Phrases: Future, Past and Command form of NG ; RR Class Verbs

Yulunga galigu!
Dance to the water!

Yulugi ngaya galigu.
I will dance to the water.

Yulunhi ngaya galigu.
I danced to the water.

Gaanga wiyayl man.gadhi!
Take the pen from the table!

Gaagi nginda wiyayl man.gadhi.
You will take the pen from the table.

Gaanhi nginda wiyayl man.gadhi.
You took the pen from the table.

Ngarunga gali nhama!
Drink that water!

Ngarugi nguru gali nhama.
She will drink that water.

Ngarunhi nguru gali nhama.
She drank that water.

Bundaanga dhawunda!
Fall on the ground!

Bundaagi nhama dhawunda.
She will fall on the ground.

Bundaanhi nhama dhawunda.
She fell on the ground.

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Ginga gaba!
Get well!

Gigi ngaya gaba.
I will get well.

Ginyi ngaya gaba.
I got well.

Wuuna ngay!
Give it to me!

Wuurri ngaya nginu.
I will give it to you.

Wuunhi ngaya nginu.
I gave it to you.

Garriya dhinawan dhuna!
Dont poke the emu!

Gamil nginda dhinawan dhurri.
You wont poke the emu.

Gamil nginda dhinawan dhunhi.
You didnt poke the emu.

Dhuuna dhulugu!
Crawl to the stick!

Dhuurri dhuru dhulugu.
The snake will crawl to the stick.

Dhuunhi dhuru dhulugu.
The snake crawled to the stick.
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