Physics chapter 26

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In order that electromagntic induction occurs in a cirucit there must be a
Change in magnetic field intensity
Is the current that is produced by a generator ac or DC
What transforms from one coil into another in a transformer is
Do generators produce energy
No, the convert it from some other form of electrical energy
What exactly does a step down transformer step down
In a step down transformer, how does input current compare with output current
The output current is greater
Does the transmission of electric energy require electrical conductors b/w the source and receiever
No. Sunlight transports electromagnetic power thru a vacuum
What do we call electromagnetic waves in the range of frequencies that match what our eyes can see
Visible light
What produces an electromagnetic wave
Oscillating or accelerating electric charge
The electromagnetic waves having the highest speed in free space are
None bc gamma radio and light all have same speed
What is the color of visible light of the lowest frequencies? Of highest frequencies
Red, violet
At how much of the measured electromagnetic spectrum does light occupy
Less than 1 millionth of 1%
What is the fate of the energy in ultraviolet light that is incident upon glass
Ultraviolet light will be absorbed by the resonant vibration of electrons and turned into internal energy and a temp increase
What is the fate of the energy in visible light that is incident upon glass
Visible light will be transmitted by the glass, losing little energy, so energy remains visible light energy
Why do opaque materials become warmer when light shines on them
Vibrations given by the light to their electrons, atoms, and molecules that absorb the light become internal energy, thus leading to a temperature increase
How do the rods in the eye differ from the cones
Rods are rod shaped and more sensitive to dim light. The cones are cone shaped and color sensitive

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