Principles of Marketing – Ch. 3

As a social network site, Facebook gives companies a forum for interacting with their fans when they post product information, news, events, and promotions. In doing so, companies are utilizing which element of the 4E framework for social media marketing?
Sites like YouTube and Picasa are considered ________.
media sharing sites
Websites that are those written by people who review and give recommendations on products and services are called ________.
Professional blogs
Twitter is a _______.
The 4E Framework for Social media
The 4E Framework for Social media
Marketers gain insight about their customers by using information gathered through customer relationship management and loyalty programs. This information helps marketers to ______ customers by providing offers that are relevant to them.
As potential customers enter websites and online stores, marketers need to ______ them about the value proposition and the offers and benefits of a product or service.
Blogs and blogging tools are critical methods in accomplishing which segment of the 4E framework of social media marketing?
Websites that show potential customers how to use a product or offer tutorials are directly related to which element of the 4E framework of social media marketing?
Which element of the 4E framework for social media marketing relates to a customer’s potential for action, the potential for a relationship, and possibly even loyalty and commitment?
Social Media Engagement Process
Social Media Engagement Process
Marketers who want to assess what their customers think about their goods and services can collect data from blogs, social media sites, and online reviews. This process is called _______ analysis.
Kendra was shopping online for a new backpack for school. The first website she visited ”” carried mostly luggage and only one travel backpack, so Kendra left that site after only visiting its home page. Which of the following metrics for analyzing online activity would marketers of BagsForAll find MOST relevant regarding Kendra’s activity?
Bounce rate
Which of the following metrics for analyzing online activity shows how users proceed through information on a website?
Click paths
How to do a social media marketing campaign
How to do a social media marketing campaign
What is the final step in the social media engagement process?
What is the first step in launching a social media marketing campaign?
Identify strategy and goals
Form strategy
Form strategy
In the United States, approximately _______ of smartphone users use their phones to make purchases.
The process of building customer loyalty through the offering of free apps is referred to as _______.
What type of smartphone app is Stylish Girl?
Price-check app
In the 4E framework, Dell understands the importance of _______, which leads to action, the potential for a relationship, and possibly even loyalty and commitment.
Dell has several blogs. Its flagship blog is Direct2Dell, which is a _______ blog.
One advantage for Dell in using blogs is the ability to ______ customers, which is a key strength of thought-sharing social media sites.
Dell analyzes data from social media to collect consumer comments about its products and company. Dell can then further analyze the data to distill customer attitudes and preferences. This technique is called _______.
Sentiment analysis
In its social media strategy, Dell uses all of the following except __________
Dell uses all of these
If Dell wanted to measure social media referred conversion rates and engagement metrics, which type of analytic would it use?
One advantage of using Facebook is that it gives Dell the ability to ______.
Carefully target different segments
One way GE could use technology to increase access to its services and build customer connections would be to use _____.
Any or all of these
Once consumers arrive at GE’s social media sites, GE must _____ them about its value proposition and related benefits.
GE Healthymagination uses Facebook, which is a social-networking site. Social-networking sites are ideally suited for which of the four Es in the 4E framework?
GE listens to its customers through various social media platforms. To analyze this content in terms of its favorableness or unfavorableness, GE can use a technique known as _________.
Sentiment analysis
What should GE do as the final step in its Healthymagination social media marketing campaign?
Monitor and change
Which of the following is GE using in the Healthymagination social media campaign?
All of these
In order to get customers excited about a social media- related offer, the offer must be
relevant and aimed at a target audience
Marketers analyze comments posted by consumers on sites such as Facebook and Twitter to assess the favorableness or unfavorableness about a company and its products in a process known as
sentiment analysis
Facebook would be categorized as which type of social media?
Social networking site
Which of the following types of blogs are written by people who review and give recommendations on products and services?
The percentage of times a visitor leaves a site almost immediately, such as after viewing only one page, is referred to as the _____ rate.
A person who wishes to fulfill the need for “me time” would most likely download which of the following apps?
A person who wishes to fulfill the need for “me time” would most likely download which of the following apps?
Which facet of the 4E framework is best addressed by thought-sharing sites?
Facebook’s Ad Manager offers various metrics and reports, such as number of clicks on ads, audience demographics, and ad performance for specific time periods. This information would be used in which step of developing a social media campaign?
Monitor and change
Twitter is a type of
Content that is distributed through online and mobile technologies to facilitate interpersonal interactions is referred to as
Social media
If a company wants to determine where people have come from to get to its website, it would use which metric?
keyword analysis
In terms of the 4E framework, a company that utilizes a media-sharing site such as YouTube does so to help consumers
Experience the company’s goods and services
While shopping online for gardening supplies, Lana visits a website she had heard advertised on HGTV. Although she was not familiar with this particular firm, upon entering its website, Lana was able to learn about the company’s value proposition as well as the benefits of their products. As a result, she decided to try out one of the company’s most popular products. Which aspect of the 4E framework does this represent?
Educate the customer
Which of the following is not a metric used by social media marketers to analyze data collected from social media?
Cookie tracking
Being able to download a chapter of a new book before buying it, or listening to a few seconds of a song before purchasing it are examples of which aspect of the 4E framework?
Experience the product
Through its Facebook page, a major restaurant chain is offering its customers a Groupon coupon for 50 percent off the purchase of a meal. In doing so, the restaurant is focusing on which aspect of the 4E framework?
Which of the following is not one of the seven primary motivations for using a mobile app?
A person who has loaded the Weather Channel app on his or her smartphone to get up-to-the-minute weather information is attempting to fulfill which primary motivation for using a mobile app?
When a game or app prompt users to make small “micropurchases” to enhance the app or game, it is referred to as a(n)
in-app purchase

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