POLS 1100 Chapter 12 Quiz

The winners of elections often believe that they have a(n) __________, which is a command, indicated by an electorate’s votes, for the newly elected officials to carry out a party platform or policy agenda.

A majority of the __________ selects the president of the United States.
Electoral College

When a citizen votes for candidates from different parties in the same election he or she is __________.

Which of the following religious groups maintains the most consistent voting patterns?
Jewish voters

Roughly what percentage of Americans rarely or never vote?
35 percent

Voters who select a candidate based on the candidate’s policy promises are making __________ judgments.

Which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution lowered the voting age to eighteen?

The __________ was enacted after the 2000 election to assist states with upgrading their voting equipment.
Help America Vote Act

How do most citizens in Washington and Oregon vote?
by mail

Women support the average Democrat __________.
5 to 7 percent more than do men

How many electoral votes are needed to be elected president?

What is front-loading?
the tendency of states to choose an early date on the nomination calendar.

Which of the following do some consider to be a problem with the Electoral College?
The winner of a popular vote can still fail to be elected.

What Electoral College practice did the Twelfth Amendment replace?
The president and vice-president were elected from the same pool of candidates.

If you are competing for your party’s nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives, you must first participate in a(n) __________ election.
primary election

When is the initiative process the most useful?
when the public favors a policy that the legislature is unwilling to enact

Which presents the greatest threat to congressional incumbents of the president’s party?
a mid-term election after the president’s sixth year in office

Which of the following is true about young citizens?
Young citizens are less likely to vote.

Critics of the initiative process argue that ballot measures are often the subject of undue influence by __________.
special interest groups

Why has there been a growing use of recall elections in recent years?
New technology has made it easier to gather signatures and raise money.

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