality?
Define Problem
Buying Process
Managing Buyer-Seller Relationship
What are the three steps to the model of organizational buying?

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