PrimeSUITE’S management and electronic health record and software

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EHR/EMR software is more comprehensive than Practice Management software because it:
Includes clinical documentation
Allows for ePrescribing, has mobile applications, assists in information exchanges
A patient is entered into the patient list
In the long term, costs will _________ when transitioning to an electronic health record system.
The process of moving a patient from appointment making through check-out is called:
Patient flow
Clinical documentation of a patient’s visit is known as the
Progress note
An encounter for is also known as a/an
The______ is a form used to Bill patient claims in physician offices.
One factor that might contribute to slow acceptance of EHRs is
Security fears
PrimeSUITE’S user guide is accessed through the_____ feature.
Which of the following illustrates clinical information collected through an EHR?
Plan of care
_____ is not easily attained when using a manual record system.
Software with a unique purpose, such as word processing, or used for a specific industry
A single database to sync multiple unrelated functions or systems
Care provider
Person usually a physician, who performs healthcare services requiring specialized
Service that assists in claims processing by standardizing billing and performing error checks
Electronic claim submission
Filing of a healthcare claim using by computer rather than paper
Encounter form
A form generated at the completion of an office visit, a portion of which details the patients diagnosis, procedures and services, performed and charge for each procedure/service
Point of care
Procedures that take place at the time of care, rather than at a remote location or at a point in time after care is complete.
Practice management software
Specialized computer software that performs administrative and billing procedures in medical offices.
Speech recognition
Technology that digitally transcribes spoken words
Documented patient information such as age, sex, and race
Clinical documentation
Stores/tracks the progress notes of patient visits
Allows the electronic transmission of prescription information to pharmacies
Enables healthcare professionals to share relevant clinical information
Enables access to clinical trial information and financial benchmarking services
Allows instant access to EHR information even without a computer
Documents verbal dictation on the computer screen
A single fact often used interchangeably with information
Health information exchange
The sharing of health information among various entities, using standardized and secure processes
Unstructured data
Details that cannot be tracked , such as emails and voice recognition technology audio files
Meaningful use
Use of health information in an effective and efficient manner to improve patient care
Clinical decision support
Method of accessing current treatment options for a disease, through electronic or remote methods
Master patient index
Record of the names of all patients seen in a hospital setting
Protected health information
Any piece of identifying or clinical information about a patient
An independent organization that is responsible for certifying electronic health records for viability
Institute of medicine(IOM)
An independent organization that works to provide advice and guidance to the public and healthcare decision makers
The acronym HIE stands for
Health information exchange
An advantage of using screen-based data collection tools is that the layout of the information on the can be:
The ____ defined the eight core functions of an EHR
Institute of Medicine
Which of the following is a goal of HIPAA?
Establish standards for keeping of health information
In a physician’s office, patient data collection begins when:
The patient calls to make an appointment
An advantage of EHRs is that patients are now able to ____ about procedures they procedures they are undergoing
View videos
Knowing that Jim Smith had a heart attack when he was 53 is an example of :
When patients are finished with their encounter at a hospital, they
Are discharged
If a hospital uses information gathered through their EHRs to justify the purchase state-of-art equipment to improve patient care, they are:
Engaging in meaningful use
______data includes demographic data
Which of the following is NOT an example of demographic data?
Primary physician
Administrative data is used to satisfy_____requirements.
Before a patient can be treated at a healthcare setting, she must be
Recording a patient’s previous or married name might help with
Cross-referencing data
One of the common Help features is
Frequently Asked Questions
___is part of a patient’s administrative information found on a registration form
An insurance claim may be denied if the receptionist fails to:
Enter all data correctly
_____is part of the appointment scheduling feature of PrimeSUITE
Chief complaint
Accountable care organizations rely on EHR
A facility’s collection of patient data might be used to satisfy___ requirements.
Meaningful use
Editing a patient’s mailing address is accomplished by using
Free-text fields
Patient check-in is
Important for efficient patient tracking
Information such as a policyholder name and insurance plan name appear in the ____ section of a claim form
Chief complaint
Reason for a patient’s appointment; may determine the length of an exam visit
Comprehensive listing of national, alphanumeric diagnosis codes
Form used to submit insurance claims in a healthcare office
Data dictionary
List of correct definitions for a facility’s unique terms and jargon
Clinical documentation architecture
HL7 standard that outlines the format of clinical documentation, such as reports and discharge summaries
Master patient index
Permanent router of all patients ever seen in a healthcare setting
Form used to submit insurance claims in a hospital setting
Continuity of care documents
Document exchange standard that guides how patient information is shared among providers and healthcare settings
In terms of computer software, a comprehensive listing of related entities to choose from, such as ICD-10 codes
Administrative data
Information, such as a patient’s gender and date of birth, that is required to be collected under HIPAA

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