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the 4 geographic markets
europe-africa, asia-pacific, latin america, north america
currently selling how many pairs
million annually
how much revenue, net earnings, and per share of common stock in current year?
$238 million in revenue
$25 million net earnings
$2.50 per share of common stock
first priority as a business strategy game participant
absorb contents of guide to get a firm grip on exercise involved, character of global athletic footwear market, and the cause and effect relationships that govern company.
each decision period represents
1 year
the company began operating
10 years ago
make decisions regarding
corporate social responsibility and citizenship, branded and private label footwear production, the addition or sale of plant capacity and upgrades to existing plants, worker compensation and training, shipping and distribution center operations, pricing and marketing, bids to sign celebrities to endorse your footwear, the financing of company operations.
details of the annual sales forecasts
entails as few as 12 and as many as 20 entries for each geographic area and as many as 6 entries for forecasting the volume of online sales.
what are examples of important things to consider
tariffs, annual changes in exchange rates, and shareholder expectations to satisfy.
what serves as the basis for meeting with your co managers to agree upon strategy changes and decisions for the upcoming yr?
reviews and analysis of the company reports, footear indistry report, competitive intelligence reports.
where can you access all aspects of BSG
anywhere anytime
where can you access the players guide and find links to decision reports, procedures, schedule, quizzes, peer evaluations?
the corporate lobby page
where do you produce footwear and how much at each plant
2 plants
north america- 2 million
asia- 4 million (newer)
can plants be operated at over time?
yes to boost capacity by 20%
what is the current annual capacity?
7,200,000 pairs
what was sales volume in yr 10?
5.2 million pairs
is there an immediate need to add more capacity?
can you come up with new designs, more models, features?
yes to keep the product line fresh and with the current fashion
where do you market your brand?
footwear retailers worldwide
online or on the company site
what happened in the past when the company had more production capacity then was needed to meet the demand for its branded footwear?
entered competitive bidding for contracts to produce fw sold under the private-label brands of large chain retailers
how many were sold in yr 10 to retailers and individuals
4.5 million
in yr 10 how many did it supply to large multi-outlet retailers of athletic footwear?
740,000 pairs
where are materials purchased to make shoes
various suppliers who have the capability to make daily deliveries to the plants
what eliminates the need for maintaining materials inventories at its plants
the companies just-in-time supply chain
how is newly produced footwear shipped?
immediately in bulk containers to one of the 4 regional distribution centers
where is the distribution center in europe-africa?
dist center in asia pacific?
bangkok, thailand
latin america dist center?
rio de janeiro, brazil
north am dist center?
memphis, tennessee
can the tariffs be altered?
yes as the game progresses so view them as temporary
how are the shoes stored at the distribution center?
individually packed and stored in bins numbered by model and size
how are the shoes retrieved?
as needed from bins to fill incoming orders from retailers, online buyers, and ready orders for shipment
how are the shoes transported?
by independent freight carriers that pick up orders at the loading docts of the dist centers and deliver them to customers
when will orders be delivered?
within 1 to 4 weeks from the time the order is placed
can you staff for 1-week 2-week 3-week or 4-week delivery to retailers?
yes and you decide which
can you alter the features, styles, and models of the product?
yes from time to time
how will you enhance sales volume and standing in the market place?
via attractive pricing, advertising, mail-in rebates, contracts with celebrities, convincing retailers to carry its brand, providing merchandising and promotional support to retailers, good delivery times on shipment to retailers, and promoting online purchases at its website.
in which yr did the company go public?
what was the stock price in yr 6?
what is the stock price at the end of yr 10?
how many shares of the company’s stock are outstanding?
10 million shares
how are the financial statements prepared?
with generally accepted accounting principles
how are the financial statements reported?
in u.s. dollars
what is the company’s acct in accordance with?
rules and regulations of all securities exchanges where its stock is traded
how many comp are in your industry?
in upcoming years where can managers alter their sales and market shares
in all regions opting to increase sales and shares in some and to decreases sales and shares in others
can they alter including exiting one or more regions or market segments entirely?
how are the prospects for long-term growth in the sales of ath fw

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