Post-Quiz: Chapter 7

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Another term for the strategic goals of an organization is:
official goals.
Kia’s company has set a new operational goal for her work group: “Eliminate overtime.” Which action by Kia demonstrates adherence to her work group’s operational plan to achieve this goal?
Discovering daily and weekly resource scheduling roadblocks.
What concept is at the top of an organization’s goal hierarchy?
Mission of the company
A start-up company founded a technical university to implement digital innovation into teaching. Which feature of the company’s mission statement demonstrates the company’s commitment to reinventing higher education?
Statement of values that guide the company
Which type of goals is middle management primarily concerned with?
An internal medicine group practice wants to adopt a new trend, becoming a “concierge” operation. They will provide unlimited healthcare for monthly subscription fees. Which operational goal will be needed to successfully make this transition?
Doctors immediately respond to illness and injury events.
What benefit does the popular technique of creating a strategy map not offer to users?
Very detailed vision statement
Once the presentation of a non-profit’s strategy map to its employees had concluded, the agency director listened for employee responses to its learning and growth goals. Which response indicates that additional education should be scheduled?
“I wonder if this company has ideas about professional development.”
As department manager, Aoki worked out a plan with her team and help set goals for each of her employees. Each employee ended up with at least fifteen goals. This process violated which criteria for effective goal setting?
Covers key result areas
A solar-energy manufacturing company is expecting new innovations to change its equipment and processes over the next two to three years. Which action illustrates that the manager knows how to keep employees on track toward accomplishing their final goal?
Setting biannual dates for investigating change options
Which theorist created “management by objectives” in U.S. businesses?
Peter Drucker
Demetrius has just been hired by a financial investment company, that has long used the management by objectives (MBO) method of goal setting and performance evaluation. Which outcome of a management by means (MBM) approach would Demetrius not include as a selling point for company adoption of MBM?
Company executives would reap increased financial rewards for management.
What type of standing plan specifies what the organization should do when one of its factory workers files a grievance?
A non-profit organization piloted a new approach to designing long-term care facilities that took into account the needs of elderly residents. The final results were so successful that they standardized their construction plans. From now on, all their facilities are going to be similarly built. Which management action does this change represent?
Moving from single-use plans to standing plans
Which of the following is not one of the benefits of organizational planning?
Preventing the use of intuition and creativity
Sergio spent a lot of time designing extensive details to complete a tactical plan to guide his department. Which action should he take to avoid the most common cause of a plan creating a false sense of security?
Identify areas of uncertainty about the future
What type of planning occurs when the organization is faced with a situation in which its continued existence may be in question?
Crisis planning
Hannah is leading the management group charged with coming up with solid plans for the most high-impact contingencies. What outcome demonstrates that the group successfully met the challenge?
Employees feel ready to meet a worst case situation.
What type of performance standard would specify the percentage of customer orders that need to be shipped to customers within 48 hours of receiving the order?
Performance dashboard
Akram, the CEO of a brand new marketing firm introduces stretch goals into every company that he starts or joins. He believes that the only way for any team to overcome challenges common to start up companies is through radical innovation. As a result, Akram sets very high standards and goals to motivate the team to super-achieve. What can simultaneously be considered the best feature and, from some employees’ viewpoint, be the worst characteristic of stretch goals?
Stretch goals are way beyond the current levels of organizational capability.

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