phys geography

Geographers study spatial patterns.
Geographers use only the scientific method to conduct their research.
There is a lot of variety in the types of careers that geographers have, and physical geographers have good salaries on average.
Geographical information systems (GIS) are only used to map nice-looking maps.
Both physical and human geography focus on
spatial patterns.
Which of the following best describes the field of physical geography?
understanding how Earth’s processes interact to produce the phenomena observed in nature and their spatial patterns across the Earth
The main methodology governing geographic study
involves spatial analysis
The key idea behind the scientific method is
the testing of ideas through controlled observations and experiments.
Longitude is
an angular distance measured east or west of a prime meridian.
Latitude is
the angular distance measured north or south of the equator.
Standard time zones
average about 15° wide in longitude because Earth rotates through that distance in one hour.
On the Mercator projection, areas at high latitudes (near the poles) appear
larger than areas of the same size located near the equator
Remote sensing is
the monitoring of a distant object without physical contact.
Which of the following is an example of an active remote sensing device?
weather radar
Which of the following is a capability of a geographic information system (GIS)?
map production with overlays of different information layers, data manipulation and analysis, data storage
GIS (geographic information systems) is most powerful when you use it to
answer complex questions about what patterns exist in nature and society and why these patterns occur
You and your best friend go for a hot air balloon ride. On the ground, the balloon company uses an anemometer to measure the wind direction, making sure to keep you safe. Up in the air, you are taking pictures of the area with your camera. Your friend, who took this class last semester, wants to prove that temperature decreases with height, and is measuring the temperature as you rise using a thermometer. Which of the measurement instruments is an example of remote sensing?
the camera
A system responds to a disturbance by moving farther away from its equilibrium condition. What type of feedback has occurred?
You are at the top of a hill and push a beach ball away from you. It continues moving downhill. What type of process does this represent?
positive feedback
You are at the bottom of a hill and push a beach ball away from you. It rolls back to your feet. What type of process does this represent?
a negative feedback
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