Personality of Donald Trump Essay Example
Personality of Donald Trump Essay Example

Personality of Donald Trump Essay Example

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  • Published: August 11, 2017
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Success is defined by the achievements people make in their lives. These achievements are underscored by their abilities to take and animate others. Many theoreticians have pondered what features and traits lead people to hold such a passionate thrust towards success. Donald Trump is one of these exultant persons. who despite hardship have accomplished unrenowned accomplishments. In order to understand what has made Donald successful. his character traits must be analyzed and compared to admit theory. Donald Trump is a true American success narrative and his attack to concern. along with his personality. must be closely explored.

Donald Trump was born in New York City on June 14. 1946. to Fred and Mary Trump and is the 4th of five kids. Fred Trump was a self-made successful existent estate developer. who b


ecame a millionaire by the clip Donald was born. He built modest places and flat edifices and liked to remain out of the limelight. He was an adult male of strong strong belief and assurance and instilled in his kids the importance of believing in themselves. being optimistic and endeavoring for success ( Slater. 2005 ). The Trumps lived good but merely and were nonshowy in their disbursement. Donald’s parents were economical in the sense that they knew it was noneasy to do money and that money should be treated with regard ( Trump ). Fred was rigorous with his kids but a devoted hubby and male parent. Mary was a traditional homemaker but had a genius for the dramatic and was enchanted by royalty and glamor ( O’Brien. 2005 ). She had a great sense of flamboyance. loved to form household parties and events

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and was ever the star of the show.

Donald has said that. when it comes to existent estate. his pa was his best instructor. He claims he began to learn as a little kid when playing at his father’s pass. as he listened to his male parent behavior concern over the phone with edifice contractors. Donald boasts that. by the age of 10. he knew more about raising an edifice than many grownups did ( Slater. 2005 ) . During school holidays. Donald and his brothers would label along with their male parents to assist with undertakings and to roll up rents. He genuinely admired his male parent. He wanted to follow in his footfalls but non to hold to walk in his father’s shadow. He wanted to accomplish illustriousness on his ain and be known as Donald Trump. non-Fred Trump’s boy.

Donald was reasonably wild and boisterous. Equally early as the 2nd class. he punched his music instructor and gave him a black oculus. By the age of 13. his parents had lost forbearance with him and shipped him off to New York Military Academy. Donald rapidly adapted to this iron-fisted environment and here he began to develop his competitive nature and a consciousness of his visual aspect ( O’Brien. 2005 ). He strove to be successful at everything he did. He excelled in both faculty members and athleticss and discovered one of the character traits he is now most known for. his assurance. Attending the military academy was the turning point in Donald’s life. where he began to develop his personality and go the Donald Trump the universe knows today.

Fred Trump had ever hoped his

boies would all fall in him in his concern. and at assorted times they did. Fred Jr. . Donald’s brother. did non care for the concern. and did non acquire along with his male parent really well. He left the concern and became a pilot. He was a troubled adult male. and at the age of 42 died of a bosom onslaught and alcohol addiction. This was one of the worst events Donald claims to hold experienced. For this ground. he has ne'er smoked nor drank. Donald believed that most people were self-seeking and that many took advantage of his brother. After his brother’s decease. Donald vowed to ever be on guard and to be leery of everyone.

After finishing an associate’s grade at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Finance. he went to work for his male parent for five old ages. Donald’s male parent. who kept his traffics in Brooklyn and Queens. made it large on a smaller graduated table. but Donald was determined to do it largely on a larger one; so he packed up all of his properties and moved to Manhattan. the bosom of New York. He continued to work for his male parent. and when he began to see traveling to California and traveling into show concern. an associate convinced him that existent estate was genuinely his strong suit.

When Donald moved to Manhattan. his bank history and billfold were practically empty but that did not halt him. Trump used his negotiating accomplishments and continuity to fall in a sole nine in New York. which catered merely to the elite. Acknowledging his magnetic attraction and inventiveness. the nine Lashkar-e-Taiba Donald

fall in purely on the status that he would go forth the other members’ married women entirely. He did not mean to utilize the nine to play Polo and canvas on yachts. but instead to utilize his rank to do contacts and that is precisely is what he did.

Trump had made himself one of the most powerful existent estate business communities in the eighties with the ownership of several edifices such as Trump Towers. Trump Parc. and The Plaza Hotel. every bit good as the New Jersey Generals football squad. He besides invested in the casino concern in Atlantic City and New Jersey. Due to his hotheaded nature though. Donald rushed into many ventures without being aftering in front. He got himself deep in debt and a recession forced him into bankruptcy. He climbed to his pass. wiped the soil off of his articulatio genus. and came back contending and more determined than of all time. ( AskMen. com. 2005 ) .

