Plot:The story Essay Example
Plot:The story Essay Example

Plot:The story Essay Example

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1 Plot:The story opens with Alibi and his father traveling home from a fishing expedition. Unexpectedly, an intoxicated rider is left seriously injured in a self- inflicted accident. The main character, Alibi, witnesses the immobile, bloody body. The conflict for Alibi and his father is deciding what action to take regarding the body. Upon delivery of the injured boy to his father, Alibi and his father drive off in their truck. Winston ends, rather abruptly, with each son in the arms of their father.

This can be considered a logical and suitable conclusion despite some uncertainty as o the state of the rider. Characterization:Winston, in the short story 'A Blow, A Kiss', tells the story two sets of father and son relationships. Winston depicts two completely different father roles;


one that is nurturing and one that aggressive. Both sets of fathers however do show the same feeling of love and care for their sons. The youth and inexperience of Alibi plays a pivotal role in the story. Winston writes about Alibi in scary and intimidating circumstances such as fear of the bloody body as well as the pub.

Alibi continually mention the content with the loving relationship he has with his father. Alibi refers to his father's warmth and smell as being "enough" to subdue their earlier bad luck of leaving the salmon behind. I 31 Setting:Winston writes the story about an incident in an undisclosed town. However, it can be inferred that it is out in the country based on Window's love and constant use of the country landscape, as well as a mention in the story to fishing and farming. The town

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can also be inferred to be small in population, due to Mr..

Stevens instant connection of Will Beacon's boy. This creates an interesting dynamic between the two sets of fathers, as they are most likely somewhat familiar of one another. 4 | Atmosphere:The story has a range of moods and atmospheres. Winston, at the beginning of story, mentions the peaceful images of fishing and Alibi being tucked up near his father. Winston follows with the mood of panic, chaos and hostility. The setting of the pub, is used by Winston to reflect the irrationality and confusion of the drunk old man.

The irony of this situation is the action that violence was used by the drunk old man as a way of showing affection and care. 5 | Plausibility:The story is quite plausible. There are various types of father son relationships in the world. Winston writes about two completely different relationships; a father that is loving in a gentle manner and a father that expresses his love in using violence. These types of relationships are very much present in society today. This story states quite a lot about human existence.

The notion that humans can express the same emotion in a variety of efferent ways is at the forefront of the story. Accidents that occur from intoxication are also very much present in society today. 7 | Style/Structure:Tim Winston is commonly known to employ descriptive language techniques in his short stories. Winston writes with little verbosity, constructing stories that immediately captivates the reader. Winston writes in a conservative, linear fashion. He writes mainly about the struggle of emotional connections; implementing morally conflicted individuals with strong


Winston is very basic in his writing; using occasional literary techniques such as similes, metaphors and symbolism. There techniques are aimed to highlight the intense images of the story. Winston ordinarily formats his stories; chronologically describing each event. Winston does not foreshadow, however occasionally uses flashbacks in stories such as 'A Blow, A Kiss'. Winston purposefully allows for ambiguous endings of certain stories such as 'A Blow, A Kiss'. Winston is usually the narrator of the story; he is an overseer of events of the story. 8 | Background:Tim Winston lives a sheltered, conventional lifestyle.

His past is nothing out of the absurd despite the stories he chooses to write. Winston does not reflect his own personal experiences in his stories. This is somewhat unexpected due to the amount of depth that he expresses in the stories. Window's writing can be considered typical to the modern day literary period. 9 | Theme:The themes of the Relationship between Youth and Adulthood and Father-Son Relationships are the central themes of the story 'A Blow, A Kiss'. Winston bases the majority of his stories in Concision around the emotional connection between Father and Son.

Winston also uses the main character, Alibi, as a way of representing inexperience and innocence of the youth. Winston places Alibi in adult situations as way of highlighting the extreme difference between the harsh adulthood and the sheltered world of the youth I 10 | Judgment:'A Blow, A Kiss' is a vintage Tim Winston story. The story's rich imagery is achieved through Window's excessive use descriptive language. Unlike the other stories in Concision, 'A Blow, A Kiss is not absurd; merely a true

reflection of the real world. I (From: J Menorah 12003)

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