pizza hut managers test

For pizzas with extra sauce (Classic Marinara, Creamy Garlic Parmesan of Premium Crushed Tomato), how much extra sauce is added?
1 side scoop
Extra toppings(“X”) count as a topping when deciding what spec level to use when topping pizzas. (T/F)
False (Paying extra should receive extra)
When filling insert pans at the Cut Table with sauces, fill them only high enough to cover the brush. The sauce should never touch the handles of the brushes. (T/F)
How much beef goes on a 2-topping pizza?
1 full meat cup. (1&2 topping pizzas get full cup, 3+ topping pizzas get half cup)
How much chicken is added to a single pan of creamy Chicken Alfredo Tuscani Pasta?
Fill to the “Tuscani” line on the grey personal meat cup.
Which pizza(s) require a box support at the Cut Table?
Pan Pizza
Sauce should be spread how close to the quality ring?
1/4 inch (which gives room for the crust)
What is the spec level for spinach on a medium pepperoni, beef, and spinach pizza?
1 full bag (will always be 1 full bag no matter the size)
The Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie and Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie must be thawed prior to baking.(T/F)
What is the maximum time dough can be out of the freezer during the panning process?
30 minutes
How do you build a Pepperoni Lovers pizza?
Sauce, full cup of cheese, level 2+/X pepperoni, half cup of cheese, level 1 pepperoni
If air bubbles are present in Pan dough, it’s acceptable to burp the dough by using the side of your hand to gently move the air pocket towards the edge of the pan, then pull the dough gently away from the side of the pan to let the air escape (making sure not to damage the dough in the process). (T/F)
How much beef/pork mix goes on a medium Supreme Pizza?
1/2 clear meat cup
Is it acceptable to thaw partial packages to Thin N Crispy pizza dough.(T/F)
What is the spec level for onions for a Supreme pizza with extra onions?
3+/X visual spec plus 3+/X visual spec (any pizza with more than 2 toppings gets 3+ visual spec
What is the process for saucing a medium Pan or Hand-Tossed Pizza with Creamy Garlic Parmesan?
Fill spoodle level with the three posts and scrape.
How much cheese goes on a single order (5) of Cheese Sticks?
1/2 clear cheese cup (Medium cup)
What smallware is used to apply #4 Garlic Buttery Blend to Hand-Tossed Pizza at the Cut Table?
Black and Red pastry brush
Fully Pre-topped 1 topping Pepperoni pizzas have a shelf life of 2 hours. (T/F)
How much #1 Buttery Sauce should be applied to a double order (10) of Breadsticks after cooking?
Two full white handle brushes. (If only one order (5) is one full while handle brush)
When making a Stuffed Crust Pizza, use large specs for all toppings except for cheese(medium). (T/F)
Stuffed Crust Pizza dough must be perforated and sauced after the cheese has been stuffed into the crust. (T/F)
False (it was already perforated before adding the cheese in crust)
Which of the following is NOT true when filling cheese cups?
Dont Shake The Cup!
For Wet Crust Finishers, tap brush twice (dip,tap,tap) and always brush once from 12 O’clock to 6 O’clock and once from 6 O’clock to 12 O’clock. (T/F)
How much total cheese goes on a large Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza?
1 full red cheese cup plus 1/2 red cheese cup
Flavor sticks are packaged in a breadstick bad with Marinara Dipping Sauce. (T/F)
Portioned Breadstick sauce (Marinara sauce) held at ambient on the Cut Table must have an MRD sticker. (T/F)
Toasted Cheddar Flavor Sticks are placed in the oven with a shield to ensure proper baking. (T/F)
Properly proofed Pan dough must retard in the walk-in cooler for a minimum of ________ prior to using?
1 hour
Salami is the first sliced meat applied (before Pepperoni and Ham). (T/F)
What is the spec level for a Bacon on a Meat Lovers Pizza?
Match the 3+/X level veggie/bacon visual spec.
How much cheese is added to a cheese only pizza?
1 full cheese cup plus 1/2 cheese cup
Single tip squeeze bottles for Medium Buffalo and Honey BBQ sauce are used at the Make Table.(T/F)
Pan Pizza dough that has been panned must temper for at least ________ hours before proofing.
How can you prevent a foodborne illness?
Sanitize all food contact surfaces, Discard food that exceeds its shelf life, and keep food out of the temperature danger zone. (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
When would you discard commissary Hand-Tossed Pizza dough that was tempered Tuesday after 7pm (following standard prep procedures)?
Thursday at close. (Hand-Tossed pizza gets 2 days from day you make it. Discard at close)
For a 2-topping Stuffed Crust pizza with ground meat, how much ground meat is added to the pizza?
1 full red meat cup
#1 Buttery sauce is a standard Crust Finisher for which of the following at the Cut Table?
a. Breadsticks
c. Pretzel Crust
Which of the following are NOT true when preparing a Stuffed Crust Pizza?
Use large specs for cheese
Ingredients on the Make Table must be fresh, drained properly and completely thawed. (T/F)
How can you tell if a Pan Pizza is cooked properly?
Dough in the center is yellow in color, not white, Dough in center is yellow in color, not white, and ridges on the dough do not smear when a spatula is pulled across, and crust color on the Finishers/Quality chart Job Aid. (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
What is the correct temperature for the proofer?
95F+/- 5F (85F +/- 5F high altitude)
What is the shelf life of unsauced, sauced, cheese, bottom sliced meats, and 1-topping Pepperoni pizzas?
6 hours
Extra Cheese is always placed on top of the ingredients except for Pepperoni 1-topping pizzas. (T/F)
How close to the edge of a Stuffed Crust pizza should you sauce?
1/4 inch from the edge of the string cheese wall
Toppings and sauce should be evenly distributed (all sauce should be covered by cheese and toppings should be evenly distributed across the cheese). (T/F)
What part of the cooler should be used to store cheese?
Near the door
Dough should be placed in the coldest part of the cooler. (T/F)
A single order (5) of Toasted Cheddar Flavor Sticks get 1 yellow garnish cup of Cheddar Cheese. (T/F)
A Rectangular Pan Pizza gets large spec levels for all ingredients. (T/F)

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