Donald teamed up with NBC to bring forth and star in a telecasting world show. The Apprentice. This rapidly became the figure one new show on telecasting. Each season begins with a group of contestants with backgrounds in assorted endeavors. typically including existent estate. eating house direction. political consulting. gross revenues and selling. During the show. these contestants live in a communal house. letting their relationships to construct. They are placed into undertaking squads and each hebdomad is assigned a undertaking that requires choosing an undertaking director for the undertaking. The winning squad receives wages. while the losing squad faces a council chamber confrontation in order to find which squad member should be eliminated

from the show. The premiss of the show. which measures itself as the “ultimate occupation interview. ” is to carry on an occupation endowment hunt for an individual to head one of Trump’s companies. The place starts with an “Introductory” annual contract with a get downing annually salary transcending six figures. $ 250. 000 to be exact. The Apprentice is merely another success to add to Trump's study card. ( Voodoo. com ) .

Donald likes to be closely involved in every facet of his concern. When any new building is under manner. he is really much like his male parent. He ever visits the building sites and likes to micromanage his undertakings. He haggles with undertaking directors. meets with chiefs and besides discusses the occupations with building workers themselves.

As to his personal life. Donald is presently in his 3rd matrimony. He was married to his first married woman. Ivana. for 13 old ages and had three kids from the matrimony. two male children and a miss. Donald’s 2nd matrimony to married woman Marla. lasted for six old ages. They had one kid. a babe miss. Donald married once more in 2005 to a Slovenian theoretical account. Melania Knauss. and they late had a babe male child.

Donald’s aggressions and nonreversible focal point are what allowed him to interrupt down the bing barriers to obtain his ends of going successful as a developer. With that being said. there is a sad and dark side to Donald Trump; it is believed that he suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. His OCD is to purchase and construct whatever comes to his head. His actions clip and clip once more hold proven

that. when he sets his sights on something. he merely goes for it no affair what. Trump does non look to hold any set schemes.

Many times. Donald Trump’s impulsiveness does non allow him see what will go on after he makes that first polar measure in any way. In add-on. Donald’s concern for spruceness and visual aspect extends deeper sing cleanliness. He has had a womb-to-tomb antipathy to sources and is a self-professed germ-phobic. He avoids excessively much manus agitating. and washes his custodies exhaustively and every bit frequently as possible. He would decline to set nutrients in his oral cavity after agitating someone’s manus. He feels this keeps him safer from the hazard of undertaking any unwellnesss. Donald Trump is a mature campaigner for further analyses of psychological theory.

Carl Jung. a neo-Freudian theoretician. believed in non merely the unconscious but instead the corporate unconscious. which was thoughts or memories that are portion of a person’s biological heritage and these familial inclinations. such as household. religion and frights. predispose us to see the external universe in certain ways. Jung referred to these thoughts or memories as originals. Jung described many originals but focused on three specific 1s: the animus/anima. the shadow and the ego ( Heffner. 2002 ) . This theory would province that Donald Trump was born to be the individual he is now.

Jung besides believed that religious demands are mere as of import. and perchance more of import. as biological demands. “Introverts try to harmonize interior struggles into a whole ego. Extroverts try to harmonize ego with societal worlds ( Spencer ). ” Jung would hold considered Trump an extravert because Donald is

focused and driven with the society around him. Jung would hold besides considered Trump a posting kid because those who help themselves win in life. and that is what Trump had been taught and encouraged to believe. Jung besides stated that people look for those that are like themselves. and much of that influence comes from our parents. Donald Trump’s female parent had a seeable influence on his demand to be in impeccably dressed. and ever in the limelight. Donald’s male parent was a really successful man of affairs. so that is what Donald knew to look for in life. He has ever been associated with rich and powerful people in many different Fields. from wireless and his connexion with Howard Stern to athleticss and political figures.

Gordon Allport. a trait theoretician. wanted to understand the differences between people in personality and to see how the different features and procedures interact and map together in an incorporated manner. Allport believed that people had traits. He classified these traits into specific classs: person. common. central. cardinal. secondary. motivational. and stylistic traits. He believed that every individual had a little figure of specific traits. known as cardinal traits that predominate the personality.

Allport believed that one time in a while one of the cardinal traits would go a dominant trait. known as a central trait. The cardinal and central traits are environmentally influenced. ( Heffner. 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Allport’s theory. Donald Trump’s traits would be classified into certain classs. For case. a cardinal trait would be self-confidence and a central trait would be found.

