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Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics Chapter 2
27 Sep 2020 Database

question Frequency Table answer Grouping of qualitative data into mutually exclusive classes showing the number of observation in each class question Relative Class Frequencies answer The fraction of the total number of observation in each class question Bar Chart answer Shows qualitative classes on horizontal axis and class frequencies on vertical question Pie Chart answer […]

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Econ 10 ; 12

question Disposable Income answer Income after tax; Consumption + Saving question 45 degree line answer A reference line where consumption = disposable income question B answer If the marginal propensity to consume is .9, then the marginal propensity to save must be: A. 1 B. 0.1 C. 1.1 D. 0.9 question C answer If the […]

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question The model of ethical management in which managers fail to take morality into account when making decisions is: answer Amoral management question The key operating question of immoral management is: answer can we make money with this action, regardless of what it takes? question The key operating question of moral management is answer Will […]

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Wells Fargo Banks Executives

question John G. Stumpf Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer Wells Fargo Age: 57 answer Who’s this? question Biography answer Mr. Stumpf has served as our Chairman since December 2009, Chief Executive Officer since June 2007, and as our President since August 2005. He also served as our Chief Operating Officer from […]

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Unit 4 quiz for management 370

question Managers spend 80 percent of every working day doing desk work. answer false question The sender must encode the message and select a communication channel after developing the message. answer true question A decentralized network is a team communication structure in which team members freely communicate with one another and arrive at decisions together. […]

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TN Real Estate Principles Unit 22
16 Sep 2020 Database

question A buyer is obtaining a loan in the amount of $184,000 at 5 percent interest. Escrow will close on June 15 and the first mortgage payment is due on August 1. At closing, the buyer will be charged A) $383.40. B) $408.96. C) $403.20. D) $378.00. answer A question The annual real estate taxes […]

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test 1 auding

question Which of the following factors most likely would cause a CPA to decide not to accept a new audit engagement? answer Management’s disregard of its responsibility to maintain an adequate internal control environment. question what organization is responsible for setting auditing standards for audits of publicly-traded companies in the us answer PCAOB question which […]

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Strategic Management exam questions

question What do we mean by ‘Strategic Management’? answer The art & science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives question What does a STRATEGIST do? (his job function) answer -Track industry and competitive trends -spot emerging market opportunities -identify threats -develop creative plans question What question […]

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Small Business Chapters 9-18, 22

question For manufacturers, which of the following is a top priority in location decisions? answer Closeness to raw materials question A good reason for relocating a typical manufacturing business is to answer Get closer to raw materials question Using special-purpose equipment in the manufacturing process typically results in answer greater output per machine-hour of operation. […]

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Flashcards on Review

question Em Dash answer Typing text, followed by two hyphens, followed by more text and then a space changes the two hyphens question Clip Art answer A predefined graphic question Transparent answer You can make one color in a graphic transparent, that is, removing its color question Grow Font answer A button, Word provides to […]

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Project Risk Management

question Brainstorming answer A technique by which a group attempts to generate ideas or to find a solution for a specific problem by amassing ideas spontaneously and without judgement question Contingency Allowance answer Provisions held by the project sponsor or organization to reduce the risk of cost or schedule overruns to an acceptable level; also […]

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Post-Quiz: Chapter 7

question Another term for the strategic goals of an organization is: answer official goals. question Kia’s company has set a new operational goal for her work group: “Eliminate overtime.” Which action by Kia demonstrates adherence to her work group’s operational plan to achieve this goal? answer Discovering daily and weekly resource scheduling roadblocks. question What […]

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ORPE CHAP 15, Chapter 15 pre

question A company’s supply chain involves the flow of materials and information from suppliers, through production, to the end users. answer TRUE question In supply chain organizations, functions must operate independently of each other. answer FALSE question In purchasing, one’s only ethical obligation is to one’s suppliers. answer FALSE question Using third-party logistics involves using […]

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NTR 355M Unit 1

question Management answer Coordination of human and material resources while maintaining concern for morals, ethics, and ideals. question Concepts important to Management answer – Authority – Accountability – Responsibility question Authority answer the right of a manager to direct others question Resposibility answer the obligation to perform an assigned activity question Accountability answer the state […]

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Flashcards and Answers – MKTG Exam 2

question Chapter 5 Consumer Behavior: How and Why We Buy 1) When using ________, a consumer exerts little effort in making a purchase decision. A) habitual decision making B) extended problem solving C) independent heuristic rating D) dependent heuristic rating E) limited problem solving answer habitual decision making question 2) A consumer purchase decision made […]

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MIS exam 1 review

question By definition, the CIO is a direct report of the CEO answer False question Information technology is defined as computer hardware and software for processing and storing information, as well as communications technology (voice and data) for transmitting information. answer True question What lead to an increase in IT investments by organizations in the […]

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MINS 301 Ch. 9 Vocabulary

question Agile Methodology answer Aims for customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of useful software components developed by an iterative process using the bare minimum requirements. question Alpha Testing answer Assess whether the entire system meets the design requirements of the users. question Analysis Phase answer The firm analyzes its end-user business requirements and […]

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MGT 3370
20 Aug 2020 Database

question 4 functions of Management answer Planning, controlling, organizing, management question Management answer Process of working with people and resources to accomplish organization goals question Effective is to ____________ and to be efficient is to ___________. answer 1.) Achieve organizational Goals 2.)achieve goals with minimal waste of resources question Planning answer systematically making decisions about […]

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MGMT 425 Chapt 2

question Which one of the following is not one of the five basic tasks of the strategy-making, strategy-executing process? A. Forming a strategic vision of where the company needs to head and what its future business make-up will be B. Setting objectives to convert the strategic vision into specific strategic and financial performance outcomes for […]

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McDonough Chapter 11

question The Monroe Doctrine declared that the United States would answer view European interference in the Americas as a threat to the national interest of the United States * question Which statement best describes President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy position toward Latin America in the early 1900’s? answer Latin American nations should form an organization […]

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MANG 420

question All organizations have bedrock, unassailable assumptions that define their goals and products. answer -True question From the point of view of economics, information systems technology can be viewed as a factor of production that can be substituted for traditional capital and labor. answer -True question A firm can be said to have competitive advantage […]

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Management 494 Chapter 5

question 1. Which of the following businesses is required by law to make its data available to the public? A. A restaurant owned and managed by an individual proprietorB. A premium salon owned by two business partnersC. A carpet manufacturing unit runs solely by a third-generation entrepreneur D. A software company with over 300 shareholders […]

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