Allport besides believed that worlds act on the inclination to fulfill basic endurance demands.

which he referred to as a timeserving operation. and that most of what we do in life is what makes us who we are. He was a strong advocate of admitting 1s self-image ( Boeree. 2006 ). Donald Trump has a really positive self-image. made obvious from the manner he dresses to the things he creates. His name. Trump. is on everything he has built. He works on the belief that he can non neglect and. even if he fails. it is due to person else nonmaking the occupation to his criteria.

As a biological theoretician. Hans Eysenck’s theory is based chiefly on physiology and genetic sciences. He believes that wonts are learned. but he besides believes that people can turn out of personality that is genetically inherited. Eysenck believed that “the homo encephalon has excitatory and repressive nervous mechanisms ( Neill. 2005 ). ” Eysenck hypothesized these two mechanisms were regulated by a construction known as ARAS in the encephalon root. The ARAS lets stimulus into the encephalon. If it lets a batch of stimulation into the encephalon. chronic over rousing. an individual is an introvert and if the ARAS does non let much stimulation. chronic under rousing. into the encephalon. a individual is an extravert ( Heffner. 2002 ) .

Eysenck determined that all people could be categorized into two groups: neurotic and extrovert-introvert. Everyone exhibits specific responses to both internal and external stimulation. Both neurosis and extraversion can be seen in Donald Trump. as he has admitted to nondesiring to agitate custodies because of his fright of sources. He said that he finds the manus agitating ritual barbaric. Donald’s personality has ever shown him

to be an extravert by nature. which has served him good in his concern traffics. Bing surpassing and upfront is how he influences moneymaking trade offers to be signed. and has added to his success.

As a humanistic theoretician. Carl Rogers believed all people need to keep and heighten life. and this inclination for growing is known as self-actualization ( Boeree. 2006 ). There are degrees on the way to self-actualization. One degree is the desire to continue and heighten oneself. besides known as the physical degree. and the higher degree. the psychological degree. is to seek out new experiences. maestro new accomplishments. quit tiring occupations. and happen more exciting 1s. Once an individual has achieved self-actualization. they are known as a to the full working individual and able to populate a life full of intending. challenges and fulfillment. Rogers believed self-actualization was chiefly determined by events in a person’s childhood experiences and these experiences need to be positive.

Harmonizing to Rogers’ theory. Donald Trump would be a to the full working individual. It is really apparent in Mr. Trump’s actions as to how he feels about himself. Rogers claims that if you feel smart and/or think that you are smart. so it becomes a portion of your self-concept. Donald Trump is really confident and has tremendous self-importance. which has helped him throughout his calling. This self-importance carries over to Donald Trump’s personal relationships in covering with adult females every bit good as concerned associates.

He has ever surrounded himself with beautiful adult females irrespective of the fact that many believe he is non all that handsome. This assurance serves as a magnet that makes people want to

be in his presence. He has a good image of himself but ne'er lets his self-image get in the manner of what he is after. therefore even concerned associates can non defy giving in to him. This. in bend. feeds his self-importance. He besides feels that he is superior to others in the concerned universe and. even though his fiscal problems. has ever managed to emerge as though it was merely a bump in the route and portion of his program.

George Kelly. a cognitive theoretician. believed that. because people are seeking to understand what was traveling on around them. people are scientists. Kelly’s theory is known as the cardinal posit. which states people act in a mode with how people expect the universe to be based on their readings of past events ( Spencer ). In other words. people use past experiences in life to expect future events. An illustration would be if we view the universe and people around us as friendly and safe. so we would happen it easy to prosecute with others for advice.

If we see the universe and people around us as cruel and selfish. so we would purely trust on our ain abilities to construe things. For a long clip. Donald Trump vowed non to swear anyone after the decease of his brother and has merely relied on himself to construct his luck. which gives the thought that he trusts no 1 more than himself. This misgiving is why he most likely involves himself so profoundly in all aspects of his concern and micromanages. In some instances. this misgiving in others has been his undoing in some of his concern

traffics and perchance his matrimonies.

Acerate leaf to state. Donald Trump’s floridness success and extremely public characters make Donald a perfect specimen for a personality rating. Many of the theoreticians believe that a batch of Donald’s personality stems from his relationship with and the influence of his parents. This includes his mother’s influence on being in the limelight and his father’s sense of being a disciplined man of affairs. Donald Trump is a really confident. competition. successful and excessive man of affairs who has made himself immediately recognizable wherever he goes. Whatever theory one may hold. all agree that Donald Trump is a real end-driven individual and it is believed that he will never resurface no affair how his investments turn out. Trump summed up his hereafter in these few words. “Anyone who thinks my narrative is anyplace near over is unhappily misguided. ” ( AskMen. com. 2005 ) . ”


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